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Welcome Letter From Mrs. Prosser
Dear Families,

Welcome to 1st and 2nd Grade. My name is Mrs. Prosser and I will be your child's teacher this year. This is my 14th year of teaching at Midland, but my 24rd year of teaching. I am very excited to be part of MAA because I think it is a fantastic school.

This year my 1st and 2nd grade class will be using HORSE (happy organized ready students everyday) folder is an expandable folder that holds everything the students and parents need to keep updated on classroom and school events. Why is it important? This folder helps students to establish good organizational skills as well as teach them responsibility. Your student will be responsible to bring their HORSE folder every single day of the week in their backpack.

You can expect the following from me this school year:
1. Regular communication about your child's behavior, academic progress and work habits throught the HORSE folder, conferences, email and phone calls.
2. A comfortable, structured and fun learning environment in which your child is respected as an individual with unique challenges and talents, and receives instruction that is tailored for those needs.
3. I will seize every opportunity to help your child grow spiritually-I will speak,pray and sing with them daily to guide them into an ever deepening relationship with our Heavenly Father.

I expect the following from the families of the children in my class:
1. Frequent review of and assistance with homwork assignments.
2.Timely return of forms sent home for singnatures in the HORSE folders.
3. Students sent to school ON TIME every day prepared to learn-dressed in accordance to dress code.
4. Respectful communication about any questions or concerns about what is happening in my classroom. Please call the school office or email me to schedule a convenient time to see ME about any problems before addressing the principal. I prefer email and will get back to you within 12-24 hours.

That's it! I'm committed to providing your child a quality Christ-centered education. Please read the Parent Handbook and look through the HORSE folders frequently. If we are all committed to these things, your child will have at home and school the support needed to be successful this school year.

Mrs. Judy Prosser