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Hey, What's Happening?

November 2017 - What’s happening?

Union College

I am a member of the Midland Adventist Academy basketball team for middle school, and we just started practice. It is really fun, although, we still have to run a million miles. Our first game is on November 14. Then, on November 15 it is CVA day. We get to play them in basketball. We have 10 games this season.  The teams we play are CVA, Center Place, Heartland, Metro, KSD, and maybe a basketball team from Wichita. Our team is made up of six players, they are Tryndon Finnegan, Joseph Akins, Izaak Hansen, Blake Nelson, Garrett Reimche, and myself, Braeden Beck. I think our team looks pretty good this year even though we are not that tall and big. But we will find out how good we are when we play Metro. I have been looking forward to playing on Midland’s middle school basketball team since the second grade which has been five years! I have been playing basketball since the first grade, and back then we were really good. In four seasons we went 42-0, so then we moved to a much harder league. We have played four seasons here also and our record is definitely not 42-0. This is why I am looking forward to Midland’s basketball season.
By: Braeden Beck
Last Saturday, November 4th, the whole school held a fall festival. There were activities such as a pie throwing stand (Where you are able to throw pies in the junior's faces), a maze that is made out of boxes in the library, an ice cream stand, a bouncy house, and more. The 8th graders had an ice cream stand to raise money for their class trip to Branson. They offered different ice cream flavors such as vanilla, cookies and cream and chocolate. The ice cream along with one topping will be $1.50 (3 tickets.) Any extra toppings will be $0.50 (1 ticket). They have toppings such as chocolate syrup, cherries, sprinkles, and whipped cream. I think the fall festival will be very great and fun this year. Also, on the day before Halloween we went to Safe Haven to help set up. My group (Janessa, Heidi, Bethany, and I) made parrots. 
.-✪-. Peyton .-✪-.
The middle school basketball season has just started. Our first game is on November 14. On November 15, we will play against our sister school, College View Academy. I am very excited to play our first game! I hope we can beat CVA this year. Our basketball team consists of Tryndon Finnegan, Braeden Beck, Garrett Reimche, Blake Nelson, and myself, Izaak Hansen. We have had three practices and they are hard work. I like our coaches, Tanner Finnegan, and Matt Atkinson. One thing Tanner has told us is that, “It’s not about where you start, it’s about where you finish.” I hope we can win some games this season. I am nervous about playing, and I hope that I can score some baskets. Our team is very well rounded and I like the talent and work ethic we have to work with. Our first game is against Metro. 
By: Izaak Hansen
We, the 7th and 8th Grade Class at Midland Adventist Academy, are hosting the College View Academy 7th and 8th Grade Class at our school. Our plan is to play some sports and have some fun socializing with other schools. I’m personally excited about this only because we will not have any homework. Others are excited to play basketball and volleyball. I won’t be playing in either of the sports but I will watch and cheer for my team. This will happen on November the 15th. 
A few days ago was Halloween. Many people in my class went to Safe Haven. Safe Haven is just a place to go for Halloween dressed up in your costume, but it’s not supposed to be satanic. It’s held at New Haven Adventist Church. Next year you should go on Oct 31, 2018.
By: Michael Borne  
On November 14 the middle school boys basketball team will play their first game of the season. The team has only six players: Tryndon, Izaak, Braeden, Garrett, Joseph, and me (Blake). The team is very excited about starting the basketball season. The first week of games for us is a busy one. We have games on the 14th, 15th, and the 16th. In particular, we will play our sister school of College View Academy (CVA). I feel very excited to play them because we get to get out of class, we get to eat pizza, we get to play sports, and we get to fellowship with (CVA). 
Our coach (who is Tanner Finnegan) has started our practices. We have practice on Sundays, Mondays, and Fridays. The high school basketball teams will also begin their seasons soon. Tryndon and I will also get to play on the junior varsity team this year since we are in the 8th grade. I am very excited to start the basketball season.
By: Blake Nelson
Fall fest just came up and it was cool. We did a fundraiser for the 8th grade class trip. The booth we set up was an ice cream booth next to the cafeteria entrance. It will be a fun class trip if we raise the money we need to go to Branson and get a place to stay in. we got our new class sweatshirts on the 1st of November and we also got our cross country apparel. Also on the  7th there is no school so it will be nice to have a day of with no homework due. Then the day after that there is Acrofest until the 13th. Then later on in the week there is CVA day. CVA stands for College View Academy it is a school in Lincoln Nebraska. A couple of days a year our schools meet up and play basketball and volleyball so we have most of the day off. Then Thanksgiving and Grandparents Day is coming up so we get most of that week off so this quarter is filled with lots of small and bigger breaks this is one of the shortest quarters in the year. Peace out. 
By: Joshua Henry
The middle school girls have finished the volleyball season, but still have one more game. College View Academy is coming down from Lincoln to play boys basketball and girls volleyball. I am really looking forward to playing the sports. I am excited to play volleyball again, because this is my last year playing on the middle school volleyball team. I hope that we will win the games.
The 8th graders have finally decided that we are going to go to Branson for class trip like classes in previous years. We have started doing fundraisers for that class trip. We have done a bake sale and are doing our hot lunch every Monday. We are now getting ready for the Christmas Store. We have started talking about having more than just the large teddy bear for the raffle, and have started to gather up stuffed animals, mugs, candles, and more. This is one of the larger fundraisers that the 8th graders have. We hope to make a decent amount at this Christmas Store so we can have a good class trip.
By: Madison Piva
College View Academy is going to come to our school on the 15th of November and I’m so excited because I get to play volleyball and we get  to skip some class, so i’m really looking forward to that.  I hope we win our volleyball game. It is only 7th and 8th graders that get to play.  hat’s a good thing because I kind of like when it is just 7th and 8th, but we do have some really good players that are not 7th and 8th graders. We also get to eat hotdogs! I also like it because we get to hang around people that we usually don’t get to see, so i’m also looking forward to that. 
We had fall festival on November 4th. The 8th graders sold ice cream for their class trip.
By: ~Amanda Alfaro~
Right now what's happening in 7th and 8th grade….We just got our 8th grade sweatshirts and cross country shirts, and they look pretty cool. Last Saturday we were working at the fall festival. We are going to have CVA over to play sports with us soon which most of us are really excited for. After CVA we are going to have grandparents day which is fun because we have a choir and band concert and we get a really good hot lunch. Right after grandparents day we have Thanksgiving break. 
By: Anton Svoboda
The 7th and 8th members of the Midland Acro Club are looking forward to a crazy month. The gymnastics team will be traveling to Washington Adventist University from the 8th to the 13th. During that time they will enjoy learning new gymnastic moves, meeting people from other Adventist schools from across the country, and learning about God. They will perform their routine on Saturday night along with all the other teams. After they finish, they will tour the capital and enjoy learning more about our nation's history. They will fly home on the 13th. The week will only get crazier since the 7th and 8th graders from College View Academy will be coming and playing basketball and volleyball on the 15th. They are also looking forward to performing for their relatives on the annual Grandparents day. The week after that will calm down a little since they will have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off for Thanksgiving break. 
By: Heidi Burke
The seventh and eighth grades are about to write an opinion paper. I personally like writing opinion papers because you can express yourself and have less rules to follow. I think that this would be sooooo much easier with chromebooks (the chromebooks that we were told would be here last quarter).  I understand that some kids would just play games, but you must understand that those are the kids who don’t care about their education. There are kids who it would benefit, and it would make it easier to write this paper.  We would be able to bring the chromebooks home and work on our papers. I am excited to write this paper, but I hope that we don’t have to rush it. It would be easier to rush and continue with our education therefore furthering our mind set. I am not trying to complain. I know you are doing the best you can.
By: Janessa Newton
AcroFest will be coming soon. On November 8-13 the gymnastics team will be going to Washington D.C. for AcroFest. I'm excited and nervous for this event. We hope to learn new moves and have a lot of fun. We also will be visiting the Arlington National Cemetery, Air and Space Museum, and National Monuments. We leave on Wednesday, November 8th at 6:30 AM and arrive back on Monday, November 13th, at 7:15 PM. The team will be staying at Washington Adventist University. There are three students in the 7th and 8th grade that are a part of the gymnastics team: Kassidy, Heidi, and Bethany. There are more members of the gymnastics team that are in High School. The whole team is excited for this event and we all worked really hard to perfect our moves. I hope everyone has a wonderful time at Acrofest and no one gets injuries. 
~★Bethany Mongalo★~
This past Monday, we went to New Haven to set up Safe Haven, which is their alternative to Halloween. When we got there, we were greeted by food items such as bagels and cream cheese, doughnuts, and cinnamon fritters. After most of us were finished, we got to work. Some of the things we did were sanding wood blocks, taping animal balloons to the wall in the gym, and decorating cupcakes. I was one of the people taping balloons to the wall. It seems somewhat simple, but it’s hard if you’re not doing it a certain way. The way that was easiest was putting the tape on the wall, and then sticking the balloon on. However, the easiest way was to use a certain kind of tape. For the time we had left when we were done, we ran around the perimeter of the church. It was 7th vs. 8th both times. We went opposite ways. We did it once right and once left. 8th grade won both times though. Despite that, I think that all of us had a good time.
By: Troy Poff
On November 15th, our 7th and 8th grade class is playing a volleyball and basketball game against CVA (College View Academy)’s 7th and 8th grade class. They are from Lincoln, Nebraska. We will be playing a home game, our volleyball team has so far won every home game and we hope to win this one to. We were originally going to play three games and the third one would have been a Middle School Girls Basketball game but there is no coach so there is no Middle School Girls Basketball team. First we will play our volleyball game, then we will have a break for lunch, and next the Middle School Boys Basketball teams will play their game. We are all very excited because we will pretty much just have a whole school day of sports. 
By: Mona
On November 15 our class will be playing sports against another school.  We are very excited to play. There are going to be two games, volleyball and basketball. I’m not very good at basketball, so I don’t know if I’m going to play. I’m just glad we get to play against other schools. And I heard that there was going to be a girls basketball game, but they didn't have enough people, and I don’t know if they had a coach too.  The Fall Fest happened last week and the 8th grade did an ice cream booth. I’m very happy that this quarter is short. We also got a new student named Alex, he is chill… sometimes. There is a holiday Christmas shop coming up, and I want to buy something. I don’t really know what though.  I will just have to wait and see. I also can’t wait for Christmas and Thanksgiving. I just really hope this quarter goes by fast.
By: ~Isaac Miranda~
On November 15th our fellow Christian school CVA(College View Academy) is coming to play volleyball and basketball with our 7th & 8th grade class. I am very excited to play volleyball since our last game was quite a while ago and I miss our weekly practices and games. I am really looking forward to seeing some familiar people that I met a little while ago at camp and at music fest. I think it will be a very fun day and I am excited to see how their teams play and if they are good. I am also looking forward to seeing how their team communicates throughout the game. It will be a whole day of sports and I am really looking forward to it. We might also be playing Wichita later on in the future which should be a lot of fun. I don’t know as many people from Wichita but I think it will be a lot of fun playing against them.         
By: Abby Collins
On November 15th our sister school, College View Academy (CVA), will be joining us for the day. We will be playing volleyball and basketball with the 7th and 8th grade class. I'm very excited and looking forward to spending the day with them and getting to meet new people. I haven't seen their teams play so I am excited to watch and see how good they play. Personally I've missed having volleyball practices and games, so I am quite happy to be able to play once again.We will be serving pizza for our visitors and Mr. Hallock needs volunteers to help serve. Parents are welcome to come watch their child participate in volleyball or basketball. I can't wait for this day and I hope we all enjoy each other's company, have fun and have a good time together.  
By: Emily Tovar
On November 8-13, the Midland AcroClub is going to Washington, D.C. for Acrofest! The team is very excited! Our routine is amazing and super fun. It is extra special for me because it is my first time going to Washington, D.C.! This is also my first year in gymnastics. I’m eager to go, but also quite nervous. The first move in our routine I am being tossed in the air onto Lily’s back with the help of Callie and Courtney on the sides doing elevators! While I’m up there I have to be very tight and try not move so I don’t fall. Then, when it is time, I fall of the back and trust that Mr. Borne and Pastor Anthony will catch me. We will be doing Acrofest routines, workouts and other fun activities Thursday and Friday. On Saturday night we will do what we all been waiting for, performing! And since Washington is a long way to travel, they will be live streaming it on TV so anyone can watch it! So don’t miss it! Then on Sunday we are going to tour all of Washington, D.C. and see some amazing monuments and museums. Finally, on Monday morning we are going to have a U.S. Capitol tour! And then when we are done with our tour we are going to head back home. I already know that I am going to have a great time! And it is a great way to get to know my team better. 
By: Kassidy Hinds
This week has been full of surprises. This week our cross country coach gave us our merchandise for cross country. Everyone in cross country was very excited, and we all wore our matching sweatshirts. Some of us got t-shirts and we wore those too. I’m super glad we got our cross country merchandise, because I can show off my favorite sport by wearing a cross country sweatshirt or t-shirt. Another exciting thing we have been waiting for a long time happened this week. We got our class sweatshirts that everybody likes. Everyone has either their name or favorite nickname on the back of the sweatshirts. They also have our favorite numbers. We are one of the only classes to have gotten red sweatshirts. We all love our class merchandise. 
By Garrett Reimche
We have been having a lot of events going on. Safe Haven recently happened and we helped setup. My group made pumpkins for decorations. Then we took out some trash. After the work was done we raced around the church. It was cool seeing people at Safe Haven enjoying the things we made. The fall festival happened just a bit ago and 8th grade did an ice cream booth to fundraise for their class.  Basketball season is starting, and we have a few games in a row. We are are going to have to practice a lot to get in shape.
By: Joseph Akins
On November 15 Midland Adventist Academy will be going against College View Academy. On this day there will be games to play against them like basketball and volleyball. Since this is my first time, I am looking forward to this day. I hope everything goes well and that we all have fun when we are playing. We will need a lot a practice if we want to to win against them, even if it is friendly, I am pretty competitive. I’ve also heard that a team from Wichita is looking forward to playing against us, and I am also looking forward to that. When the day comes I am going to be ready to have fun and play.
By: Alex Mireles
In reading we are learning about a man who had a 13 pound sharp iron rod go through his head. His name was Phineas Gage, and he was a miner in the year 1848. He was the boss of his mining group and the guy who blew up the bedrock for the other miners to keep on digging farther. He and his helper would pour the gunpowder into a hole that was already drilled. He and his assistant would then pour sand into the hole to cap it. When the explosion would go off, the sand would keep the explosion from making a big impact on the outside of the rock. Gage was sitting on the rock and turned to look at something, he dropped his metal pole and the explosion went off. The pole got launched through his cheek and out the middle of his head. He was never the same guy ever again. The language he used was nasty, he used vulgar language around women, and refused orders from his nurse and doctor. He also barked orders, forgot them, changed his mind about them, and barked new orders. He was also very unreliable. He would later lose his eyesight over the years.
By: Ethan Ross
The eighth grade class had an ice cream fundraiser during the fall fest. The fall festival is a festival at Midland, normally in November, where there are many fundraisers present. This year we had Fall Ffestival on Saturday, November 4th. There were things like the box maze, ice cream both, ect. The booth that made the most money last year was hitching and now is banned because of multiple reasons. The festival usually makes a lot of money. The music class teacher, Mr. Hutchison, usually does the fall fest and this year he is fundraising to renovate the lab room into a new music room. He is trying to make 50,000 dollars to match another 50,000. The thing that I hope is that we all have a good time, and that I do not waste a ton of money for pretty much nothing at all.
By: Eyassu Mongalo
Boy o Boy am I excited, On the fifteenth of November CVA will be coming to Midland to play volleyball and basketball. They usually arrive around our recess time or a little bit later. Some years in the past all of us players have dressed up really nice. It was a lot of fun and I am very excited. Normally the volleyball girls play first and then the basketball boys play after lunch. It will take place on not this Wednesday but the next one and I am very excited.
By: Tryndon Finnegan

October 2017 - What’s happening?

Union CollegeOn October 5th, our class went to The Coterie Theatre to see a play about the Civil Rights of African Americans. In history, we have been playing games that different groups of students made. In cross country, we have been doing races. For me, so far, the easiest was Jeff West, the hardest was Lexington Trails, and my favorite was Turner. A few weeks back at chapel, a lady came to talk to us about Hear Their Voices, which took place two weeks ago. We also got a new student named Isaac.
By:Troy Poff

On Tuesday October 10th, the 8th grade class hosted a bake sale during the all the lunch periods; this is from 11:00am-1:00pm. The class had cookies, doughnuts, brownies, and other pastries to sell! 
By: Blake Nelson

We all made games for history and our game was about the land rush. There are other native American games like Battle of Cattle. Also we got a new student and he is a really cool person. Also his name is Isaac. We had a science test in October 3rd so I hope everyone does well in the science test. And another event was on October 5th where we are learning about the Civil Rights Movement of 1964. There was also a bake sale on Tuesday October tenth there will a lot of foods like brownies, cookies, and other baked goods it will be great!
By: Eyassu Mongalo
Our volleyball team played seven games. We won 6 and lost 1. We were all so excited to have our first game! We were all very nervous, but still excited. It was home and everyone was so pumped up! The team was a good competition for us and Midland fought hard. In the end, we won, and I think Midland really deserved it! We all have been working hard to improve at practice and it really paid off!
By: Kassidy Hinds
We have been creating and playing History games that we came up with. Most of them were similar to PE games, but one was a board game. Over all they were great. We also got a new student a few weeks ago who is named Isaac.
* ღ Peyton ღ *
This month we went to the Coterie Theater to watch a play about the 60’s. Currently in volleyball we have won 6 games and lost 1. Our captains are really good and they help us a lot. Our coaches are amazing, and I think we have a really good team this year.
By: Abby Collins
The 7th & 8th grade class went to a field trip to the Coterie Theater. The play was about the Civil Right movement. I feel like the Civil Rights Movement protests are similar to the NFL protests that are happening right now. Also the 8th grade class held a bake sale on October 10. 
By Izaak Hansen
This Cross Country season has been great. The team has done really well. This season we have racked up 13 medals as a whole. And we hope to get more by the end of the season. At the Turner race, Amanda got her first medal of the season and it happened to be gold. Also, Anthony has gotten 2 gold medals this season and a couple other medals. I, Garrett, have not had a race this season or last season without getting a medal at every race. Nathan got his first medal at the Hyman Brand race last week.
Garrett Reimche
The 7th and 8th graders have been enjoying a very exciting history project. The assignment was to come up with a game that had to do with the gold rush and pioneer and Native American fighting. There were many creative ideas including a dodgeball game, capture the flag styled land rush, and a board game. We are also excited for the field trip to the Coterie Theater with the 5th and 6th graders.
Heidi Burke
I am looking forward to this year’s basketball season. It will not be my first season ever though. I am currently playing in Okun Fieldhouse for the Wolfpack. But I am looking forward to this year’s basketball season for Midland.
By Braeden Beck
The 5-8 graders went to the Coterie Thursday the fifth. We watched something on civil rights and left around 8:45. We took the yellow bus. Some parents have volunteered their time to help drive us there. We hoped to get there by 9:15 as the play will start at 9:45. One of the reasons we will be going is because we are learning about civil rights in history.
Janessa Newton
In history we have been making games and afterwards playing them. My group made a game called “The Battle at Wounded Knee. “ Our game was based on a game called hunger games dodgeball. Everyone loved the game we made.
Around October (Halloween time) we will be going to New Haven and we will be helping them set up Safe Haven for Halloween. We will be helping by decorating and setting up all the games. I am excited to help set up at safe haven. There will be a lot to do and I think it will take up most of the day. 
~Bethany Mongralo 
In class we learned how to use google slides to learn how to do a presentation on Bavaria. There are a lot of cool things you can do in google slides like add pictures and animate the slides.    
-Joseph Akins
On Thursday Oct. 5th we went to the Coterie Theater at Crown Center to watch a play on the 60s. For volleyball, we only lost one game during the season. In 8th grade we had a bake sale on Oct. 10. We took Iowa Basics tests, and the quarter is almost over with 2 and a half weeks left. 
~Baylee Hagelgantz
We were at recess playing football and the teams were 7th grade vs 8th grade. We were having a fun game, the 7th graders were up a touchdown and just to our luck we kicked the ball and it bounced off the hand of an 8th grader. It bounced into the end-zone. Joseph rushed into the place where the ball was, trying to get us a fumble into a touchdown, tagged Garrett after he picked up the ball and he was in the end-zone we got a safety. That safety led to us winning by 2 touchdowns and 1 safety.
• Michael Borne
Recently our class did a social studies project. In groups, we made games. They were based on the current chapter we were doing in social studies. Our game was based of the settlement of the west and the struggles between the U.S. and Indians. Each team made a game then presented it and the class played that game. Most of the games were played outside. Most of the games were fun. 
By Zach Sparks
The volleyball season started and we won all of our games except one. Kassidy and I are captains of the volleyball team. We have started planning fundraisers like bake sales to raise money for our 8th grade class trip. We plan to have a bake sale every month after this.
- Madison Piva
One of the most tiring times of my life was when I got my first medal in cross country. The race was one of the hardest ones we did and will do this year. When I finished I could not even walk from how tired I was. Even though I could not even walk it was worth getting 1st place in the girls race. 
- Amanda Alfaro
Cross Country,
In one of our Cross Country race we got there kind of late, we didn’t have enough time for the middle school guys to walk the course so only Amanda and Anthony had time to walk the course and see all the turns. Once the race started Garrett was up near the front and wasn’t quite in first place but was right behind the first place runner then later in the race lost him and got a 3rd place medal. Ethan and Anton had a pretty slow start and got two of the higher numbers while Austin got 40th. I personally had a pretty slow start and was in the middle until the last stretch when I passed a lot of people and ended with a ninth. Amanda in her race started to fast and couldn’t keep it but still got a good 7th place. Anthony started pretty fast and kept second place till the last 200 feet when he barely out sprinted him and got 1st. All in all our team did pretty good and that was a fun race so I feel pretty happy telling about it.
-Nathan E. Couch 
There was a bake sale on the 10th and it had great food. There is a new kid in our class and his name is Isaac, he is great at football and soccer. We had a history game and it was cool. There is going to be a trip to the Coutre Theater it should be cool. 
Joshua Henry
During the school year so far we have done many things, including volleyball season, soccer season and we've also had a very exciting week in history where we all designed games. In all the thing I am most excited for is basketball season. It is my favorite sport and i think we will have a really good team this year. There are about 7 or 8 guys that want to play and that's a pretty solid number. I am also excited because my brother Tanner Finnegan is the coach. 
-Tryndon Finnegan
On October 5th we went to the Coterie Theatre to watch a play on the Civil Rights movement. Also in volleyball we won 7 games and lost 1. We were really excited to play our first game, and even more excited when we won. We will also be having bake sales to help the 8th graders make money for their class trip. We also got a new student named Isaac