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Activities and Events (2011-2012)

It's All Greek To Us

Our class just finished studying ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations for Social Studies class. On dress-up day, Mr. Perry had the students dress in their favorite time period costume. Several girls dressed as Egyptian princesses. The boys chose to dress as a pharaoh, a Greek patrician, or a Roman soldier. We then ate pita bread with hummus as the people of that time period might have. Fun was had by all.


Egyptian Artistry

The 5th & 6th grade class recently did a Social Studies unit on the ancient Egyptians and their culture. As one of their assignments, the students drew an Egyptian person of their choosing.

According to Mr. Perry, the students were to draw the picture, then write the captions on the back of the paper and sign their art work.

Here's a photo gallery of the results. Walk like an Egyptian, talk like an Egyptian, and draw like an Egyptian!


As one of our science projects, we divided into teams and built our own pesonal volcanoes. During December we took them outside (what, you think we'd set ignite a volcano INSIDE? Cool...) and tested them all. Here's a photo gallery of our efforts, if you want to take a quick look.

Marcus, A.J., and Naden crafted a shield volcano. “We had a lot of fun making our volcano - we had a water balloon fight and made Hermit the beetle/crab egg that lived in our volcano. Hermit the 1st and 2nd died while making the volcano,” said Naden.

Christopher, Brett and Seth worked on a composite volcano. “I made it out of paper mache', and the fissure was the only thing that lava came out of,” explained Christopher.

Callie, Michelle and Abby said making their composite volcano was very messy because they used plaster of Paris. “We used baking soda and vinegar, and when it exploded it came out very slowly,” said Callie.

Bomi, Colin and Zion worked on a Cinder Cone volcano. “What an epic fail,” said Zion, who expected the Mentos and Diet Coke combination to cause a bigger explosion. “In my opinion, our volcano looked like a fat snake with a tiny head!"

Paige, Elena and Lily created a composite volcano, including a nearby resort on the mountain side complete with a lazy hammock lounger. “Our volcano oozed all over the resort and slowly destroyed it. I like how it turned out,” said Lily.

Field Trip

The 5th & 6th Grade class took a Living History field trip to Ernie Miller Park during the month of October. During their visit, they met three historical figures:

  • Cristof, a French fur trapper, who described his life on the waterways and on the prairies
  • An Osage Indian named Bloody Hands who told of the ways of his people
  • Mrs. Parker, a newly arrived pioneer from the 1800's who described her family's hardships on the journey west

Our students wrote about their experiences on the trip, and there is also a picture gallery of the trip..

The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs

by Lily Burke
October 2011

Pushing over an outhouse, displaying a silver cup found in Ireland, and showing pictures of a 400-year old Bohemian family Bible are all part of the projects the 5th and 6th graders have completed after listening to the book, The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs. The book’s storyline is that Eben, a young boy, has to discover seven wonders in his small hometown of Sassafras Springs. As he hunts for these wonders, he finds his hometown isn’t as boring as he’d thought. 

Our projects included drawing maps, creating model scenes, writing journal entries, acting out skits, and creating a presentation about a personal family wonder. (place your cursor over the pictures to see the captions)

Here is what some of the students had to say after completing their projects:

  • Marcus chose the family wonder project and said: “I got to learn more about my family culture and my background.”
  • Callie chose a silver cup as her family wonder—one of her ancestors found it one day while walking in Ireland. She enjoyed listening to people talk about their family wonders. “I liked to hear where everyone came from!”  
  • Johnny:  “My favorite project was acting out the skit about the outhouse getting knocked over.”
  • Paige:  Paige chose the family wonder project and said,“I picked my mom as my family wonder. I picked her because she’s really important to me and I love her.”
  • Abby: “My favorite project was my family wonder-- the 500-year old Bible that was baked in a loaf of bread that my great-great-great-great grandpa brought to America with him from Bohemia. 
  • Kianna: “I liked doing my skit because I got to hang out with my friends.”
  • Naszik: “I picked my mom as my family wonder. I thought it was fun to write about her.”  
  • Sydne: “For my family wonder, I chose some Japanese dolls. It was fun to learn about this wonder, because I got to look at all my family pictures on my mom’s computer, and I got to listen to her tell me the story of the wonder. “
  •  Lily: “My favorite project was my family wonder. I chose the volcanic rocks that my father found in Iceland. The rocks are from the same volcano that buried my great grandparents’ home in Vestmannaeyjar . 
  • Colin: “I liked doing the skit. Andrew, Marcus, Johnny and I did a skit about Coogie Jackson and the outhouse. It was fun when they pushed over the “outhouse” (me sitting on a chair) and I had to try not to hurt myself when I fell off!”