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Classes - Mr. Karr


Midland's History, Geography, and Technology classes are taught by Mr. Tristan Karr. These classes are listed below, along with links to the curriculum guides, assignments, and class information.

Class descriptions:

American History: The study of the settling of America by Europe up to recent events. These developments are studied from a Christian perspective. (Units 10, Semesters 2)

Government: The operations of all branches of the Federal Government are studied. Special emphasis will be given to the Constitution. (Units 5, Semesters 1)

World Geography: A study of land and water forms, as well as countries and major cities. This class will allow the student to better relate to the world and current events. (Units 10, Semesters 2

World History:  A study of the history of man that includes Creation, early Asian empires, ancient Egypt, India, China, Greece, and Rome. It also covers the Byzantine Empire, Islam, the Middle Ages, Europe, Japan, Africa, the Americas, as well as modern era history. (Units 10, Semesters 2)

Technology I:  Students will learn the use and applications of MS Word, PowerPoint, basic desktop publishing, digital photography, and basic internet operations as it relates to educational and business activities. Blogging will be a key integrated component of the course.  Study skills and using technology to advance one's educational prospects will be covered in the first quarter. (Units 10, Semesters 2)

Technology II: A continuation of computer skills through creative and productive software.. (Units 10, Semesters 2)


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