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Archive - 2010 Season

Midland's first varsity volleyball team took the court in 2002 under the direction of Denison Sager. This is their ninth season of playing the game of bump-set-spike. The team played in the MAUC Tournament Championship game in both the 2007 and 2008 seasons, bringing home the first place trophy in 2007.


Collegedale vs Midland (10/23):  Both games against Collegedale Adventist Youth in Action (CAYA) were hard fought, with numerous lead changes and volleys. Midland really stepped up the bump-set-spike routine, with just about every return going down the BSS avenue. The Lady Mustangs slowly pulled ahead, and claimed game one by a 25-21 score. The second game was equally tough, with the lead never being more than three or four points for either team. With the score 24-22 in favor of Midland, Kirbi Yelorda added a fitting finale to her last game for Midland by slamming an unreturnable ball over the center of the net for the match-winning score. As a result, Midland defended their top-three finish from the 2009 season. (Record 12-15)

Hinsdale vs Midland (10/22):  The Lady Mustangs could have folded their tents after losing to College View, and then dropping the first game against Hinsdale, 25-20. But gathering up their Midland spirit, they rebounded with a strong 25-17 victory in game two, setting the surprised Hurricanes back on their heels. Keeping the pressure on, Midland took game three as well, improving their tournament record to 3-1 and advancing to the 3rd-4th place game against Collegedale. (Record 11-15)

College View vs Midland (10/22):  Facing the hometown College View Eagles, Midland struggled to score points. Although they played well, College View was just too much to handle, and Midland lost their first match of the tournament, 25-12 and 25-15. [Note: College View would go on to win the tournament]. (Record 10-15)

Minnetonka vs Midland (10/21): Playing in the Thunderdome, Midland started the game without a whole lotta lightning. Finding themselves down 15-7, the girls rallied and began chipping away at the deficit point by point. The two teams had some great volleys, and the difference in the score continued to narrow. The Lady Mustangs finally tied the game at 18-all, only to see Minnetonka run off a couple of points to come within striking distance of a win at 22-18. But when they finally got the ball back, Annelise Perry was at the serving line and loaded for bear. Like she has done all season long, the ball rocketed off her serving hand and six serves later, Midland had a first-game victory at 25-22. Coach Glass was overhead to say later, "Games like that are hard! My heart can't handle that; it's just too much!" Starting game two, Midland once again found themselves on the downside of the score, but never let the margin reach the size of game one. The two teams battled back and forth for several points until the Mustangs found themselves up 14-10. At that point, they turned on the gas jets and ran off eight straight points. Shortly thereafter, Midland closed out the game (25-12) and the match (2-0) for their second win of the night, and of the tournament. (Record 10-14)

Sunnydale vs Midland (10/21):  Midland used the Sunnydale Spartans as a set of bookend wins wrapped around a 10-game winless streak. Despite being competive in just about every game in October, the Lady Mustangs badly needed a win, and in this match, they got it. The first game was a good game at 25-18; Midland put on the pressure in game two and triumphed 25-9 for a 1-0 record in the tournament. (Record 9-14)

Centerplace vs Midland (10/18): As always, Centerplace came ready to play. The Lady Mustangs started the game slow, but rallied part way through the first set and brought the game to within one point at 21-20. The Golden Eagles served aggressively and hit hard after that, and pulled out the victory 25-20. The second game wasn't quite as close, and Midland lost the game and the match, 16-25. The team served fairly well, and hit the ball hard. Kirbi Yelorda had a couple of great blocks at the net during the match. (Record 8-14)

Seabury vs Midland (10/12): Seabury and Midland played a close contest throughout, with Midland losing the first game 25-19, then coming back to win the second 25-21. Seabury had seven service errors in the first set and six in the second, which helped the Lady Mustangs in their quest for a victory. Midland gained the momentum part way through the second game and then carried it part way thorough the third, before losing 25-15. Annelise Perry had several hits that they couldn't even get their hands on. Although the girls fell short in the match, it was a great game. Coach Jahn's opinion is that the team was "diving for balls, placing free balls where they wanted them, and communicating well on the court." (Record 8-13)

Heritage vs Midland (10/12): The match was a back and forth game all the way to the end, but the Mustangs lost both games by . Midland had to adjust their defense as Heritage mainly tipped instead of hitting. Both games were both hard-fought battles, but the Lady Mustangs had a hard time finishing of their opponent. Serving was an issue, with nine service errors in the match. On the plus side, Kirbi Yelorda picked up several excellent digs in the back row, and Melissa Willer had a handful of nice attacks from the back row. (Record 8-12)

Veritas vs Midland (10/11): The Lady Mustangs took the court after recognizing their seniors, Abbey Adams and Kirbi Yelorda. The match did not go well, however, as Veritas continued their winning ways and defeated Midland 25-13 and 25-19. (Record 8-11)

Veritas vs Midland (10/11): Although the game started off well, Midland lost a bit of focus in the first game and gave up a big lead to lose 25-18. The second game ended up 25-12 in favor of Veritas, who won the match two games to none. (Record 8-10)

Heritage vs Midland (10/7): Midland had their best showing of the quad match against Heritage, but still dropped the match in two games by the scores of 25-17 and 25-12. (Record 8-9)

Metro vs Midland (10/7): Playing Metro is hard enough, but playing them without your Seniors is even tougher. With Kirby Yelorda and Abbey Adams at Union College for the weekend, Midland fell to Metro in the second game of a quad match. (Record 8-8)

Christ Prep vs Midland (10/7): Midland's squad had difficulty scoring points against Christ Prep, losing 25-13 in the first game, and only managing five points in the second. Seniors do make a difference! (Record 8-7)

Muncie vs Midland (10/5): Taking the court against Muncie for the third time in less than three weeks, the Lady Mustangs were unable to make it three straight. According to Coach Glass, "the game against Muncie was hard fought and we almost pulled out a victory." (Record 8-6)

Seabury vs Midland (10/5): Record (8-5)

Sunnydale vs Midland (10/3): The Sunnydale Spartans were unable to break through on Midland's home court, as the Mustangs played some great volleyball in a best-of-five match. There were a number of long volleys and a number of good service runs, including five in a row by Elizabeth Schlinsog at one point. But the claim-to-fame of the day has to go to Annelise Perry, who served "rocket after unreturned rocket, probably 15-18 in a row!" according to Coach Jahn. Midland won the first three games, adding another win to the victory column. (Record 8-4)

Muncie vs Midland (9/30): With one match already under their belt, Midland only needed two games to defeat Muncie for the second time this season. A 25-19 victory was followed by a 25-20 win, giving the Lady Mustangs two matches on the evening. (Record 7-4)

Grandview vs Midland (9/30): The Mustangs won the first game of the Grandview match by a close 25-23 score, then dropped the second game 25-17. Determined not to lose after winning the first game, Midland came storming back and won the match by reversing the 25-17 score. (Record 6-4)

Veritas vs Midland (9/28): Series two of the tri-match had the Lady Mustangs going up against Veritas for the first time this year. Despite a good serving run by Annelise Perry, Midland dropped the first game by the agonizing score of 25-23. In the second game, Veritas took the match with a 25-19 win. Abbey Adams once again played libero during the evening, and is adapting well to her new roll. (Record 5-4)

Metro vs Midland (9/28): The first series of a tri-match pitted Midland against Metro, who were fierce as always. The Lady Mustangs lost the first game 25-12 and the second game 25-11. According to Coach Jahn, the team dug the ball out of the net extremely well, but Metro brought a lot of fire power, and hit the ball equally well. Midland stayed in the game mentally; a tough job to do in a loss like that... (Record 5-3)

Sunnydale vs Midland (9/26): The Lady Mustangs traveled to Sunnydale Academy, and brought their confidence from the Thursday night matches along with them. The team served well overall, and the upper classmen had several kills on the court. Midland played with a libero for the first time this year, and Abbey Adams did very well, even though it was a new experience. Down two games to zero, Sunnydale rallied late in the third set and really kept the Mustangs on their toes with some great serving. Midland pulled out the win in the final set, winning a very close 25-22 victory after being up 24-14. Takeaway for the match? Don't become complacent late in the game! It was an interesting experience playing against Coach Sager for the first time since he left Midland after the 2008 season. (Record 5-2)

Muncie vs Midland (9/23): Much to the delight of the coaching staff, Midland carried the momentum from the Seabury match into their match with Muncie. As always, Muncie was a scrappy team, but Midland was able to find holes in their defense. The score remained close at the beginning of the game, but the Lady Mustangs began pulling away after a 5-5 tie in the first set and never looked back, winning 25-15. By the second game, the team was truly on fire, and the visiting Eagles struggled to return Midland serves. Kirbi Yelorda made it even more difficult by serving four tape serves! Coach Jahn gave her underclassmen lots of playing time late in the game, and they carried the team through for the win. Kristi Tucker had two thundering backrow attacks, and on match point, Sarai Rodriguez smashed an overpass back at Muncie to end the game 25-10. Coach Jahn said later, "This was a very exciting match!! Our whole team served the ball exceptionally well. I think having a student cheering section amongst the fans helped us keep the momentum." (Record 4-2)

Seabury vs Midland (9/23): When the Mustangs began the match, they seemed to be playing more as individuals than as a team. Suddenly down by ten points, Annelise Perry took the team on her shoulders and reeled off seven straight serves to make the game close. Even though Midland lost 25-19, they never looked back and played the rest of the match as a unit. The second game was never close, with Midland winning 25-15. The third game was much more competitive, at least for the first half. Then on one spectacular volley, senior Kirby Yelorda and her teammates on the front line played ping-pong with the Seabury defense. For three or four exchanges, the ball was barely tipped over the net from one side to the other, with Kirby ranging from sideline to sideline to return the ball. With a final slap, the ball hit the floor between three blue-clad defenders for a Midland score. The play seemed to take some of the spirit out of the Seabury team, and Midland finished off the match with a 25-19 victory. Coach Jahn said after the game, "that was by far the best we've played all year. They really put it together and played like a team!" (Record 3-2)

Christ Prep vs Midland (9/21): Starting your first game down 9-0 is not usually good news, and so it turned out for the Mustangs. Gotta give them credit, though, for not giving up. Thanks in part to a great string of serves from Annelise Perry, Midland finally caught the visiting Raiders at 19-19, before losing a very close game 25-23. Game 2 was somewhat of a let-down, with the Lady Mustangs losing by the score of 25-14. The team gave up a number of aces during the match, but this will certainly improve as the girls become more familiar with the strengths of their new teammates. (Record 2-2)

KSD vs Midland (9/14): A much-improved team from the Kansas School for the Deaf played the Lady Mustangs down to the wire in two matches, but the home team pulled out both victories. In the first game, Midland won by a 27-25 tally, then won the second game more easily, 25-17. During the second match, Midland played from behind much of the first game, then pulled even at 23-23. In a rare misque, the Jackrabbit server double-faulted on the next serve, giving the Lady Mustangs game point, plus the ball. Midland wasted no time, and won the game 25-23. The final game was equally close, with Midland breaking out to an early lead, then giving up five unanswered points for a late-game tie. But at the end of the match, Midland once again finished off the KSD team with a 25-23 victory. (Record: 2-1)

Metro vs Midland (8/30): The Lady Mustangs played a best 3-out-of-5 match against Metro, and although the first game was a close defeat for Midland at 18-25, Metro showed their toughness in the following two games, winning 25-10 and 25-7. Coach Jahn indicated before the match that it would be a tough series, and such it turned out to be. In Midland's defense, this year's squad has six new members, composed of the entire "Lady" side of this year's Freshman class.  (Record: 0-1) 
2010 Team Roster
# Name Class Position
2 Annelise Perry Junior Outside hitter
4 Camille Darrell Freshman Setter
5 Jewel Janke Freshman Outside hitter
10 Alicia Whitson Freshman Rightside hitter
12 Melissa Willer Junior Middle blocker
14 Addison Murray Freshman Outside hitter
20 Abbey Adams Senior Defensive specialist
22 Elizabeth Schlinsog Sophomore Rightside hitter
26 Kristi Tucker Freshman Setter
33 Kirbi Yelorda Senior Middle blocker
40 Sarai Rodriguez Freshman Middle blocker
  Codi Jahn Head Coach  
  Jenni Glass Asst. Coach  
  Caleb Jahn Asst. Coach  
2010 Coach Biographies

Codi Jahn, Head Coach: Coach Codi Jahn returns as head coach for her second season after serving as an asst. coach in 2008. Her wealth of volleyball knowledge, loads of energy, and plenty of enthusiasm will serve the team well. In high school, Coach Jahn played varsity VB at Campion Academy in Loveland, Colorado. She also played with the Union College Warriors during college.

Jenni Glass, Assistant Coach: Coach Glass returns for her seventh year as the Mustangs' Assistant Coach. She joined the Mustangs for their third season and has remained an integral part of the program ever since. Coach Glass played volleyball in junior high and high school.

In real life, Jenni works for the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce. She makes a mean chocolate chip cookie.

Coach JahnCaleb Jahn, Assistant Coach: Coach Jahn returns for his second year as an assistant coach, and will be the team's conditioning coach. He has a passion for athletics and has quickly developed a love for volleyball. In real life he is a pilot.

Katie Tucker, Scorekeeper: Katie returns for her second year as our scorekeeper. Since she's a sophomore, we hope to use her services for the next three years! We don't know what she bakes yet, but we trust that we'll find out soon...