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Handbook for Parents

Backpack-Every student needs to bring a backpack daily. It needs to be of medium size so that their DOGS folder can fit in it.

Power Snack-Every morning I allow your student to have a nutritious snack. Keep it low sugar and quick.

Lunch Time-No microwaves are available for lower elementary students. This is a safety and staffing issue. Please order a hot lunch for your student if you feel they need warm food.

Rest time-1st and 2nd graders have a short rest time many days. They may bring a small blanket. 

Birthdays-All birthdays will be celebrated on the first day of the month. I will be contacting a parent of a birthday child to provide treats for everyone whose birthday falls in that month.

Extra Clothes-It is wise to send a change of clothes in your child's backpack. Accidents can occur and I do not have any extra clothes available for them. If your little girl wears a dress to school make sure they wear a pair of shorts underneath so that they can play freely.

Tennis Shoes-Mr. Courtad has asked that students have running shoes in their backpack even if they wear sandels. He'd hate for them to get hurt because they are not wearing proper shoes.

Fall Festival-

Tardies/Absences-I am very punctual about closing my door at 8:10. Your student needs to be in their seat at this time. All tardies and absences are recorded in your student's permanent record. Being on time for school sets the tone for your child's entire day. Do not allow your child to be late or miss school for anything other than sickness or death in the family. Allowing your child to miss school because he needs to get a haircut or go clothes shopping with you is sending the wrong message to children.

Homework-Your child will have a small amount of homework from time to time. I will keep them busy all day with the academics and I feel that evenings should be family time where children are doing chores, etc. Spelling lists are given weekly and scripture memorization will also be required. Watch the DOGS folder for any homework. If your child does not complete their daily assigned work it will be sent home with them as their homework.

Conferences-If you need to talk to me, please call Mrs. Fairchild at 268-7400 and leave your name and number to set up a conference. I prefer email sent to jseiboldpr@hotmail.com. I will do everything within my power to get back to you within 12- 24 hours.  I do not have any breaks during my teaching day to call you or answer emails.

Toys-Children are not allowed to bring toys from home. If they do bring toys and they get lost, stolen or broken I will not be held responsible.

Books-Children are allowed to bring their own books from home. They are also allowed to bring coloring books to keep in their desk to use when finished with their schoolwork.

DOGS Folder-This is a folder that students use every day to develop organizational skills and learn responsibility. It is very important to teach children how to keep up with homework, tests, and important notes. This folder is a way of maintaining effective communication between home and school. Everything a student and parent need is in this folder. Please look through it with your student at least once a week.