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Class of 2020 - Sophomores

We'd like to introduce ourselves; we're the class of 2020!

Victoria Shelton: I have lived in the Kansas City area my whole life. I am an only child, and have been going to Midland since 1st grade. I have a dog name Bailey. In my free time I like to go outside and do things like riding my bike, kayaking, gardening, and walking my dog.


Mason Piva:  I was born in Shawnee, Kansas and have lived there my whole life. I have been at Midland since seventh grade and enjoy many activities such as skiing and playing basketball. I go to Colorado once or twice a year with my family to go skiing. My favorite color is orange and I always have fun hanging out with my friends.


Michael Henry: I grew up in Central Florida with my sister. My favorite color is blue. I am a Los Angeles Lakers fan. I enjoy being active and I love playing basketball. My hobbies include playing NBA 2K on my playstation, following NBA news and rumors, playing basketball outside, and spending time with my friends and family.  The college that I want to go to is Oakwood University. Once there, I will major in finance.


Andrew Helmer: I was born in Kansas and I have grown up in Shawnee almost all of my life/ I play soccer, basketball, and volleyball. I would love to join a men's volleyball team some time in the future.


Jayson Henninger: I was born in Lincoln, NE, moved to Eskridge KS, Des Moines IA, Centralia, MO, and have now moved to Kansas City,KS. I love to rock climb, play Xbox, watch Rick and Morty, play basketball, soccer, and do gymnastics. I love to hike and do parkour whenever I can. This is my first  year at Midland.


Daniel Hickman: I love making music, drinking grape soda, and wearing red converse. I want to eventually make music for a living and make people happy with it. This is my 10th year here at Midland. I also love to draw and paint, probably more that I should.


Yahaira Olivas-Moreno: I have lived in Kansas for 13 years. I love turtles and dogs. My favorite color is blue or pink. I been going to Midland since 5th grade. Love hanging out with my friends. I want to become a Neurologist, since I love anything that has to do with the brain. Spending time with my family is one of my favorite hobbies.


BriAnna Nelson: I’ve lived in Shawnee my whole life and grown up being at Midland. I have three brothers and a sister. I’ve played volleyball since 6th grade and I love doing it. I like to hangout with my friends whenever I’m free.


Priscilla Josiah: I was born in St. Joseph, Missouri. I have two sisters and one brother. I like listening to music, I’m pretty funny (you can ask anyone). I love math class and hope to become successful when I graduate from college. I am super organized and love eating popsicles.


Gabriel Correa: I was born in Billings, Montana, where I spent my first five years, then my dad was asked to be a pastor in Kansas. He has been working here now for almost ten years. Here I have made most of my friends and began to love the sport of basketball. I love to play all sports, and spend time with friends.

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