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- Alumni Weekend 2012
More than 100 former Midland students and faculty returned to Midland for the 2012 Alumni Reunion held February 10-11. They were joined by many current staff and students, as well as friends and family from the community.
The classes of 2002 and 2007 were recognized as honor classes, celebrating their 10 and five-year reunions (names in bold were here for the weekend):
10-year Honor Class (2002)
: Yara Young
Miriam Young (President), Michele Larson (Vice-president), Claudia Pech (Secretary), Travis Sisson (Treasurer), Richard Young (Pastor), Christina Smith (Sgt. at Arms), Tiffany Small (SA President), Michelle Conwell, Sheena Mann, Michael Polite

5-year Honor Class (2007)
: Denison Sager
Sarah Todd (President), Tracy Christian (Vice-president), Thomas Whitson (Secretary-treasurer / National Merit Scholar Finalist), Daniel Frishman (Pastor), Alejandra Rodriguez (Sgt. at Arms),  Lauren Keller (Fundraising), Crystal Bueno, Suzzanne Cheney, David Clark, Stephanie Dean, Brett Fenton, Kayla Frishman, Owen Hansen, Rachel Wiles
The weekend begin with a vespers on Friday evening. Alumni president Yara Gomez provided a vocal solo for special music, followed by Senora Yara Young as speaker. Mrs. Young talked about the emotional worries that may surface when attending a reunion, and used a big black umbrella to demonstrate that God is our protector from harm and worry.

The honor class of 2007 presented the Sabbath School program, with Owen Hansen giving the message. He then interviewed those 2007 members in attendance, giving them a chance to review their current activities and how Midland had helped them get to where they are today.

Church service began with a prelude by Midland's high school band, then song service led by several members of the class of 2007. Mrs. Darlene Fairchild read the annual roll call, allowing attending alumni to stand up and be seen if they so chose. Mrs. Young led the congregation in the 14th "Alumni Weekend" edition of Midland's school song, accompanied by the song's composer, Dr. Thomas Young.

After special music by Diversity and a spot-on introduction of the speaker by Travis Sisson, Richard Young presented the morning sermon. His love for Midland was evident throughout the message, and he admitted that even though he has to love ALL the academies (being Union's primary recruiter), Midland would always hold first place in his heart. After church, a potluck was provided for alumni and their families.

Saturday evening featured three alumni games this year. In the first contest, the Alumni ladies triumphed over Midland's varsity by a 47-26 score. Game two pitted Midland's varsity squad against a long bench of 15+ alumni. Despite being down 20-5 early, the varsity refused to give up and made the game close by the end of the 2nd quarter. Led by the sophomore tag team of Tanner Finnegan and Brett Trana, the Midland guys pulled off an upset 58-53 victory, winning for only the third time in 13 alumni games.

The final game of the night (and it almost went until Sunday morning) pitted the varsity and alumni volleyball teams against each other. The four original Mustang volleyball coaches (Sager/Glass/Carruthers/Fairchild) all returned, and enjoyed watching the alumni squad win a squeaker over the varsity by a three games to two score.