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Class of 2016 - Seniors

Dishes and Desserts

The weekend is a time of relaxation and enjoyment – but often the preparations of the home cause unwanted stress. The junior class seeks to alleviate some of that stress by preparing delicious meals and desserts for your weekend activities. Let us help you get ready for your weekend!

If you choose to order, you can expect a well-made meal or dessert to be waiting for you when you pick up your kids on Friday. To find out more, click here.

Muy bien, gracias!

The Senior class is in their second year of Spanish, taught by Señora Bovee. They are in the midst of reviewing vocabulary from Spanish 1. During early September, they divided in to two groups and reviewed grammar concepts as well as vocabulary words from last year. Señora Bovee also quizzed them on the Spanish names for the head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hand, arm, leg, and foot. If you see one of the seniors around the school, be sure to ask them "Como estas?" (How are you?)

In case you're interested, cabeza, ojos, oídos, nariz, boca, mano, brazo, pierna, and pie will fill the bill.


Get Your Chieftains Here!

The Senior class of 2016 is selling apples this fall. These apples are orchard fresh and will be picked and delivered to us within days of picking. They are coming from an orchard in Iowa, and have a sweet flavor with a crisp crunch. The Chieftain variety is a cross between Red Delicious and Jonathan varieties.

Apples can be ordered by the bushel or half bushel, and in First or Second grade. (note that a bushel is 42-48 pounds). Order now to get your apples for applesauce, pie making and eating for this fall!

  • Chieftains store well without getting mushy quickly
  • Great for making applesauce because they are sweet
  • Great eating apples as well as for pie

For more information and pricing, check out our dedicated page (which also includes an order form - hint, hint!)