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Class of 2014 - Freshman (2nd Semester)

The Summer Season
compiled by Camille Darrell

Curious about what some of the freshman students are doing this summer? Well, wonder no longer!

  • Alex is: "volunteering at camp for a week, mowing lawns, and doing P90X"
  • Andrew is: "relaxing and planning a trip to Washington"
  • Kristi will be: "washing windows, chilling with friends, and going to the San Juan Islands"
  • Tanner will be: "hanging out with friends and enjoying life!"
  • Sarai will be: "chillin out, maxin, relaxing all cool, And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school..haha no i'll be babysitting and hanging out with friends"
  • Camille will be: "working at BAR all summer as a lifeguard!"
  • Alicia will be at: "BROKEN ARROW RANCH! And umm... writing... and videoing things, and stalking down vinyl records"

Counting Down the Days!
by Camille Darrell

In Mr. Vollmer's class we now have our countdown for the total days and school days until it's summer break. All the students are saying, "Wow, our freshman year is almost over..." And surprisingly it's not a very happy sentence for us to say. This year we've had great memories with our class sponsor Mr. Vollmer:

  • getting to work as a team at BAR retreat
  • eating out at Pizza Street
  • scoring team points
  • making jokes in class
  • seeing Addison Murray ice skate on April Fool's Day
  • making those picture-perfect moments we've had go up on his board

This year a lot of us have experienced out first volleyball or basketball tournament at Union College, our first banquet, had our crazy nights staying up till one o'clock in the morning trying to finish that last minute homework assignment, and our soon-to-be summer getting ready for Sophomore year. Some of us will be working at camp, others will be hitting the pool, volunteering at Shawnee Mission Medical Center, getting their permits and maybe even a license, and some will be traveling to new places, seeing and meeting new people. The thing about the first year of high school is that every year goes faster and faster - so enjoy your last days as Freshman and make them the best memories to look back on!

SA Banquet
photos by Camille Darrel

Our class certainly enjoyed the Spring SA Banquet. Here are some photographs before the event (move your mouse over the pictures to see the captions). For additional pictures, check out the gallery on the SA page.

Snow Days!
by the Freshmen

So far this school year we've had two snow days in a row! Talk about a long weekend. Here's some things the Freshman students did while they enjoyed their days off:

  • Tanner Finnegan - I went to the gym to play basketball and I took a ton of pictures of people sledding with my new camera I got for Christmas.
  • Sarai Rodriguez - I slept in, got on Facebook, and watched the snow fall.
  • Jewel Janke - I had friends over and went sledding for two hours!
  • Brandt Hill - Lots of Xbox
  • Alex Helmer - Sledding, P90X, and drank hot cocoa.
  • Brett Trana - I skied in the backyard and played with my iPod.
  • Alicia Whitson - I organized my room worked on my book.
  • Camille Darrell - I went outside and played with my dogs in the snow and skyped with friends.

Hopefully we can get another snow day out of the school year...or maybe two!