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MAUC Basketball Tournament 2013
Presented by Union College
(All games held in the UC Gym are available as a live stream on Union's UCLive)


General Guidlines

Eight teams will participate
Each team plays three games (Wed-Fri)
Seeding games take place Saturday night
Semi-finals take place Sunday morning
Finals take place Sunday at 1:00 pm

Just win, baby!


Free throw competition
Sarai Rodriguez - 2nd place

Three-point competition
Camille Darrell - 3rd place
Kurtis Cowan - 3rd place

MAA first team nominations:
Camille Darrell, Sarai Rodriguez
Jacob Prosser, Evan MacEwen

MAA second team nominations:
Jewel Janke, Tanner Finnegan
  Men's Teams (final standings)

1. MAA - Midland Adventist Academy (4-2)
2. MWA - Maplewood Academy (3-3)
3. CA - Campion Academy (3-2)
4. CVA - College View Academy (3-2)
5SAA - Sunnydale Adventist Academy (3-1)
6. WA - Wisconsin Academy (2-2)
7. MHA - Mile High Academy (1-3)
8. DAA - Dakota Adventist Academy (0-4)

Women's Teams (after semi-finals)

1. CVA - College View Academy (5-1)
2. SAA - Sunnydale Adventist Academy (5-1)
3. MWA - Maplewood Academy (4-1)
4. MAA - Midland Adventist Academy (2-3)
5. MHA - Mile High Academy (2-2)
6. DAA - Dakota Adventist Academy (1-3)
7. CA - Campion Academy (0-4)
8. WA - Wisconsin Academy (0-4)

MAUC Basketball Tournament - 2013

The 17th annual Mid-America Basketball Tournament tipped off on Wednesday, February 13, at 7:00 p.m. in the Union College gymnasium and the College View Academy gymnasium.

The annual basketball tournament, hosted by Union College, featured men's and women's teams from eight Seventh-day Adventist high schools across the Midwest. Each team will participate in a round-robin tournament on Wednesday through Friday, followed by a single-elimination championship tournament on Saturday night and Sunday.
Follow our website, Union's Facebook page and Twitter feed from both schools for photos, video and scores from the weekend events. All games in the Union College gym will be webcast live at uclive.ucollege.edu.

Mustangs are MAUC Tournament Champs!

Championship Game
Mustangs 44, Maplewood 34 (FINAL)

The Midland Mustangs are the 2013 MAUC Tournament champs after defeating Maplewood 44-34 in the championship game. In a rematch of the 2009 title game, and with a number of alumni from the 2009 championship team in the stands, Midland led the game from the first buzzer. With seniors Jacob Prosser, Evan MacEwan, and Juan Rodriguez all wanting to go out as winners, the pressure was continual against the Huskies. The Junior duo of Tanner Finnegan and Brett Trana kept things red hot on the outside perimeter, and this sweet taste of victory can only promise great things for next season. And on a side note, a shout-out to Brennan Nelson who had to choose whether to play in the championship game for his winter baseball team, or for the Mustangs - tough choice!

Congrats to the champs - it's another trophy for the trophy case! Thanks to Karen Whitson, Jodie Trana, Sam Adams, and Richard Young for these pictures from the championship game. For a team poster you can download, check out our Athletics page.

Basketball Results (Tournament)

After initial pool play, both Midland varsity teams finished with 1-2 records. The guys had a gutsy win against CVA Thursday night at Union College Thunderdome. The game was very low scoring for the first three quarters, with Midland holding a 17-16 lead going into the final frame. To give you an idea, Midland scored three points in the third quarter, and CVA scored ONE! Both teams came to life in the fourth period, with the Mustangs scoring as many points in one quarter as they had in the first three. In the end, Midland pulled off a 34-24 win after a loss to Campion on Wednesday night. The guys played Maplewood in the final game of the day at College View and lost their second pool game 47-31.

The girls team played Sunnydale tough on Wednesday night, losing the contest in the 4th quarter by a 42-37 score. Thursday's game against CVA wasn't as close, with the Lady Mustangs going down on CVA's home floor 30-15. In their final game on Friday: the girls played a great game vs Campion, coming away with an impressive 37-24 win. 

In the first round of single-elimination, the Mustangs bumped off previously-unbeated Sunnydale 38-26, continuing their season-long mastery of the Spartans for the third straight game. In the girls game, the Lady Mustangs triumphed over Mile High 31-18 (pictures here thanks to Mrs. Whitson).

The second round of single-elimination pitted both varsity teams against home-town CollegeView. In game 1, the Mustangs fought off CVA for a 46-38 victory in which both teams spent as much time on the floor as on their feet. As a result of the win, Midland will play Maplewood for the title in a repeat of the 2009 championship game. The Lady Mustangs played at 10:30am and both teams put forth a tremendous effort. College View prevailed at the end, making two free throws with 2.5 seconds to go up 35-33 and end the Midland girl's tournament run. 

Games for Wednesday, February 13 

Time  UC Gym (men)  CVA Gym (women)
7:00 pm  CA 57, MAA 41  SAA 42, MAA 37
8:30 pm  CVA 52, MWA 49  CVA 33, CA 9

Games for Thursday, February 14

Time  UC Gym (men)  CVA Gym (women)
9:00 am  MHA 72, DAA 42  MWA 44, WA 20
10:30 am  SAA 66, WA 62 OT  MHA 52, DAA 19
2:30 pm  CA 60, MWA 50  SAA 52, CA 30
4:00 pm   WA 51, DAA 34  CVA 30, MAA 15
7:00 pm  MAA 34, CVA 24  MWA 25, MHA 25
8:30 pm  SAA 58, MHA 40  DAA 30, WA 22

Games for Friday, February 15

Time  UC Gym (women)  CVA Gym (men)
9:00 am  MAA 37, CA 24  SAA 42, DAA 23
10:30 am  SAA 47, CVA 43  WA 67, MHA 45
2:15 pm  MWA 47, DAA 22  CVA 26, CA 23
3:45 pm  MHA 26, WA 17  MWA 47, MAA 31

Gamees for Saturday, February 16

Time  UC Gym (men)  CVA Gym (women)  Calvert Rec
7:00 pm  CVA 35, DAA 20  SAA 36, WA 6  
8:30 pm  MAA 38, SAA  MWA 44, CA 353  MAA 31, MHA 18
10:00 pm  CA 49, MHA 27  CVA 40, DAA 17  MWA 69, WA 67

Games for Sunday, February 17

Time  UC Gym  CVA Gym
8:45 am  MAA 46, CVA 38 (men)  MWA 43, CA 34
10:30 am  CVA 35, MAA 33 (women)  SAA 55, MWA 34 (women)
1:00 pm  MAA 44, MWA 34 (men)  CVA 32, SAA 27 (women)