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Archive - 2011 season

The first Lady Mustang varsity volleyball team took to the court in 2002 under the direction of Denison Sager. This is their 10th season of playing the game of bump-set-spike, and are now ably led by Coach Codi Jahn.

The team has been one of the top four teams at tournament for each of the last five years. They played in the MAUC Championship game in both the 2007 and 2008 seasons, bringing home the first place trophy in 2007.

Volleyball is just a more intense game of "Don't let the balloon touch the floor"

Midland @ Tournament (10/20-22): The Lady Mustangs finished up their 10th volleyball season at the annual MAUC Tournament, notching a 3-2 record for 4th place. In the pool round, Midland won their matches against Dakota, Twin Cities, and Hinsdale, losing only to Collegedale 30-28 and 25-14. In the 3-4 game on Saturday, the Mustangs dropped the match to Campion by a 25-13 / 25-23 score, ending another successful season. Seniors Annelise Perry and Melissa Willer were both named as 1st team award winners, and Camille Darrel was awarded 2nd team recognition. (Record 11-8)

Midland @ Seabury (10/13): Less than two weeks after playing Seabury, the Lady Mustangs met them once again on the volleyball court. Midland did a great job mentally the first two games, with blocking playing a big part in staying close and keeping overall morale high. Coach Jahn gave credit to Melissa and Sarai , both of whom "had big blocks (as well as several touches) against their go-to, 6-3 outside hitter. This caused her to pull back her attacking which resulted in numerous hits of hers being out. Addison did a great job of hitting to their holes as well as steady, aggressive serving." There were improvments in many areas from the earlier game on the 4th of October, but sad to say, the result was the same. Midland lost the best-of-five match 3-0, with game scores of 25-23, 25-21, and 25-10. (Record 7-5)

Midland @ Metro (10/11): Games with Metro are always a challenge, and this match was no different. Midland was competitive in game one, keeping the game manageable but still losing 25-19. Metro brough the heat in the second game, and won the match 2-0 with a 25-11 triumph. A tip of the cap to Kristi Tucker for sending these results to the webmaster. As she put it, "I made sure to write down the scores, but I had no paper so I wrote them on my leg." Now that's dedication! (Record 7-4)

Midland @ Centerplace (10/11): The Lady Mustangs went on the road in a tri-match against Centerplace and always-tough Metro. Both games against Centerplace were close, with the margin of victory being only a total of eight points in the two games. Unfortunately, both games ended up with Centerplace in the lead at the end, 25-20 in game 1 and 25-22 in game 2. (Record 7-3)

Sunnydale vs Midland (10/9): The visiting Lady Spartans came to Midland on a Sunday afternoon intending to rain on Midland's Senior Night parade, but the Mustangs would have none of it. The first game was an emphatic statement of who wanted this win the most, and the score ended 25-10 in favor of Midland. Games 2 and 3 were much closer, with the Spartans leading by five or six points in game two. But the Mustangs fought back as they have done numerous times this year, winning both games (25-23 and 25-21), and likewise the match. Several of the JV players got a chance to play in the final game, having won the JV match earlier in the day two games to one. Prior to the varsity match, seniors Annelise Perry and Melissa Willer were recognized for their four years of volleyball service on varsity. (Record 7-2)

Midland @ Faith (10/6): With the emotional Heritage game behind them, Midland dropped game one to Faith by the close score of 25-21. Taking this as a wake-up call, the Mustangs came back out and evened the match 25-19. Determined not to have another battle royal in THIS match, Midland won game three by a 25-16 margin to take the match. Nice road trip, ladies! (Record 6-2)

Midland @ Heritage (10/6): With their recent loss against Seabury in the back of their minds, the Mustangs came out determined to make this match different. And so they did, winning 25-15 to take the first game of the night. Heritage turned the tables in game two, winning by an almost identical score of 25-16. With the match at stake, both teams played tenacious volleyball in game three. With neither team willing to give it up, the score kept climbing until it reached 30-30! Midland went up 31-30, then Sarai Rodriguez finally sent a serve over the net that Heritage couldn't handle and the game and match were over. Kristi Tucker said later, "It was an intense game at the end.You could hear Anne's spikes get harder and harder as the game went on!" (Record: 5-2)

Midland @ Seabury (10/4): Midland started the night strong and with lots of confidence; the score was tied at 16 in the first set. Seabury had some good servers, though, and they pulled out game #1 by a 25-17 margin. With the momentum running in their favor, Seabury finished off game two quickly, winning 25-8 thanks to a couple of excellent Seabury hitters. The Mustangs turned up the heat in the third game and started playing their game more. Annelise had a couple nice hits that helped the team gain some confidence, but in the end, not the win. Final score, 25-20 Seabury and the match. (Record: 4-2)

Midland @ Christ Prep (9/20): Another best-of-five match, and another 3-0 victory for the Lady Mustangs. How's that for efficiency? Midland made it obvious early that they had come to play, taking a 25-9 victory in the first game. Game two was a bit closer, but the Mustangs still won by eight points, 25-17. The final game was a formality, and Midland walked off the court up 25-14 to take the game and the match. (Record: 4-1)

Heritage vs Midland (9/13): The Lady Eagles of Heritage returned to Midland only five days after pulling out a last-minute victory. This time, however, Midland had a full varsity squad for the entire series, and stamped their authority on the match. A first game score of 25-16 pumped up the Mustangs, who stormed on to the court for game two and a 25-13 victory. Down two games to zip, Heritage fought back in desperation, but still fell to the girls in red by a final tally of 25-23. Lady Mustangs win the match 3-0. (Record: 3-1)

Midland @ Sunnydale (9/11): There wasn't much doubt in anybody's mind as to who was the better team after the Lady Mustangs took care of business, beating Sunnydale by the score of 3-0. The team played their second 3-out-of-5 match in three days, but turned the results around in this one. With game scores of 25-15, 25-18, and 25-8, Midland outscored the Spartans by a total of 34 points. It was a happy ride home for the team, as the JV also won their match 3-2. (Record: 2-1)

Heritage vs Midland (9/8): The Lady Mustangs and Lady Eagles played a very tough best three-out-of-five match with neither team dominating until the final game. Heritage took game 1 by a 25-22 score, then lost the next two games 25-20 and 25-22 as the Mustangs regrouped and got their serves working well. Unfortunately, Midland lost senior Annelise Perry at the end of game three due to leg cramps, and she was unable to return. With two of their starters off the court (Camille Darrell was out of town), the girls slowly lost ground, and dropped game 4 by a 25-19 margin. Game five was a disappointing 15-2 loss, giving the match to Heritage, three games to two. The team should be back to full strength for Sunday's games at Sunnydale. (Record: 1-1)

KSD vs Midland (9/1): Game 1 against the KSD Jackrabbits was a close affair, as Midland's varsity dusted off their skills from last season, and began to evaluate their new teammates. Both teams fought for the lead, and the game was still tied at the 18-point level. Midland then pulled away and won 25-21 in a "team effort", as Coach Jahn described it. The girls maintained their momentum into game 2, and won by a convincing 11 points, 25-14. (Record: 1-0)

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2011 Team Roster
# Name Class Team
  2 Annelise Perry Senior V
  4 Camille Darrell Sophomore V
  5 Sarai Rodriguez Sophomore V
 12 Melissa Willer Senior V
 20 Elizabeth Schlinsog Junior V
 22 Addison Murray Sophomore V
 23 Emily Resz Freshman V
  3 Hannan O'Rear Freshman V/JV
 14 Alica Whitson Sophomore V/JV
 21 Lexi Allen Sophomore V/JV
 26 Kristi Tucker Sophomore V/JV
 32 Phoebe Engelse Freshman V/JV
 40 Jewel Janke Sophomore V/JV
 44 Zoe Engelse Sophomore V/JV
  Codi Jahn Head Coach  
  Caleb Jahn Asst. Coach  
  Brittany Sallee Asst. Coach  
2011 Coach Biographies

Codi Jahn, Head Coach: Coach Codi Jahn returns as head coach for her third season after serving as an asst. coach in 2008. Her wealth of volleyball knowledge, loads of energy, and plenty of enthusiasm will serve the team well. In high school, Coach Jahn played varsity VB at Campion Academy in Loveland, Colorado. She also played with the Union College Warriors during college.

Coach JahnCaleb Jahn, Assistant Coach: Coach Jahn returns for his third year as an assistant coach, and will be the team's conditioning coach. He has a passion for athletics and has quickly developed a love for volleyball. In real life he is a pilot.

Coach SalleeBrittany Sallee, Assistant Coach: Coach Sallee recently moved to the Kansas City area with her husband and opened a chiropractic practice in Overland Park. She joins the Mustangs this year as an assistant coach. In high school, she played as setter at College View Academy and then played with the Union College Warriors as libero during college.

Katie Tucker, Scorekeeper: Katie returns for her third year as our scorekeeper. Since she's a junior, we hope to use her services for the next two years! We don't know what she bakes yet, but we trust that we'll find out soon...