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Physical Science Course Syllabus
Midland Adventist Academy
Physical Science
Course Outline
Instructor: Mr. Jonathan Borne, M.S.

            Feather, R., C. McLaughlin, M. Thompson, & D. Zike.  2006.  Physical Science
with Earth Science.  Glencoe Science:  Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.
            Wysession, M., Frank, D., & Yancopoulos, S.  2009.  Physical Science: Concepts
in Action.  Pearson Education: Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.
Physical Science is a freshman-level overview of basic physics and chemistry topics.  This class includes exercises based upon the analysis of data and the correlation of these topics to Scripture.  As students study the forces that govern the universe, they are expected to gain an appreciation of God as Creator of all things.  Topics will be taught from a content and concept basis with an emphasis on scientific processes and correlation to the scriptural account of Creation.
            The Physical Science course will promote the following:
1.  Understand the basic laws, principles, and theories of physics and chemistry.
2.  Discover the principles governing chemical and physical phenomena.
3.  Use and understand conceptual models to explain earth phenomena.
4.  Use conceptual models in the study of physical science.
5.  Recognize career and vocational opportunities in physics and chemistry.
6.  Observe, collect, and interpret data and make inferences from that data.
7.  Discern the wisdom and power of God, who has designed the laws that govern the physical, chemical, and living world.
8.  Develop those attitudes, values, and aspirations that strengthen belief in God as Designer, Creator, and Sustainer.

            The semester grade is divided into these areas:
  1. Participation: 20%
  2. Laboratory Work: 20%
  3. Chapter Tests: 30%
  4. Final Exam: 30%
 Participation: Homework consists of assignments given from the textbook, worksheets, study guides, etc. Quizzes  will be given periodically, ANNOUNCED or UNANNOUNCED, to determine if each student is studying the material.
  1. Laboratory Work: consists of student participation and written work in planned lab activities.
  2. Chapter Tests: given throughout the semester covering material studied during each chapter.
  3. Final Exam: a cumulative test covering all material from the semester.
The grading system and grade point values listed on p. 23 of the MAA Handbook are used for this class.
The general attendance policy of Midland Adventist Academy that is found in the Handbook is followed in the science classes. 
                        If a student is sick or has obtained an excused absence, it is the responsibility of the student to see the teacher the day the student arrives back in class.  If a test was done WHILE the student was absent, that test will be made up on the day the student arrives back to class, unless previous special arrangements are made with the teacher.  As a general rule, the number of days absent will be the number of days the student has to make up the work.
                        If a student has an unexcused absence, any work missed will not be accepted.  If you skip class, any assignments or tests due on that day will be given a zero.
  1. RESPECT God.
  2. RESPECT the teacher.
  3. RESPECT other students.
  4. RESPECT yourself.

First Nine Weeks
Science Skills
Properties of Matter
States of Matter
Atomic Structure
The Periodic Table
Second Nine Weeks
Chemical Bonds
Chemical Reactions
Solutions, Acids, Bases
Carbon Chemistry
Nuclear Chemistry
Third Nine Weeks
Forces and Motion
Forces in Fluids
Work, Power, and Machines
Fourth Nine Weeks
Thermal Energy and Heat
Mechanical Waves & Sound
Electromagnetic Spectrum & Light