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Pastor Kyle was born in a small town between Peoria, IL and Chicago called Spring Valley, Illinois. When he was 6, he moved to St. Louis, MO and that is where he grew up! He grew up with a single mother who loved Jesus immensely and raised him to be a Seventh-day Adventist.

When it came time for High School, he went to Sunnydale Adventist Academy all four years of school and in those years visited MAA often for youth rally's and athletic games. In High School he had many staff and faculty who believed in him and invested in him. His sophomore year, he decided to accept Jesus as his personal savior. Adventism quickly went from being his families religion, to being his own.

Because of the opportunities the faculty and staff gave him, he quickly got involved in ministry. After giving his first chapel talk he fell in love with sharing Jesus. For the first time in his life he did something and it felt like it fit him perfectly. Suddenly it hit him that God might be calling him to become a pastor and spend his life sharing the gospel. After feeling God's call, he went to India and there he promised God he would go to school to study theology.

Pastor Kyle went to Union College all four years, and in June of 2016, He was hired by the KS/NE Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He is now the Youth Pastor at New Haven SDA Church, and lives in KCMO with his wife Annie. Pastor Kyle feels blessed to be able to have his dream job of being a Youth Pastor and Bible Teacher.

You'd be surprised to know that...

Pastor Kyle got through college by selling cars. He has sold around 26 and still sells them from time to time.


Pastor Kyle is married to his wife Annie. His mother and step-father, as well as the rest of his family, all reside in Spring Valley, Illinois.

Education & Experience

Bachelor of Arts - Theology, Biblical Languages minor
Union College

  • Midland Adventist Academy (2016-present)