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September 2014
Randy Bovee, Principal

September 26, 2014

Hi, I am Randy Bovee, the principal here at Midland Adventist Academy. Let me tell you a short story that refocused the value that I place on a Seventh-day Adventist Christian education and redefined for me what is most important in our schools.

Robin was a fifth grader in my classroom in south Texas a number of years ago. Her mother worked two and sometimes three jobs to keep her and her sister in our Adventist school. Passing grades did not come easily for Robin. Many times her best efforts produced D’s or F’s on her math, social studies, or science tests. I worked hard to teach her the study skills that would help to improve her performance, but I must admit that at times I felt like it was a losing battle.

After school was out, Robin and her sister were traveling down into Mexico to visit some relatives. Late at night travelling on narrow roads, the family encountered a drunk driver. Robin and her younger sister didn’t make it. They were killed instantly in the horrible accident that night.

Preparing to say a few words at the funeral of these precious sisters, I realized what was most important for their mother who had sacrificed to place her daughters in our school. The failed academic tests and low grades didn’t matter so much. What mattered was that these girls learned more about Jesus and His love every day. 

There is something very special about our Adventist schools. There is a reason that our students consistently outperform their predicted abilities, and a reason why their performance on national standardized tests becomes more remarkable with each additional year in our schools. We can proudly point to united efforts of parents, supportive churches, and dedicated teachers to explain our success, but I believe we see these amazing results because we invite our Creator God into our school every day. Bringing our students to His feet daily is the most important thing that we do.

Here at Midland Adventist Academy we are dedicated to teaching minds, touching hearts, training hands for Jesus. Yes, joining our school family will require financial sacrifice, just like it did for Robin’s mother, but the rewards are eternal.