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Anatomy and Physiology

Welcome to Anatomy and Physiology


Thank you for taking the time to view the website for Midland Adventist Academy's Anatomy and Physiology course.  On the bottom of this page under the title "Additional links on this topic" you will find the course syllabus, first semester and second semester tentative outlines.  
Educreations.com will have lecture videos for the course.  Most assignments will be given and worked on in class.

The objective of reading science articles is to learn more about current science discoveries and to gain experience in writing.  Writing is very important in school, both in high school and college.  Learning to write is a main goal across the curriculum.  You will have three to four weeks to read an article from a peer-reviewed journal on a current topic in anatomy & physiology.  A link to each article will be placed on the A&P page of the MAA website.  On the due date, be prepared to share comments in class.  Your grade is based on your written evaluation of the article as well as your participation in class discussion.  A list of vocabulary terms are included with each article. You will be tested on the definitions of each term.  Extra credit will be given to those students who volunteer to lead in class discussion on the article.