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"Teaching minds, touching hearts, training hands for Jesus.
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August 2016

July 25, 2016

Dan Kittle, Principal

Hi - I am Dan Kittle. I am a word weaver, dream caster, provocateur, poet - this is how I introduce myself at open mics when I read poetry. Poetry written with the intent of introducing values I have learned in life to a world that is much bigger than the Adventist Church. For I believe God has called each of us to use our talents to express His love to our world, in our generation, in a language that it can understand.

To me, God’s call is the core value of any faith community be it church, school, or fellowship. It is why I teach, serve as administrator, or pastor. It serves as motivator, compass, and moral inventory. It anchors me to the three simple truths in Micah 6:8 mercyjustice, and humility.

My goal as leader at MAA is to be mercy in times of distress, to act justly in time of conflict, and to walk in the humility of my limitations. To recognize that in my humanity I am blind to what my Father sees and to have faith that He loves beyond the capacity of my heart.

I want these core values to guide the learning community we call MAA as it engages families and churches in the art of “Teaching Minds, Touching Hearts, and Training Hands for Jesus”. From the moment I was introduced to these words, I knew I had found a place that honored my values for education.

Teaching Minds” informed me that this community values the process of learning and has high expectations for student success. “Touching Hearts” affirmed the value of bringing eternity into the present and introducing each student to the inexhaustible love of the Father. “Training Hands” confirmed a community that values the call to service. And “for Jesus” focused the purpose of each day on the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

I invite each of you to consider these core values when you sit down to choose a learning environment be you a grandparent, parent, or teen.