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Class of 2014 - Juniors
Updated: Aug 12, 2013

Junior class - 2014

It's Junior Night Live!

JNLThe Junior Class of 2014 provided a great Junior Benefit on Sunday night in the Midland gym. The festivities included a roving dinner, gift basket auction, and a live comedy show filled with skits and hilarious commercials.

In a very inventive touch, the dinner was buffet style meal with tons of options! There will be different tables to chose from including: Mexican style cuisine, made-to-order Mac n' Cheese, a soup & salad bar, assortment of snacks, and tons of desserts!
After everyone's appetite was satisfied, the Juniors presented an excellent night of comedy, as the pictures below will show. It was obvious that a lot of work and effort went into the evening, and the activities were well-worth attending. If you would like a DVD of the program, they can be purchased for $5, cheap at half the price!

(hold your cursor over the pictures to see the captions)

Honduras Mission Trip

JNLBAR winners 2014

Pastor Luke Self (KC New Haven) had the following report on the Spring Break mission trip: "We are building a new administration building for Servicio Panamericano de Salud, an orphanage in Peña Blanca, Honduras. Our group has worked extremely hard and has worked well together as a team. We just finished the perimeter wall today, an extraordinary achievement for a group of mostly first-timers who have only spent a total of five days working on the site. Last night, our group hung out with the kids and handed out crayons, coloring books, and stuffed animals. God has truly blessed! Our group is made up of 18 adults and 25 youth from Garden City, Columbus, Hutchinson, Kansas City, Lincoln, Topeka, and Wichita.” says Pastor Luke. (thanks to the Cutting Edge newsletter for this report)

The Year, She is Busy

This year so far has been a hectic one for our Junior class. It's been filled with homework, projects, sports, tournament, sleep deprivation, a new language, and most of all learning our future life skills.

Our new Spanish 1 and Life Skills teacher, Mrs. Bovee, has been making us learn some of the simplest things to most adults but new things to us. Here are some of her "How To's":

  • -change a tire
  • -check your oil
  • -change a diaper
  • -wrap a gift
  • -frost a cupcake
  • -tie a tie
  • -have table etiquette/set a table
  • -dress for an interview
  • -sew a button
With all these things I have to say we've come a long way! This year is about the time we start thinking about our future, where we will go to college, what degree we want, start living on our own, and pay our bills. This year is the start to the end of high school days and the beginning of the future. Even though this may have started off to a crazy start to the school year I'm so happy to be spending it with my class. Everyday I learn something new about everyone and I know that soon I'll miss these people, miss these times, and miss Midland.

So before we leave we will make sure we go out with a bang! We will be the try-hards we always are in class and keep the traditions of this school going even if the people in it change.

Keep up with this class page to get updates about this year's Junior Benefit: Behind the Scenes.

Juniors Take the Trophy

Last year, class president Camille Darrell predicted that "next year we will claim first again [at Broken Arrow] and be the ONLY first place team. From what I can tell, you'll be seeing a lot of the class of 2014. Especially on that plaque..."

Turns out she made an accurate prediction, as the Junior class of 2014 finished on top of the leaderboards at Broken Arrow, taking an undoubted first place in this year's competition.

BAR winners 2014