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Class of 2015 - Juniors

Junior Benefit - Through the Ages

Our Junior Benefit on April 6 was a performance that took you through the pop culture of the 50s-2000s. The audience enjoyed a delicious dinner of meatball subs or grilled cheese, along with chips and a rootbeer float or purple cow while they experienced history in a unique way.

With iconic tv shows, your favorite songs, hilarious comedy, and so much more, everyone was entertained!

If You're Gonna Know Me Better...

Here's a quick overview of the members of our class - and a couple of facts about each one of us. Could you pass a test afterwards?

I like potatoes.
I like to sleep.
I like music composition.
I like to give taxi rides.

My favorite colors are all shades of blue and some shades
of pink.
My favorite animals are giraffes, frogs, jellyfish, and wolves.
I spend most of my time writing or drawing, and I think A LOT.
I love video games and Japanese animation shows.

I volunteer at Shawnee Mission Medical Center.
LOVEEEE noodles of all types!
I travel an hour to school everyday.
I’ve been at Midland for 12 years so far.

I like purple.
I am the only girl on Midland's cross-country team.
I have been at Midland since third grade...so I’m working
on my ninth year here.
I'm working on my seventh year in Pathfinders.

I ran a 22-minute 5k.
I have made varsity b-ball since sophomore year.
I have been at Midland for 7 years (on and off).
I have an antique car (according to the National Car Association).

I am a12-year student at Midland.
I’ve held a pescitarian diet for 8 years.
An obsessed Wichita State basketball fan. My bedroom door
is a collage of articles on WSU's Road to the Final Four.
I was a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do. 
I have lived in four different states (Nebraska, Texas, North Carolina, and Kansas).
I love coffee.
The Walking Dead is my favorite TV show.
I am a Nebraska Cornhusker fan.

I love pineapple gummy bears
My finger was crushed on a treadmill when I was 4 years old.
I've been at Midland for four years (Kindergarten, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior).
I hate cookies.

I’ve been at Midland for three years.
I wear sandals a lot.
I like chicken. 

I’ve been at Midland for eight years.
I am a manager for the volleyball team. 
I love saltine crackers. 

I’ve been at Midland for two years.
I play basketball.
I play piano by ear.
My favorite color is red.

I've been at Midland for 12 years.
I'm a huge KU fan (Allen Fieldhouse is probably my favorite place in the world.)
I’m pretty sure there’s more chins wins pictures of me on
social networking sites than good pictures.
I could probably eat Mexican food every day.

Junior Class Has Apples for Sale

Our class is selling apples this fall. The apples come from an orchard in Iowa, so they are picked when ripe and will be here within days of picking. They are of the Chieftain variety (a cross between Red Delicious and Jonathan apples). This makes them sweet and firm without getting “mushy” quickly. They make good applesauce without added sugar, good in pies, and for eating plain.

Make sure and order yours before the October 9, 2013 deadline. When ordering, please include your name, phone number and email address, as well as how many bushels/half-bushels you would like. Email your order to fruit@midlandacademy.org, or call your order in to the school at 913-268-7400 ext. 1 and leave a message.

  • First grade apples (pretty apples with no blemishes on the skin) - $30 per bushel or $15 per half bushel.
  • Second grade apples (may have some blemishes, but taste fine) - $25 per bushel or $12.50 per half bushel.
  • Pick up dates are at the school on October 24 from 3-6pm and October 25 from 8am-1:30pm.
  • Enclose your payment with mail order or with a drop-off order, or you can use check/cash at time of pick-up
Note: A bushel is roughly 42-48 pounds, and there are usually 80-100 apples per bushel