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SA Events - 2012/2013

Midland's Student Association (or SA) is the major student organization on campus.

SA is responsible for planning various events throughout the school year. Some of these events include, but are not limited to, elections, spirit days, SA banquets, school picnics, talent programs, and Student Week of Prayer. 

Going to the Dogs, Foodwise

Midland students brought in more than a quarter of a TON of dog food during the recent Chains of Hope food drive. This contribution will provide 1000 meals for dogs. Five classes participated, with the sophomore class leading the pack with 216 pounds. The picture to the right shows the dog food we gathered, along with the leaders of Chains of Hope and KC weatherman Gary Lezak.

Gym Night and Vespers

Midland's SA sponsored an Open Gym night on Saturday evening, October 29th. As part of the vespers, Spiritual Director Kristi Tucker presented the following devotional. I had originally planned to extract parts of it, but it's too good (in my editorial opinion) to do a Reader's Digest on. Enjoy!

Calling for Help
by Kristi Tucker

I have learned several things from playing a setter in volleyball; where different people like the ball set to, what sets work best in different situations, and when and where to tip it over. One of my biggest problems is not knowing when to call for help. My freshman year of playing I would sit on the bench watching experienced setters who would run the entire court to get the ball, or do a heroic dive so someone could get a hit off her set.

When sophomore year came and I got to play setter for JV, I was determined to always take second hit. I soon realized that I am not as fast as others. I couldn’t do the whole running dive thing. I had to learn how to call for help when I couldn’t get to the ball. This was a hard concept for me because to me, setters were to do whatever they could to get second hit.

I started this year with the same thought process of “I have to get every ball.” Just this last game I was in a rotation where I have to run from the other side of the court just to be in the setter’s position. When the ball was served I started running. Now if you have ever played setter, you know that passes aren’t always good. This was one of those passes; you know the ones where the ball is passed way on the other side of the court and a little out of bounds? I was running as fast as I could to get this ball, but it still hit the ground, and it hit the ground near the feet of a teammate. (continue reading...)

Annual Broken Arrow Ranch Retreat 2012 (#MAAbar)

Each year Midland's high school students and staff participate in a three-day retreat at Broken Arrow Ranch. This year, the retreat took place August 22-24, with the SA staff leaving a day early on Tuesday. While at the ranch, the students competed in class events (won by the class of 2014), enjoyed the pool, and had a chance to get re-acquainted after the summer.

Class officers 2012 / 2013

The high school classes have elected their class officers for the 2012-2013 school year as follows: 

  Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors
President Erin Burke Hannah O'Rear Camille Darrell Alicia Valenzuela
V.President Lydia Svoboda Sarah Pope Addison Murray Elizabeth Schlinsog
Secretary Karina Bovee Mikaal Ellis Sarai Rodriguez Juan Rodriguez
Treasurer Ian Johnson Megan Schlinsog Alicia Whitson Alexis Griffith
Pastor Emmanuel Ehindero Emily Resz Lexi Allen Matt Zacharias
Sgt. at Arms Eladia Rada Dillon Hayward Michael Davison Jonathan Nolasco
Sponsor Jonathan Borne Dorothy Pearson David Smith Matt Teller