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January edition

January 2018 - What’s happening?

Union College

This week on the 12th, 7th and 8th grades grade played music for a christmas concert where everyone from elementary music was singing or playing a song. We played Starburst Fanfare, Anasazi, and Two Romanian Carols. For choir, we did Zum Gali Gali, A La Nanita Nanita, and Sing gloria.
- Eyassu Mongalo 

I am a member of the Midland boys’ middle school basketball team. Our team is doing well so far, and we are sitting at 4-2. The team consists of Troy Poff, Tryndon Finnegan, Braeden Beck, Blake Nelson, Garrett Reimche, and Joseph Akins. I would say we have a pretty good team so far, and our next game is in January.
-Braeden Beck

On Friday, December 15, we will be going to Skate City for our end of the quarter Christmas party. I am excited to go to Skate City during school. That will be cool to not do work and just have fun. What I also like about it is that Midland takes a lot of field trips, and that’s fun. I mean we do have to do work, it’s just that after that we get to have fun. 
Also, what happened this week was that we had our concert Tuesday. I was so nervous to be up on stage and sing in front of everyone. My legs were shaking while I singing. I don’t know why that happens to me when I get nervous. After the concert I was relieved to be done. Everyone did a good job. I messed up once or twice, but I was glad with what I pulled off. 
Last week was fun too because of the eighth grade Christmas store. I was thankful for the money we got for our class trip. A lot of people contributed to the store. We had two raffles for a big bear and a football signed by many Chiefs players. I was pretty sad that I didn’t win, but I was glad who won the football because my friend, Izaak, got it. Many things happened in December, and it was great. I hope I have a great Christmas and everyone else too. 
-Alex Mireles

The 7th and 8th graders have worked on two big language arts projects to end the 1st semester. The first project was a persuasive essay. Many students chose the topic of pro-life vs pro-choice; we even had a debate about this in class. The other project was a Google Slides document about a brain disease. We made slides describing the diseases. These projects were finished at the end of last week, and they were presented this week. We are very happy to be done with them and to end the 1st semester. 
-Blake Nelson

The 7th and 8th graders have been having a fantastic month. One of the highlights was the Christmas concert. Choir and band combined to create a holiday spirit, and everyone who came seemed to enjoy it. The concert featured a flute solo by Samantha Renfro and a drum solo performed by Tryndon Finnegan. After the concert, Mr. Hutchison and Mrs. Alex left for a honeymoon in Europe. 
-Heidi Burke

Today, the 7th and 8th grade class is having their christmas party. First, we are going to pass out gifts for secret Santa. Then, we will be eating some food (chips, dip, cookies, soft drinks, pizza, etc.) and watching a Christmas movie. 
Tomorrow, all of elementary will be going to Skate City to skate or just hang out. It is always so crowded there, but it’s still fun. Once that day is over, we will be on Christmas break! This week for us has been very eventful with the Christmas concert, our party, and Skate City.

On December 12th we had our winter concert at the school. The concert was for the K-8 grade classes. They started with the younger kids and ended with 6-8 choir. Our 6-8 choir sang three songs. Our first one was titled “Zum Gali Gali.” Our second song we sang was personally my favorite called “A La Nanita Nana.” Our ending song was titled, “Sing Gloria.” I really believe that our choir had a great performance! We all did our very best and worked really hard to get to where we are now. I think Mr. Hutchison did a great job picking the songs and teaching them to us, too!
-Kassidy Hinds

This month has been cool because it was so short and because it’s almost my birthday. We had a concert which went okay in my opinion. We had to wait in the library for 30 minutes. We played games like Splix, and we had fun. Everyone was dressed nice and was having fun. Today, we are doing our secret Santa and having our Christmas party. Tomorrow, we will go to Skate City. I'm really looking forward for that.
-Isaac M

Not that long ago, we did a project called Operation Christmas Child. It is a charity that gives gifts to kids who don’t get Christmas gifts. So everyone brought gifts for them and put them in shoeboxes. We labeled them and took lots of pictures. It felt really good to help people who need it. I think it is a good thing to do. 

I am on the middle school basketball team. Our record is 4-2 and we have a good team this year! My career record in points this season is 21 points! I hope this season will keep going well!
-Izaak Hansen

Friday, December 15, the K-8th graders will be going to Skate City. It should be a lot of fun and I’m excited to go. I just hope nobody breaks an arm or leg. Also, today on December 14th, we are doing secret Santa in our class. We drew names last week, and today we all had to bring our gifts in. We are also watching a Christmas movie. We also have a lot of snacks and pizza. It should be a lot of fun, but I am really looking forward to Skate City tomorrow.

This month the main thing we’ve been doing in language arts is writing persuasive essays. It isn’t that bad; I like voicing my opinion. But unfortunately, we have to present them in the class. The problem is not only am I opinionated, but the class is too, so they will make sure that their voice is heard, especially when they don’t agree! Which doesn’t make the reader feel that great when they are trying to talk, but are constantly interrupted by the class. It makes them not want read it. However, I think that we all had a good time writing them, but maybe not a good time presenting.

On Thursday, December 14, the 7th and 8th grade class will doing a Secret Santa gift exchange. We’ve been planning this ever since last week, along with a Christmas party in the 7th and 8th grade classroom. We plan to exchange our gift, then watch a movie, and eat snacks. I’m really excited to see what my secret Santa got me and can’t wait to sit down and relax and enjoy a nice Christmas movie while eating my snacks. Almost everyone participated with the Secret Santa gift exchange, and I’m sure they can’t wait to see what they got.
-Bethany Mongalo

Last Tuesday night, the elementary had a winter concert where the middle school band played and the choir sang. Today, we have a half day, and we are having a class party, including watching a movie and secret Santa. And tomorrow, we are leaving earlier to go to Skate City for the whole day. Then after that, we have winter break. 

I’m excited to see who my secret Santa is and what they got me.I can’t wait until Friday because it’s the last day of school until we have break. I am really looking forward to that, not that I don’t like school. 
-Amanda Alfaro 

This coming Friday, the K-8th grade classes will go to the roller skating rink, Skate City. I am very excited to go to Skate City. It is always fun to skate around and dodge all the people falling over. It is also very fun to sit on a bench by the food court and watch people skate and look like they think they are doing good and then fall on their butts. I know I sound evil, but it truly is funny unless they cry or break a bone. The only bad thing about Skate City is when the little kids are skating and (no offense) are not very fast, and they skate really slow in front of you, so you just kind of have to maneuver around them.
-Michael Borne

On December 6, the 8th grade class did a Christmas store to get some money for our class trip. I'm glad we got some money for our class trip. It was really fun. We did a raffle for a stuffed bear and for a football signed by the Chiefs. I am sad that I didn't win the teddy bear, but other than that we raised some money, and I'm happy for that. On December 12, we had the Christmas concert. I was so nervous and my face got really hot when I was playing my instrument, but other than that, I was fine. The good thing is that we didn't mess up, and it all sounded good. 
-Celina Maldonado-

On the 12th, grades K-8 had a winter concert. Grades 6-8 band played three songs Anasazi, Starburst Fanfare, and Two Romanian Carols. 6-8 choir also sang three songs. The first one we sang, Zum Gali Gali was done acapella. The second song we sang, A La Nanita, was accompanied by our pianist. The last song, Sing Gloria, was our best song. 
On the 14th we had a Christmas party. We had snacks, did a gift exchange, and watched a movie. On the 15th we are going to go to Skate City. I think it will be lots of fun. Last year when we went, I had a good time.
- Mona Okello

December has been a busy month for our class. The 8th graders had the Christmas Store. We had a 53-inch teddy bear, and a football signed by several Chiefs players. We had books, movies, games, toys, christmas mugs, and more. Total we made over $600. Our entire class is doing secret Santa as well. On December 12 we had our winter concert. We had to sing three songs, they were A La Nanita, Sing Gloria, and Zum Gali Gali. We have been giving our secret Santa small presents throughout the week, and on December 14 we are going to give them a big present at the party we are having. 
-Madison Piva

One thing that is happening in the 7th and 8th grade class is our secret Santa/end-of-quarter party. We will be first doing secret santa which is where everyone draws a name and whoever they have, the have to buy them a gift between 10 and 15 dollars. After that, we will have pizza, snacks, and watch a movie. I am very excited, and I am looking forward to it.
-Zach Sparks.

This Tuesday, we had our K-8 Christmas concert. There were choirs and bands from grades K-8. I performed in the 6th-8th band. Band happens to be my favorite subject, so I was very excited for it. What instrument do I play? I play trumpet, and I’m lead trumpet in fact. It’s a very fun position to have. The other trumpet players are Heidi Burke, Zach Sparks, Dana Seals, and Josue Eliosa. The songs we played were good, but not my favorite. They were called Starburst Fanfare (David Shaffer), Anasazi (John Edmondson), and Two Romanian Carols (Bela Bartok, arr. By Douglas Wagner). We all did a good job on the songs. I had a good time, and I can’t wait for more great songs next semester.
-Troy Poff

This last month has been very fun here at MAA. The main thing I have enjoyed is the basketball season. We have had a great time playing, and it has been a blast playing all the other teams. I’m very sad, because we only have two games left. Mr. Sickler, our A.D. here at Midland, is trying to schedule more games, so I really hope that comes through. Our record is 4-2. I am very excited for our last two games.
-Tryndon F.

This December we have done a few things like the 8th grade Christmas store, secret Santa in our classroom, and soon we will go to Skate City. The Christmas store went on for three days. It was cool. We sold things from Pokemon to action figures to movies and CDs. We made a good amount of money for our class trip, so our class trip should be great.
-Joshua Henry