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October 2012

October 5, 2012

Randy Bovee, Principal

Hi, I am Randy Bovee, and I have been chosen to serve as the principal here at Midland Adventist Academy. The summer that I was first asked to serve as principal of a Seventh-day Adventist school, I had the opportunity to go sailing with family on the Puget Sound among the San Juan Islands of northern Washington. Given the opportunity to take the helm, I discovered how easy it is to stray off course. My father-in-law instructed me to keep my eyes on a fixed point on the horizon in the direction I wanted to go. My course might vary, but with my eyes on the goal, the boat moved toward the destination.

That experience reminded me of a painting that I had liked as a child. The painting depicts a young man at the helm of a ship. The clouds are dark, the waves are crashing all about. Behind the young man with His hand on his shoulder, is Jesus pointing the way.

The challenges of school administration can be difficult and at times overwhelming—very similar to sailing through a storm in rough waters. When I find myself lying awake at night trying to figure out the best course to take, or the solutions to difficult problems, I find peace by remembering to give the control back to my heavenly Father.

I am the product of a Seventh-day Adventist Christian Education, thanks to the daily sacrifice of my parents who believed in its value. There is something very special about our Adventist schools. There is a reason that our students consistently outperform their predicted abilities, and a reason why their performance on national standardized tests becomes more remarkable with each additional year in our schools. We can proudly point to the united efforts of parents, supportive churches, and dedicated teachers to explain our success, but I believe we see these amazing results because we invite our Creator God into our school every day.

Here at Midland Adventist Academy we are dedicated to teaching minds, touching hearts, training hands for Jesus. Yes, joining our school family will require financial sacrifice like my parents experienced, but the rewards are eternal.