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Class of 2012

Senior Class Trip

Monterey Bay, here we come! The Seniors of 2012 will be spending their class trip in central California. While there, the students will experience the marine life of the Pacific Coast and have some fun in the sun. They plan to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Moss Landing Marine Laboratory, Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and go Whale Watching.

Some notes from their trip:

Jason, May 20 - The seniors are observing the solar eclipse. There are some scientists with special equipment for viewing the eclipse.
Beky, May 19 - We visited the Golden Gate bridge and walked along Fishermen's Wharf yesterday after arriving. 

Seniors Present Oak Grove Church Service

As part of their Bible class, the class of 2012 traveled to the Oak Grove, Missouri church on April 28 to do the church service. Nine Midland students and five faculty members were attendance, as well several other Midland families.

Other than the announcements, Midland took care of the entire church program, from music and the children's story to the prayers and sermon.

After the service, the students enjoyed a potluck provided by the Oak Grove church. For visual proof, here's a photo gallery... The Holden Image newspaper recently published a two-column story on the event last week, including the following specific extracts:

"As the many church children sat on the floor ready to listen, a Children's Story about the Trinity was given by Matt Atkinson and Annelise Perry... Melissa Willer played "Amazing Grace on her clarinet... After the Scripture reading from Psalms and Romans, read by Manuel Ugarte and Sommer Sharp, Mark Courtad, PE and Senior Bible teacher, introduced the student speakers, pointing out that he was very proud of them when they agreed to preach from the pulpit this school year... Gina Brazeal told the story of Gideon and his mighty men, who through God's power defeated their enemies... Beky Pech mentioned many Bible people who supposedly could do nothing in the fight against evil, but with God's power, caem out on top... Jordan Wiles told the story of two buckets of water carried by a rich man's servant. We need to realize  that God can use us, even in our imperfect condition... Collin Hoffman, in telling the story of Rahab, pointed out the fact that God uses anyone who says yes to His calling."

If you would like to see the entire article you can click here to read it online.

Senior Benefit

Jus' about 170 fyne folks drssed in thar finest hillbilly duds come tuh 'njoy ‘n evenin’ of Hillbilly vittles and n’ intertainen’ play called “Great Smokies” starrin’ the senyer class of 201312. With warshed ears 'n wide-wake grins on thar faces, they was all thar when the fun was startin’ purt neer round 7:00 pm on March 3.

Lotsa folks saived up sum room  'n ther belly for the "Pie Aukshun", feeturin' famous Kuln'ary talents from some hometown folks. Purt neer everone had a ghee-rate time. Ya'll can lookit sum pikchurs rightcheer...

Willer Recognized for Academics

Kansas Honors Program

Senior Melissa Willer was recently selected as a member of the 2011 Kansas Honors Program. This program recognizes and awards high school seniors in participating schools for their academic achievements. All seniors who rank academically in the top 10 percent of their class are invited to attend a special awards ceremony, along with their parents and principals.

A tradition of the University of Kansas since 1971, this program is designed to promote academic excellence in secondary education, to reward high school seniors for their hard work and dedication, and to support Kansas communities.

Each Kansas Honor Scholar receives a certificate and a special edition of The American Heritage Dictionary. Congratulations, President Melissa!

Willer recognition