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Boys Soccer 2009-2011

Soccer History (2009-2010)

While not officially sponsored by Midland Adventist Academy during the 2009-2011 seasons (at one time they wore green, after all), the Mustangs soccer team has always played excellent soccer. 
The team won the U10 Boys division with an undefeated 10-0-1 record in 2009, then continue with their winning ways by finishing the following indoor season with another undefeated record. They won their championship game last March by a score of 18-6.

During this past fall season, the Mustangs were sponsored by Perceptive Software and switched to red uniforms. Since the team has players who range from ages 10 to 12, they now play in a U12 division with Shawnee Soccer. The Fall season was tough; being the youngest team by far in a division of nine teams was quite a challenge, but the team still managed three wins and one tie.
The Mustangs played two seasons of Indoor Winter Soccer this year. According to Coach Elsey, "The first was in the three-on-three format;  we eached the Championship game, and played against a team that had easily beaten us during the regular season. The game was tied and went to sudden death overtime which we lost to a golden goal. I was extremely proud of the boys though; they played their hearts out and never gave up against an older team that had previously beaten them."
Currently in the middle of their second indoor soccer season, the Mustangs are the only recreation team playing in a 7v7 Premier Division. Instead of struggling, the team has only a single loss against strong opponents. They have a legitimate shot at being one of the top two teams in an 8-team division, and getting to play in another Championship Game.  "I was hoping for a 500 standing in the table," said Pastor Elsey, "but the boys have played really well and are closing in on a top two place!"
The Spring Shawnee Soccer Season has already begun, and there are 11 SDA young men on this team. This "Sabbath-keeping Soccer Team" has been featured in an article in the Mid-America Outlook, written by Midland Adventist Academy student Collin Hoffman.