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Field Trips - 2011
Updated: Oct 7, 2012

Insector Inspector is ON the Case

The Inspector, that clever mysterious agent from the Insect Division, was hot on the trail, trying to solve a case. Our 1st/2nd graders untangled the Inspector's clues and in the process, learned about the life cycles of insects and arachnids. We even have pictures of us and the bugs!

We were thrilled to meet the Inspector's friends, a live pink-toed tarantula and a Madagascar hissing cockroach. Heidi reenacted the part of Mary Monarch, Grettah was Beatrice Bee, Logan was Gus Grasshopper and Aidan was Sig Cicada. The students enjoyed having the Inspector come to our classroom and spend an entire hour teaching us all about God's wonderful creatures.

Moon Marble Field Trip

Our class recently took a trip to the Moon Marble Company in Bonner Springs, KS. People come from all over the United States to visit, so we were lucky that it's so close. We even got some personal instructions on how to use a shooter to knock a cat's eye out of the ring.

Here's a photo gallery if you want to see us shooting marbles!

Reader's Theatre - Second Grade

During the month of September, our 2nd graders performed a reader’s theatre for the kindergarten and first grade classes. The students presented two stories: "The Loose Tooth" and "Fall Is Coming."

They looked pretty professional in these pictures by Mrs. Burke! And needless to say, the first graders and kinders loved it.

Weston Red Barn Field Trip

On a VERY cold day in October, the first and second graders had a wonderful field trip to Weston Red Barn. Farmer Judy was the tour guide.  She showed us how pumpkins rot, which causes their seeds to spread and take root, how long the pumpkin vines are, and how the vines grow “fingers” to hold the vines close to the ground. Then each of us got to choose a special pumpkin and write our name on it.

Next, Farmer Judy took us on a tour of the animals at the farm, including the chicken house where we learned how to identify roosters by their tall combs and spurs, how the color of a hen’s skin (near her eyes) is the same color as her eggs, and how cackly hens can get when they lay an egg. We fed the chickens grass.  

Other animals Farmer Judy showed and told us about included geese (she showed us a pillow filled with goose feathers), pigs (they were rooting in the straw for warmth on that cold day), cows (Farmer Judy milked the cow—shooting a stream of milk at us as the cow lay quietly), goats, horses (including a horse shoe, and the horse’s toe-nails), and sheep. We ended our tour of the farm with a hayride. Now here are some things that we liked, plus some great pictures of our fun field trip.

My favorite part of the 1st/2nd grade field trip to the Weston Red Barn Pumpkin Farm:

Troy Seeing the pigs
Izaak: I kinda liked the draft horses because they were BIG!
Peyton: Getting my pumpkin, because I like pumpkins
Joyce: When I got to pick my pumpkin, because pumpkins are fun.
Zachariah: I liked the horses because they were BIG
Ethan: I liked watching the horses, especially when a big horse was chasing two baby horses
Aidan V. My favorite thing was the hayride—we got to look at stuff on the farm. It was pretty cool because the hayride was bouncy.
Patricia: Getting pumpkins, because we get to take them home and paint them. I chose a big one!
Megan Y. I liked choosing my pumpkin, because I’m going to put stickers on mine, and draw a face, and paint it. 
Victoria: I liked everything—all the animals, especially the chickens that laid colored eggs.
Garrett: I liked the chickens, because I can eat them. I liked picking out our pumpkins, because we could pick the size we want, and how nice we want it to be. I’m going to take mine home and make pumpkin biscotti and a pumpkin smoothie. 
Joshua: I liked picking out my pumpkin. I chose mine because it was the right size—medium.
Heidi: My favorite thing was picking my pumpkin. I found two that were perfect, and I choose this one, because somebody else took the other one. 
Grettah: I liked the pigs, because I like pigs—they’re cute, especially their faces. 
Emma: The hayride was my favorite because we went through the woods, and I saw a flower that was shaped like a butterfly. 
Alle: I liked seeing the goose. Their feathers don’t get wet because they have oil. And I liked the feather pillow that was stuffed with goose feathers. 
Rowan: We got to pet the chickens, and feed them. And I got to feed the big humungous turkey grass, and it snapped at me.
Abby: The miniature horses were cute and funny. 

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