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Boys Soccer 2012-2016

Soccer History (2015-2016)

The Midland Mustangs soccer team will be taking the field once again this season, with six games on the schedule, and others currently being scheduled. Coach Elsey returns for another season as head coach.

  • Sept 8 - Midland 4, Hyman Brand 2
  • Sept 21 - Overland Christian 6, Midland 2
  • Sept 24 - Midland 3, Hyman Brand 1
  • Oct 1 - Centerplace (canceled)
  • Oct. 5 - Cornerstone 5, Midland 0

Soccer History (2014-2015)

No phonesThe Midland Mustangs played high school soccer for the first time as a number of their middle-team players moved up into the other wing at Midland. Thanks to Coach Elsey for serving as head coach once again!

  • Sept 11 - Christ Prep 6, Midland 0
  • Sept 14 - Sunnydale 10, Midland 2
  • Sept 19 - Midland 1, HC Topeka 0
  • Sept 30 - Midland 4, Hyman Brand 3
  • Oct 21 - Sunnydale 5, Midland 1 (photo gallery)
Notes from the Coach: The HC Topeka game was a 1-0 win. The solitary goal was a Marcus throw in to Seth and who turned and beat the keeper. It was a sweet goal. The game was amazing. Very close. It was a nail biter to the end and probably the best we played all that season.

The Hyman Brand game was amazing too. They had a 2-0 lead at half time and we came back. At the end they were just attacking and attacking looking for an equalizer but we held on when probably a draw would have been a fairer result. Sunnydale's team was amazing....totally out of our league.

Soccer History (2012-2013)

Coach Elsey says, "We won 4-0 against Hyman Brand.....strange game.....they didn't have enough players and so "borrowed" a few of ours, but after the beatings we have suffered we will take it. The ref is reporting the game as a 4-0 win for MAA and so that is how I am reporting it!

In our draw against St. Paul's, Marcus scored both of our goals. His second was a peach of a goal as he blasted it in from pretty close to the Half Way line....it went right over the goalkeeper's head.....amazing! In the first game, our two goals were scored by Collin and Brycen.

Thursday's game against Heritage Christin was sad....we went down 2-0 to a team that we really should have beat. Maybe our expectations were too high after such a good weekend or maybe the boys were still recovering from all of those games, but too many of the boys looked and acted tired when I really thought they had it in them to do better. The field we played on was smaller than the fields we played our previous five games on; there was little room and the other team were on us fast.

  For the first time in school history, Midland fielded an official soccer team. The newest Mustangs kicked off their initial season on Monday, Sept. 24 at Stump Park. Coached by Pastor Douglas Elsey, the team consists of Midland middle school guys in grades 7-8. Five of the Mustang players have played soccer for Coach Elsey in previous seasons, the remainder are learning soccer for the first time. 

The team's fall schedule is as follows:
Sept. 24, Mon, 4:30pm: Maranatha Academy 7, Midland 2
Sept. 26, Wed, 5:30pm: KC Christian 8, Midland 0
Oct. 1, Mon, 6:15pm:     Midland 2, St. Paul’s 2
Oct. 4, Thurs, 5:00pm:   Midland 4, Hyman Brand 0
Oct. 11, Thurs, 4:30pm: Heritage Christian 2, Midland 0

Interested in pictures from some of our games? You can find them in this photo gallery. If you'd like larger pictures for downloading, try this Picasa album.

Plans for the future are two seasons of U14 indoor soccer at All American Indoor Sports. Of the 11 players for Winter I & II, nine are Seventh-day Adventists, with six of these boys being current MAA students, while one is a former MAA student.