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7th & 8th Activities (2011-2012)

Midland Helps the Salvation Army

During our 8th grade class trip to Branson in May 2012, we visited the Salvation Army headquarters to provide some assistance. Our students brought a collection of food and other items they had collected in Kansas City, and presented it to the Salvation Army. They received some nice recognition for their work by radio station KRZK in Branson. 

You can read the article on KRZK's website. 

Branson - 8th Grade Class Trip

Midland's 8th grade class spent several days May days in Branson for their annual class trip. They returned on Thursday evening after enjoying all that Branson has to offer. Check the calendar entry for their itenerary or review the messages belows from students and sponsors.

It's their final elementary fling - next year it's high school!

  • Greg Hallock: Condo clean, bus packed...heading to the Dixie Stampede for one last adventure before heading home.
  • Darlene Fairchild: All the moms went shopping so it's Greg, us, and the kids at Dixie Stampede!
  • Linda Giffin: Chocolate fountain with fruit for breakfast; it was great!
  • Beckie Fairchild: The whole South side of Dixie Stampede is cheering for you, Greg!
  • Darlene Fairchild: The 8th grade class was placed on the side of the South in the Dixie Stampede version of a showdown between the North and the South in over a dozen competitions. Mr. Hallock was called upon to participate as a jockey for the South. He led his team to victory in the event, along with his trusty horse (the stick variety). Since the Southerners won today's overall contest by one event, we're giving Mr. Hallock the credit. 
  • Linda Giffin: Everyone loved Dixie Stampede; moms went shopping! Heading home now, wish we could stay longer.


  • Linda Giffin: We are at Silver Dollar City riding rides and having a blast. Christina made an awesome breakfast!
  • Greg Hallock: Couldn't ask for better weather today at Silver Dollar City. Powder Keg roller coaster just made me scream like a girl! #awesome
  • Linda Giffin:  Had an amazing day at SDC. Rode tons of rides, saw live sculptures and human trees. Getting ready to have homemade pizza; everyone is a little tired!"
  • Greg Hallock: Yummy homemade pizza at the condo with the #8thgrade class! Life is good!
  • Logan Seibold: The day closes with cookies and worship at the Fairchild condo. #good
  • Beckie Fairchild: Listening to 13-year-old share his testimony = powerful #Branson #MAA
  • Linda Giffin: Went to the Fairchilds for (of course) wonderful treats. Savon lead us in a very profound and touching worship.
  • Linda Giffin: So far so good on the bus trip. I am not crazy yet! Almost there, the weather is sunny and warm. Yeah!
  • Greg Hallock: Restocking the Salvation Army's kitchen! Eighth graders working hard.
  • Logan Seibold. Time to eat up! First meal in Branson.
  • Linda Giffin: Just rode go carts, race car simulator, and laser tag. Moms won yeah.
  • Logan Seibold. Fun day of charity work and go carting.

CVA Middle School Visits Midland

During the month of November 2011, the middle school students from College View Academy in Lincon, NE came to Midland to visit, play basketball, and play volleyball. Here are several versions of the day by three of our Midland students.

Emory Sadler - It was time for recess and we started basketball practice. I saw the kids come in and I noticed that there were a lot of tall kids and I thought. “I hope that those are not the kids on the basketball team!”  They gave a devotion that took ten minutes. After that we did basketball drills for ten more minutes. Then the game began, and they got the first goal in about five seconds. My first thought was, “Oh no!”  Soon, they had like 15 points and we had zero. By the second half, we had four points - we were doing very bad. At the end of the game, it was 24 to 8 and we had lost.
   After that we had lunch and organized a football game outside; CVA vs Midland. Midland won the football game and CVA didn’t get any points at all. After that, we went inside and set up the volleyball net for the volleyball game. The volleyball game started about 20 minutes later. Usually for volleyball, you win if you get the most wins out of five games. Midland won the first three games so we automatically won. Shortly after that, they left and we went back to class. Overall, it was a good experience. Even though we lost the basketball game, I was still a good sport about it. I’m very glad we at least beat them in volleyball and football. It was a lot of fun and I had a great time!

Lydia Svoboda - Yesterday was the most fun school day yet! We were so excited for them (CVA) to get here in the morning and could hardly contain ourselves when they arrived. We were so nervous! CVA’s chapel was interesting, but we kept getting more and more excited as time passed. We had lots of fun cheering on the basketball team and watching them play well. Then it was time for the volleyball game. As volleyball players, we were incredibly nervous, but all our effort paid off in the end. We won all three sets and agreed it was the best game we've had. Overall, the day was so much fun and we can’t wait to play CVA again in March.

Carrie Helmer - I could hear the clock ticking in the background over my teacher’s voice. It was November 1, the day CVA was coming to play basketball and my favorite, volleyball. I was sitting in class waiting for them to come. It was around 10:15 a.m. when we finally heard they were here. We all raced to the door, but Mr. Hallock stopped us and said something about being examples, but no one listened because we were all too preoccupied to hear anything! We got down to the gym where we watched a skit they had to do. After that, we watched the boys play basketball (CVA creamed us in basketball). Later after lunch we played volleyball. You need to understand first that CVA almost always wins, so the pressure was on us. We beat them in the first set by a lot. Second set we won again, but not by as much. Then they decided to play another set, which we won by quite a bit, so we won again!  It was fun and after that I didn’t care that we lost in basketball. It was a good day.

Basketball and Volleyball teams