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Boys Soccer 2016-2017

Boys Soccer (2016-2017)

Game notes courtesy of Coach Elsey

The Midland Mustangs soccer team will play a full schedule this season, with twelve games on the schedule plus tournaments at Walla Walla University and Union College. Coach Elsey returns for another season as head coach.

  • Aug. 25 - Cristo Rey (Stump Park) [Rained out]
  • Aug. 30 - @ Center Place (Independence, MO)
  • Sept. 1 - @ Heartland Christian (Belton, MO)
  • Sept. 6 - Applewood Christian (Stump Park)
  • Sept. 8 - Cornerstone Christian (Stump Park)
  • Sept. 13 - Hyman Brand (Stump Park)
  • Sept. 14 - @ Cristo Rey (TBD)
  • Sept. 20 - Christian Learning (Stump Park)
  • Sept. 27 - Overland Christian (Stump Park)
  • Oct. 4 - @ Applewood Christian (Sedalia, MO)
  • Oct. 6-8 - Walla Walla University Tournament (Walla Walla, WA)
  • Oct. 11 - @ Cornerstone Christian (Topeka, KS)
  • Oct. 13 - @ Hyman Brand (Overland Park, KS)
  • Oct. 20-22 - Union Tournament (Lincoln, NE)

Midland 8, College View 1

11-8-2 record

April 10 - The boys for a couple of years have talked about playing CVA. We took the trip up there on April 10. We found extremely windy conditions, it was cold and the field was poor. In addition we only had one sub and so before the game I was worried about how the boys would perform, but an early goal from Colin settled my nerves. Within minutes Derek made it two with his best goal of the year. Marcus scored a third from a free kick before getting his second of the game from a shot inside the area. At 4-0 we were comfortable but CVA broke with a long ball over the middle; one of their players was first to the ball and scored a very good goal. CVA only had two shots on goal but their goal was good. Just before halftime Mark was quickest to the Marcus' freekick, which hit the crossbar, and beat the goalie from close.

In the second half we were expecting things to be more difficult as CVA now had the wind, but Derek settled our nerves when he scored his second goal of the game. We then decided to try and get Vicente his first ever Midland goal in his last game. It took a while and he got knocked down a time or two but it made me smile to see him score after working so hard in a more defensive roll all season. We then put Johnny in goal and put Sam up front and Sam didn't disappoint, scoring his first ever MAA goal with his left foot.

The result of the game was never in doubt, but it was still a fun game and although a CVA player picked up a yellow card, the game was played in a Christian spirit as all of our games have been played. I was talking to Pastor Lawrence that in over 20 games we have only picked up one yellow card and zero reds. The lack of cards or incidents is what I am proudest of as a coach. We have boys that compete hard but have not crossed the line behavior wise and we have had zero off the ball incidents initiated by us and we have not retaliated once to ugly play.

Union College Tournament

TournamentMidland's soccer team spent fall break in Lincoln, NE for the annual Union tournament. Normally volleyball has been the featured sport, but soccer was added this year for the guys. With soccer teams from eight schools, there was plenty of action for fans and players alike

Union has a dedicated webpage for their tournament, and they keep the scores pretty well updated if you want to review. 


12:15pm - Campion 3, Midland 1
3:45 pm - Midland 1, Madison 0


8:45 am - Midland 2, North Dallas 2
‚Äč2:00 pm - Sunnydale 2, Midland 0


9:15 pm - Highland View 2, Midland 1

Tournament Wrapup - Fourth Place Finish

Fourth place again, but I could not be any prouder with the boys. They all sacrificed and did all they could. I don't think any of our opponents could have said we were easy to play against. Sure, we lost three games, but we lost to the teams that took first, second and third place.

It is sad to think that soccer is over. I will really miss the Seniors especially Sam who has played with me since I first arrived in Kansas, but they can hold their heads up with the knowledge that we had a winning season and even though we only came fourth at both Walla Walla & Union, we came fourth out of 17 teams and then out of 8 teams. The boys did great and behaved and played with class and fairness.

Highland View Academy 2, Midland 1

10-7-2 record

October 22 - The Highland View game started poorly. We gave up a penalty in the first minute which HVA scored. Then Sam made a great diving save pushing the ball onto the post before scooping up the rebound. Then Joel was injured within the first 15 minutes. Joel had been ever-present all season and we had Andrew take his position and Chris replace Andrew. We could have been two or three goals down and we were already without one of our defensive stars, but somehow the boys kept making chances. Both Emory and Derek came close to scoring. Mark had a wonderful volley from outside the area that was really close. The defense and midfield were solid. We made it to halftime with momentum and just a goal down to a much larger team.

The Second Half saw us open with a lot of possession even if we didn't have many chances. Derek changed this with a great run into the box, he was one on one with the goalie and fouled from behind. The ref pointed to the spot and Marcus converted. Now I sense panic on the opponents bench and the faces of their players. Emory was fouled just outside the area and the game saw it's first yellow card, but the free kick came to nothing and HVA broke down the field and scored moments later. Their goal came from a long shot that Sam could only parry onto the crossbar. Unfortunately one of their forwards was first to the ball and made no mistake. The game ended with me throwing the entire team up front in search of an equalizer. We had a corner near the end that even Sam went up for. Colin made beautiful contact with a header that flew off his head. I thought was in but unfortunately it went just over the bar. That was the last chance of the game and we had gone down in a game that we could have easily won.

Sunnydale Academy 2, Midland 0

10-6-2 record

October 21 - I thought Sunnydale Academy were the class team of the tournament. Sunnydale had much of the early possession and tested Sam a couple of times before scoring. We had a half chance here and there, but frankly our defense and Sam kept us in the game. It was 1-0 at halftime. The second half brought a couple of half chances but it was not a shock when Sunnydale extended their lead. It was a good clean game that was much more competitive than two years ago when we lost 10-1 to Sunnydale. Afterwards their assistant coach informed me that Sunnydale had voted that we win the Sportsmanship Award, we didn't, but it was a clean, fun and competitive game.

Midland 2, North Dallas Academy 2

10-5-2 record

October 21 - We played North Dallas first thing in the morning and in the cold. Most of the boys had skipped breakfast and when we got to the field it was 36 degrees. I felt we jumped off to a good start. We dominated the first half and Emory scored a very nice early goal to get us going. We knew going in that a tie would be enough to get us to the Semi Finals and maybe we took our opponents too lightly. Half way through the Second Half Marcus scored a penalty and we were coasting. We had enjoyed most of the chances and I was starting to want to rest players ahead of the Semi Final, then tragedy. North Dallas scored out of nothing. It was a corner that was hit low and at the near post. I thought it was going to hit the side netting but it hit the post and took a deflection into the goal. All of a sudden North Dallas were in this and had all of the momentum. To make matters worse they scored a second goal from long range. It was a wonderful goal, but I am not sure he will ever be able to hit a shot like that again. We had a chance right at the end but I had kept all of my starters on working hard when I wish I could have rested a few players. The tie was enough, just enough to make it to the quarters.

Midland 1, Madison Academy 0

10-5-1 record

October 20 - Just like the earlier game against Campion we seemed to come out flat for the first half. We had chances, but were unable to capitalize. We made it to half time 0-0, but I really felt we were better than that. Thankfully in the Second Half Marcus scored a beautiful goal and we should have added more, but it took Sam stepping up and maintaining the shut out that gave us four points for a shut out win.

Campion Academy 3, Midland 1

9-5-1 record

October 20 - Our tournament started with a game against the eventual tournament winners. We started brightly and had a couple of early chances especially from corners. I thought we had the best of the opening five or ten minutes but Campion scored against the run of play. They then scored again before halftime. Both goals were well worked and good goals. After the Second Half Campion took a 3-0 lead. Maybe I should have rested some players, but I still felt we were created chances and Colin scored a nice goal to make it 3-1. We had a couple of late chances but were not able to make it closer.

Midland 6, Hyman Brand 0

9-4-1 record

For this game we recognized our Seniors and closed out our regular season with a 6-0 win over Hyman Brand at Johnson County Community College.

We started brightly enough and controlled possession. I can't remember Hyman Brand having a shot on goal let alone looking close to scoring. It was no surprise for Emory to get us the lead midway through the First Half. Emory scored a second about ten minutes before half time and we went into the break 2-0 up.

During half time I reminded the boys that for all of our possession it was 2-0 and we still had work to do. Within 15 seconds of the restart Johnny made it 3-0 with his first goal of the season. For years we have used the long ball from Marcus and speed down the wings to see if we can catch a defense out. It has not worked for a couple of years but this time Johnny ran as fast as he could to the ball and Marcus' pass was right there. Johnny finished the move with a beautiful shot and goal. Continuing our Senior theme for the evening Owen and then Greg scored their first-ever goals for Midland making it 5-0 before Emory got his first-ever hat-trick to finish the scoring at 6-0.

Late in the game we sent Sam up for a couple of corners and he also took a free kick which was well saved by their keeper. It would have been great to see Sam score during the game that we recognized our Seniors, but five of our goals were scored by Seniors and Sam picked up another clean sheet so a great night.

Now the team head off to Union to close our season at tournament. We dream of a College View game in the Spring, but in reality this is probably the end of our season. We have injuries and a few grade concerns but I am hoping the boys will be up for five more games in Lincoln.

Walla Walla Tournament

Soccer goalCoached by Pastor Douglas Elsey, Midland's soccer team entered the Walla Walla tournament with a 6-1-1 record, their best season yet. With seventeen teams participating, the Mustangs came back with a 4th place finish, and the record for the longest distance traveled to reach the tournament. Coach Elsey said afterwards that when he met the tournament director for the first time on Friday afternoon, she shared that the theme of the tournament for her had been people coming up to her and asking "Who are Midland?"

  • October 6, 5:00 pm (KC time) - Cascade 2, Midland 1 (penalty shootout)
  • October 6, 8:30 pm (KC time) - Midland 2, Milo 0
  • October 7, 10:00 am (KC time) - Midland 1, Mile High 0
  • October 7, 4:00 pm (KC time) - San Gabriel 1, Midland 0 (penalty shootout)
  • October 7, 10:30 pm (KC time) - Livingstone 4, Midland 3 (penalty shootout)

Nice work guys, have a safe trip home!

Tournament Wrapup - Fourth Place Finish

In five games we were only behind once and that was at the end of the semi-final game to a suspect penalty and that to the eventual tournament winners. Every boy played a part, and contributed in many different ways. I could not believe how well the boys played and came together. Five games in three days is a ton of work. To be behind just once in five games, and that for just a minute is incredible. Sam, Johnny, Colin, Mark, Andrew, & Joel played every minute of every game. Some boys have come back hurt and injured and yet everyone featured in our final game.

The tournament director met me for the first time on Friday afternoon and she shared that the theme of the tournament for her had been people coming up to her and asking "Who are Midland?" It was a great tournament and great fun. We had five very close games and scored only five goals, but gave up only three, one of which was that fluky fluky last-minute goal to Livingstone. I know we have to field a team again next year, too!

Livingstone 1, Mustangs 1 (3-2 shoot out loss)

8-4-1 record

October 8 - We lost the third place match and lost again because of a late goal and a shoot out. Against Livingstone Marcus scored an early goal giving us the lead. We had many early chances, but as in other games we gave up way too much second half possession. We thought we had the game won and nearly scored in the second half too, but unfortunately we gave up a crazy goal right at the end. The ball was in our opponent's end. They moved it brilliantly to the other end and took a shot from distance. The shot hit to post and bounced into the goal off Sam who had dived to try and save it. It was brutal. Totally brutal. What made it worse is that it came in added time and we then lost the shoot out 3-2.

San Gabriel 1, Mustangs 0

8-3-1 record

October 7 - Unfortunately we lost 1-0 to San Gabriel. Marcus hurt his calf early in the first half, Vicente had a huge headache and with our injuries, we didn't make a single second half substitution. San Gabriel scored a last minute penalty that even their coach called suspect. They are a great team and played well but I thought our boys should have been allowed to take the game to penalties.

The boys are heartbroken and some are wounded warriors but they played great. San Gabriel are a great team and we all embraced for prayer at the end. We play for third place Saturday night.

Mustangs 1, Mile High 0

8-2-1 record

October 7 - We just won our quarterfinal. Winning goal by Marcus, and we are in the semi finals out of 17 teams. We beat Mile High 1-0, San Gabriel is next at 2pm. A huge LA team with 24 players. We have seven boys who have played every minute. We are dead three3 subs and Marcus is wondering if he can play again! I tell you the truth, we have shocked everybody here and the other thing is that we are ranked state-wide at 35th according to Maxpreps because we are beating bigger schools.

Mustangs 2, Milo 0

7-2-1 record

October 6 - We beat Milo 2-0 in a great game; looks like we made the quarterfinals! Goals by Colin and Marcus. If we DID make the quarterfinals it will be 8 AM the morning of October 7. Unfortunately we picked up a couple of injuries to Vicente and Daniel, but I think they are minor.

That was the best game we played all season.

Cascade 1, Mustangs 1 (1-0 shoot out loss)

6-2-1 record

October 6 - We lost in a penalty shoot out to Cascade Academy. We took the lead early from a corner. We totally controlled the game but gave up a quality goal to a long ball late in the first half.

We had so many chances in the second half. Hit the crossbar, just missed the post it was heartbreaker. We just couldn't score. In this tournament, no game can finish on a tie and unfortunately we lost 2-1 on a penalty shootout.

The boys are worn out and tired but play Milo in an hour and a half.

Mustangs 1, Applewood Christian 1

6-1-1 record

October 4 - On September 6, we beat Applewood 2-1 at their school. It was a really close game and we were probably lucky to get out of there with the win. Today, I thought Applewood were lucky to get out of Shawnee with a 1-1 tie.

I think it should have been over at halftime. We had so many chances. Mark brought a fine save from their goalie. Marcus hit the bar with a free kick and the rebound was just headed wide by Vicente. We had so many crosses just dying for a touch and I thought Greg had scored with a header from a corner, unfortunately it just didn't cross all the way over the line. We dominated but just couldn't score.

In the second half we were now going uphill and the wind was in our faces. I thought we would struggle, but we still dominated both scoring chances and possession. At long last a ball fell to Colin and with twenty minutes left he scored to make it 1-0. After that Applewood attacked more and had more possession. We still had the odd chance but never could add to the lead. However, we never looked like giving up a goal. With ten minutes remaining we gave up a fluky goal. It was rough, but after that both sides pressed for a winner without a clear chance materializing.

Was 1-1 the expected result? Maybe not, but we were down three boys. Keith, Emory and Chris all had to miss tonight's game. We now have to dust ourselves off and fly to Walla Walla and get Cascade and Milo on Thursday afternoon.

Mustangs 5, Overland Christian 3

6-1 record

September 27 - Overland Christian brought a 7-1 record and a lot of confidence to Stump Park to play the Mustangs. They beat us 6-2 a year ago, something that was mentioned as the Captains shook hands for the coin toss. We knew we were in for a battle and surprised ourselves with an early goal. Emory beat the final defender and lost control of the ball while challenging the goalie. Luckily the ball ran straight to Mark who tapped the ball into an empty net. Mark scored again a couple of minutes later. He ran onto a pass and ended up 1vs1 against the goalie scoring with his weaker left foot. Marcus finished the scoring in the first half with a shot from distance that bounced in front of the goalie. The shot should have been saved but somehow found it’s way into the goal.

A 3-0 halftime lead probably left us a little more confident that we should have been, but Overland Christian never gave up and the game became more physical. Early in the second half Overland scored. They had threatened to score for a while. We were a little fortunate to be awarded a penalty from a corner. The defender thought the ball was out of play and handled the ball trying to get it to his goalie for the goal kick. It was strange and not many saw what happened but the ref did and pointed to the spot. Marcus stepped up and found the corner of the net for 4-1.

Later Marcus was played into the area and chipped the diving keeper into the far post for his hat trick and a 5-1 lead. It looked like the game was history. I had my bench players on and rested a number of my starters. We were holding Overland off easily but with 12 minutes left they scored. I made a quick substitution but Overland scored again. The last ten minutes were tense and nervy, but we held them off to avenge last year’s beating.

Sam, Andrew, Joel and Johnny formed a great defense and played the entire game. It is rough as they don’t often get forward, but we played a team with three Russian players and at least a couple of Chinese boys. We played a team bigger than ours and we overcame through good goal keeping, a solid defense, and our midfield working hard and attackers chasing defenders.

The boys have really improved over last season; easily beating Hyman Brand and now beating a team that destroyed us a year ago. We are playing with two eighth graders, and younger players are stepping up and becoming more involved. I am very proud of the boys. We play next Tuesday at Stump against Applewood Academy whom we beat 2-1 on their field three weeks ago. I am looking forward to another close game.

Mustangs 5, Christian Learning 0

5-1 record

September 20 - This evening Christian Learning Center brought their boys up all the way from Fort Scott to give the Mustangs a game. On a hot a humid night we held an advantage; we had four subs and they only had one. It made a nice change as we have always been out-subbed this season.

The Mustangs scored an early goal as has been our habit all season. It has amazed me how many early goals we have scored. The ball fell to Marcus just inside the box and he was able to get a quick shot off with his left foot for 1-0. The second goal came from a corner. Marcus had floated two corners over and noticed that their goalie was aggressive. On the third corner Marcus drilled it on goal, the goalie made the save but the ball was only partially saved and rolling along the goal line. Bryan was the first to react for his first ever Mustangs goal. The third came from Mark who has become a scoring machine. Colin crossed the ball in from the right and Derek unselfishly left the ball for Mark who was in a better position. Mark made no mistake.

It was 3-0 at halftime and Emory made it four by running onto a long ball and comfortably beating the goalie. It is easy to miss one on one as you know you should score but Emory finished beautifully. The fifth and final goal belonged to Marcus. On the edge of the area he beat a defender before taking on a second by cutting to his left. He took the shot with his weaker foot beating the goalie high to the near post.

It was another shut out for Sam and his defense. Sam has three shutouts in six games and only once has been scored on more than once in a game. Maybe we have had an easier schedule this year or maybe we have just gotten better! Next week we play Overland Christian who beat us 6-2 last season. I am looking forward to seeing how well we do against them.

At the end of the game, the Christian Learning Center's Athletic Director came to me and shared that they would love to play us again. That is rare after a 5-0 win, but he shared that our boys played with so much respect for the game and their opponents. He was thrilled with the way we played and asked to speak to our Athletic Director. As long as I coach at Midland I think we will have a home and an away game with our new friends from Fort Scott.

Mustangs 6, Hyman Brand 0

4-1 record

September 13 - The Midland Mustangs got back to their winning ways against Hyman Brand tonight, winning 6-0. For the last two years our games against Hyman Brand have been close games that we have just managed to do enough to win, but this was a blow out. I am hoping that we have got a lot better, but at the same time Hyman Brand lost a number of seniors last year.

Emory opened the scoring finding the net while one-on-one with the keeper before Derek added a second in a similar fashion. Mark smashed a great shot to the goalie’s right from just inside the area before Colin chipped the goalie from the edge of the area. Joseph added a fifth with his first ever goal for the Mustangs. The second half we worked on our possession and passing but that didn’t stop Emory adding a second to win the half.

It was nice to have Emory, Derek and Joseph score their first goal of the season and great to have another clean sheet thanks to Sam and his defense.

Cornerstone 7, Mustangs 0

3-1 record

September 8 - Tonight we lost 7-0 to Cornerstone Christian from Topeka. I noticed the game as soon as I saw the soccer schedule and knew that we would be out of our depth, but the boys played their hearts out. I was proud of each player. I gave a lot of playing time to some boys that had not seen enough and they didn't disappoint. Sam got lots of practice in goal and made some great saves. Johnny, Greg, Joel and Chris played their hearts out on defense. Owen and Andrew had chances that were saved.

My dad always told me that you learn more from a defeat than from a win so this is a chance to learn, rest up and be ready for Hyman Brand on Tuesday.

Mustangs 2, Applewood Christian 1

3-0 record

September 6 - Another game and another win, this one a 2-1 victory over Applewood Christian, but this was anything but easy. The win was a team effort. I may highlight the scorers, but after this win I must emphasize that we were holding on and it was Sam and his defense who stood firm in the face of a difficult second half.

It was a long drive to Sedalia and many of the boys slept on the bus. It was 92 degrees and muggy and while the wind helped cool the boys down, it made play difficult. The wind was behind us for the first half and we had the better of the opportunities. Colin opened the scoring when he took a shot that the goalie could only push into the roof of the net. A little later Colin found Marcus at the far post and Marcus beat the goalie inside the box for a 2-0 lead. We came close to a third goal, but unfortunately found ourselves just two goals up and facing a strong wind in the second half.

We started the second half brightly and had a couple of chances to extend our lead, but we were pinned back for much of the remainder of the half. Sam was excellent in goal and we seemed to defend deeper and deeper. I remember looking at my watch and seeing just five minutes left and thinking we had done enough. A minute later it was 2-1! The last four minutes were frantic. Each Mustang ran their legs off and everyone put in a great shift and we were a bit fortunate to get the win.

"Played three, won three" sounds great, but on Thursday we play Cornerstone Christian who beat us 5-0 last October. It will be a challenge, but I think it will be closer this time. The Mustangs did us proud again tonight and I am grateful for their hard work.

Mustangs 3, Heartland Christian 1

2-0 record

September 1 - Another game and another win for the Mustangs, but it was not easy and not really fun. The Mustangs went all the way to Belton to play Heartland Christian and came away with a hard fought 3-1 win.

The first goal was among the strangest I have ever seen. Marcus scored the first goal after he played a ball over the top of the defense for Colin to chase. The ball bounced between and then over Colin and the goalie. I think Colin’s determination to get to the ball put the goalie off and they both missed the ball which kept bouncing into the goal as Colin and the goalie both chased it. I thought Colin got a touch, but the goal belonged to Marcus. The second goal was a fine individual play by Keith who beat a defender and then beat the goalie. The third goal came from a free kick. Marcus scored from two free kicks on Tuesday and scored when Johnny stepped over the ball and Marcus beat the wall and the goalie low and hard to the far post.

A 3-0 half time lead should have been safe, but Heartland had the wind behind them in the second half and tested us. The defense was incredible, as was Sam in goal. We gave up a goal early in the Second Half, but held on for the 3-1 win. The game was physical. Heartland appear to be an older team and they are bigger. The game got way too physical in my opinion, but we held on for a 3-1 win. Sam, Johnny, Colin, Christopher, Joel, Mark, Marcus and Greg played complete games, but all the boys ran their hearts out and probably have battle scars to prove they were in a tough game!

Mustangs 5, Center Place 0

1-0 record

August 30 - The boys had their first game of the 2016 Season on Tuesday at Center Place in Independence and won 5-0. Center Place had already played four games this season and had a 3-1 record so I expected a tough match. We got there late and didn’t even have time to warm up. The field was soggy. The sun was out and it was hot and muggy, but the boys showed up to play.

We dominated the early proceedings and Marcus opened the scoring with a free kick. He managed to get his shot over the wall and although the goalie got a hand to the ball there was way too much mustard on that shot for it to be saved. Our second goal came from Mark. Mark cut in from the left wing and hit a beautiful shot into the top left hand corner. Marcus got the third. Again from a free kick which hit the underside of the crossbar from distance. The ball came down hitting the beaten goalie before crossing the line.

In the second half we spent more time defending but won a corner which Johnny put on Marcus’ head, 4-0 and a hat trick for Marcus. The final goal came from Colin chipping the goalie from a tight angle. He should have crossed the ball, but decided to go for the goal. The defense was fantastic. Sam kept a clean sheet making two good saves near the end. All of the boys worked hard and did well against a team which had two subs for everyone of ours.

The game was played in a clean and Christian manner. I was very proud and now we head off to Belton on Thursday to play Heartland who so far this season have a 100% record.