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Ways Parents Can Help!
Ways Parents Can Help (especially 8th grade parents!)
Hot Lunch Workers--This is probably the biggest area of need. On Mondays starting after Labor Day, the 8th grade class is responsibile for serving hot lunch to the school.  I need parents that can be at the school on these Mondays for a few hours to help prepare and serve the food.  I also need parents to get the needed ingredients and utensils (plates, cups, napkins, silverware, etc). Sometimes parents that can't be there to help prepare and serve the hot lunch have helped out the class by donating some of the food or the utensils needed.

Field Trip Chaperones--I haven't started scheduling any field trips yet.  These are usually pretty easy to get covered though, but I usually like to get an idea at the beginning of the school year of what parents might be willing to chaperone on field trips throughout the year.

Community Service Ideas/Helpers--In addition to the field trips, I usually like to go on a couple community service trips during the school year.  I usually take the students to the Harvesters Food Pantry in KCMO to volunteer in their warehouse.  Other times we have gone out to rake leaves for people that need help.  As with the other categories, I am always open to new ideas if parents know businesses or individuals that have a need that our class can help out with. 

Friday Snack Coordinator--In some of my past years, a parent has volunteered to communicate with the other parents to set-up a "Friday snack schedule".  The willing parents then would take turns sending a snack to school for the class to have after chapel on Friday.  This isn't something that the class has to have.  It is just an idea in case there are some parents that are interested and/or have the time.
Fundraising Ideas/Helpers--Parents have been helpful in the past with ideas for fundraisers and with helping out at those events.  Some of those events in the past have including donating items to the 8th Grade Christmas store, as well as coming in to help organize and price those donated items.  Other events that parents have helped with are taking students out to sell coupon books, helping unload the citrus fruit trucks, donating items for bake sales, and setting up and selling items for Valentine's Day.  I am always open to new ideas or just getting help with executing some of the old ideas.
In-class Presenters--If parents ever would like to present a lesson to the class, that would be great.  This could be a presentation about their profession, their past experiences, or in some other area in which they are skillful.  Parents are more than welcome to come in to teach an art lesson, a technology lesson, share a devotion, or share other skills that they have that would be beneficial to the learning of the students. 

Graders--If parents are willing to help me with my heavy load of grading papers, I would always be willing to take on helpers with that.  I could send work that needed to be graded home with students to give to their parents if they are willing to do so.

Class Trip Chaperones--Again, I usually don't have any trouble getting this covered, but thought I would mention it.  I usually first ask the parent or parents that volunteered their time to take on the hot lunch duties.  Since hot lunch takes a lot time and commitment, I like to make sure they are at least offered a spot to chaperone the 8th grade class trip.  Parents that are able to drive their own vehicle on the class trip and/or help plan and prepare meals for the trip are also good candidates for this job.
Graduation Ceremony--This is something that can get more attention in the 2nd semester of the school year. This requires help in many areas.  I would need some decorating coordinators for the gym and cafeteria.  I would need someone to be in charge of the refreshments to be served after the graduation.  Other areas may include someone to help put together a slide show of the students to be shown at the graduation and perhaps someone to take some group and individual pictures of the students.