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Class of 2015 - Seniors

This page contains 2015 senior awesomeness...

Senior Benefit

A great crowd joined the Senior Class of 2015 at Midland Adventist Academy for a modern adaption of the gameshow Hollywood Squares, entitled Senior Squares. All enjoyed a delicious dinner of baked potatoes w/your choice of toppings, meatballs, lettuce salad, ice cream floats, and more while they experienced a fun, interactive show. Guests were welcome to participate or just come and enjoy the fun. With food, comedy, and so much more this was a March night they were glad not to miss.

Honor Recognition

Three Midland students were recognized this month as Kansas Honors Students. Sara Pope, Megan Schlinsog and Garret Whitson received academic awards from the alumni association of The University of Kansas, along with students from 11 other Johnson County schools. Recognized for being the top 10% of students in their schools, they were part of a group of less than 250 Johnson County students to receive this honor. Earlier this year, Megan was also named as a Commended Scholar by the National Merit organization, based on her test scores from the PSAT. (see next story)

Megan Schlinsog - National Merit Commended Scholar

Senior Megan Schlinsog was named a National Merit Commended Scholar, based on her test scores from the PSAT. This test is taken by Midland high school students during their junior year.

In recognition of their outstanding ability and potential for academic success in college, these students are honored with Letters of Commendation and may be candidates for special scholarships offered by corporate sponsors.

Megan is one of roughly 34,000 commended students across the United States. Congratulations!

Senior Survival

Our seniors were survivors during the early days of November. They spent four nights out in the woods enduring cold, wind, rain and camp fire smoke while taking daily classes in spiritual, team, and wilderness survival. All of this, with no hot showers or flushing toilets. They worked together as a team to surmount each challenge.

Mikaal says, "Senior Survival was a very fun time for me especially since it was only my second time camping. I have learned many useful things in case of emergency such as: building an improvised shelter, starting a fire and helping injured people! Not only did I learn key things for survival, but I also learned key things for my relationship with God and defending my faith."

When asked her opinion of the weekend, Michaela replied, "All I remember is spiders. Nothing can ruin a camping trip like a spider. Spiders in the woods are squishier than the ones in my house. Let's leave it at that. Aside from spiders, I was really proud of the girl's latrine. It looked so civil, I think we all had a sense of accomplishment in regards to that. The boys didn't even have one!"