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Class of 2013 - Seniors

Senior Class Trip

​With finals completed, the Seniors of 2013 headed to Southern California for their class trip. They spent a week in the San Diego area, enjoying the sun and all that the west coast has to offer, then returned on May 22. Thanks to Steven Hutchison and Beckie Fairchild for serving as sponsors!

Here are various Twitter updates from their trip:

May 22

  • Alicia Valenzuela - This week went by so fast and I had such a blast. I'm glad I came with these people. They're the greatest.
  • Beckie Fairchild - Do I have to come home? #lajolla #sadtoleave #awesometrip #classtrip2013 instagram.com/p/ZoCgCOoQnT/
  • Alicia Valenzuela - First time at In-N-Out!
  • Jacob Prosser - heading home today. SD, it's been chill. #classtrip2013 #sandiego
  • Matt Zacharias - Beautiful, just beautiful #sandiego #california #classtrip instagram.com/p/ZjskIvvkN9/
  • Matt Zacharias - Life is an upward climb #california #classtrip #sandiegozoo #sandiego instagram.com/p/ZmvFyrvkNW/
  • Jacob Prosser - free running at the zoo vine.co/v/b9t191DlPIn
  • Jacob Prosser - sd zoo vine.co/v/b9t16ahPF5x
May 21
  • Beckie Fairchild - Thai yesterday...Indian tonight.... #amazingfood #gaslampquarter #classtrip2013
  • Matt Zacharias - Football on the beach, definitely everything i thought it was #greatlastday
  • Beckie Fairchild - One more day at the beach #sadface #coronadoisland #biggestwavesyet #classtrip2013 instagram.com/p/Zl7aU8oQoo/
  • Alicia Valenzuela - Last time driving through Coronado Bridge! :(
  • Jacob Prosser - chillin on a camel.. pretty normal #sandiegozoo #camel #bros instagram.com/p/Zl1F9LHxmR/
  • Jacob Prosser - Matt Z on the wings of a bird instagram.com/p/Zl0v5anxl3/
  • Jacob Prosser - Zeebow and I at the zoo #sandiegozoo #zoo #classtrip #2013 instagram.com/p/ZlzAVfnxjk/
  • Jacob Prosser - Hitting up the San Diego Zoo. #classtrip
  • Alicia Valenzuela - :) pic.twitter.com/buQSrsSMRd
  • Jacob Prosser - Midland Cali-swag takeover complete. San Diego couldn't handle us.. Haaa!… instagram.com/p/ZkSZxHnxqo/

May 20

May 19 

  • 11:05 pm - Beckie Fairchild - Dinner at Filippi's Pizza Grotto...amazing eggplant parmigiana!! #littleitaly #sandiego #classtrip2013
  • 6:59 pm - Alicia Valenzuela - These guys >>>>> pic.twitter.com/TQJJCXMFNz
  • 6:58 pm - Beckie Fairchild - Laundry time!! #maybeabettersmellingvan #cleanclothes #lifeskillsclass #classtrip2013 instagram.com/p/Zgziq5oQmZ/
  • 4:37 pm - Beckie Fairchild - Are there any ugly places here? #blueskiesandsunshine #pooltime #classtrip2013 instagram.com/p/ZgjT0-IQtW/
  • 1:21 pm - Katie Tucker - @krispytucker96 Just remember while you're taking your finals I'm in sunny California! Love you and miss you! Good luck on your finals!
  • 12:03 am Beckie Fairchild - Fitting in with the other drivers in California... #takingtwospaces #problemswithabigvan #classtrip2013 instagram.com/p/ZexqtUIQq1/

May 18

  • 11:55 pm - Jacob Prosser - Pretty awesome #sandiego #classtrip instagram.com/p/ZewlTTnxsX/
  • 9:35 pm - Beckie Fairchild - 4 girls 3 mirrors (including the drivers).....all makeup applied. Nice driving, Mr. Hutchison! #classtrip2013 #lifeofagirl #tollerantmen
  • 7:29 pm - Beckie Fairchild - Does it get more "California" than this? #beachtime #watercolderthanithought #classtrip2013 instagram.com/p/Zbtjj1IQuX/
  • 12:01 pm - Alicia Valenzuela - Having worship on the bluffs this morning! #SabbathBytheOcean
  • 11:06 am - Alicia Valenzuela Meeting the world's most famous surf shaper and getting to be in his shop, nbd. #seniors #classtrip… instagram.com/p/ZdYnzRwkTU/

May 17

  • 2:34 pm - Alicia Valenzuela - Surf time! #seniors #classtrip #classof2013 #beach #ocean #wut #bejealous #wetsuits #attractive… instagram.com/p/ZbLdlOwkbX/
  • 12:34 pm - Beckie Fairchild - #Kansas boys trying on wet suits for the first time... #surfing #onceinalifetime #itssupposedtobethattight #classtrip2013
  • 12:28 am - Beckie Fairchild - Perfect night around the fire.... #smores #campfire #classtrip2013 instagram.com/p/ZZq41QoQl0/

May 16

8:15 pm - Alicia Valenzuela - It's colder here than it is in KC. What the heck?!
7:14 pm - Beckie Fairchild - Nüvi recommends we switch to pedestrian usage mode... #californiatraffic #drivingskills #classtrip2013 #carpoollane
6:59 pm - Jacob Prosser - Packed up in this van #creepervan #packed #classtrip instagram.com/p/ZZGvGDHxtP/
6:50 pm - Beckie Fairchild - 64 degrees and cloudy in beautiful San Diego...with lots of palm trees #sweatshirts #welcometocali #readyforthebeach #classtrip2013
1:51 pm - Beckie Fairchild - "So since they fly all the time, flight attendants don't really live anywhere, right?" #overheard #welcometocali #ClassTrip2013
1:35 pm - Beckie Fairchild - Class trip 2013 underway....cloudy and 73 degrees at DFW...
9:37 am - Jacob Prosser the two guys who have been at midland the longest bout to hit up cali! #classtrip #midland #seniors… instagram.com/p/ZYEznYnxjr/
9:14 am - Matt Zacharias - Cali Here We Come! #classtrip

May 15
  • 11:07 pm - Alicia Valenzuela - That moment when you realize you forgot to pack towels so you have to repack everything so it'll fit! 

Senior Benefit

The Senior class of 2013 provided a great Senior Benefit on March 3 in the Midland gym (masquerading as an Italian eatery). The festivities include dinner and a "Friendly Feud" game show, with six different teams competing to determine the top answers from survey questions. There were a number of wins, a number of steals, and plenty of door prizes.

Christina Svoboda did the cooking, and the audience enjoyed soup, salad, sparkling grape juice, pasta, Italian bread, and dessert. Thanks to all who came to support our Seniors of 2013!

Seniors at Oak Grove

The Senior class led out during the entire church service at Oak Grove SDA church in Missouri on Sabbath, February 2. Prayer, songs, sermons and more were on the agenda. This is a class requirement for the Senior Bible Class at Midland. Numerous parents and friends attended - pictures from the church service are available here.

Senior Class Fund-Raiser

Midland's Senior Class of 2013 (along with the Junior class of 2014) will be holding their second fund-raiser at Sweet Tomatoes on Wednesday, February 27 from 5-8 pm. Simply print off this flier and bring it along for supper and Sweet Tomatoes will donate 15% of the total bill to the seniors. For those of you who have never been to Sweet Tomatoes, they describe themselves as "A serve-yourself, all-you-care-to-eat dining experience featuring the freshest vegetables, salads, made-from-scratch soups and muffins, hot pastas and more!"

Schlinsog Recognized for Academics

Kansas Honors Program

Senior Elizabeth Schlinsog was recently selected as a member of the 2012 Kansas Honors Program. This program recognizes and awards high school seniors in participating schools for their academic achievements. All seniors who rank academically in the top 10 percent of their class are invited to attend a special awards ceremony, along with their parents and principals.

A tradition of the University of Kansas since 1971, this program is designed to promote academic excellence in secondary education, to reward high school seniors for their hard work and dedication, and to support Kansas communities.

Each Kansas Honor Scholar receives a certificate and a special edition of The American Heritage Dictionary. Congratulations, Elizabeth!

Willer recognition

Union College Preview Days

This week is one of the special times during the school year that the seniors have been looking forward to. They are currently at Union College as a group for Senior Preview Days.

Students will have an opportunity to speak with an advisor, attend classes, and experience life on a college campus for a few days. They will also get to mingle with peers from other Academies who are making some of the same decisions about college and career.

The students left Midland  at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday and will return to campus on Sunday, October 7, at approximately 2:00 p.m. 

Senior Class Fund-Raisers

Midland's Senior Class of 2013 will be holding a garage sale on Sunday, Sept. 23. The class will be accepting donations for the sale throughout the month. If you have items at home that you've had sitting around for months, and not sure of what to do with them, donate them to the senior class! Donations may be left here at Midland. If you have any questions, please contact the school via e-mail. Thank you so much for your support!

Also make sure you add the Sweet Tomatoes fundraiser to your calendar for October 10. More information about that to come, or you can check our website calendar.