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God in Shoes update

God in ShoesSue Carlson, Women’s Ministries Director, got this letter from Megan Schlinsog, a senior at Midland who helped with the recent God in Shoes program in Kansas City:

"I am a senior from MAA. Our bible class was asked to help with the children's health expo on the family fun day part of God In Shoes. This consisted of eight stations, and at the last one all the kids received a Bible. I was working at the first station, and even there I was amazed at how much some of the people wanted Bibles.

I remember there was one parent who came through with her kids, and wanted to make sure that her kids would get Bibles. At the very first station, she told her kids that they should pay attention so they could get Bibles so she could read to them from the Bible. This was very surprising to me, as I have always grown up with multiple Bibles in my house. When she said this, it really hit me that not everyone has the privilege of having multiple translations of the Bible always available to them. I was so glad that I could be a part of helping these children get a Bible so they could know Jesus too.

I honestly left wondering if I was more blessed than the families that I was supposed to be serving. These Bibles that we gave them are great for children. They are at a third grade reading level, so the kids can understand them. I had the very same translation when I was kid, and sometimes I still like to read from it for its clarity and ease of language. It makes me happy that these kids will be getting such a usable translation."

Sue also got this note from SA President Hannah O'Rear:

“I had a great experience at God in Shoes. I was able to help at the final station of the children's expo where we were handing out Bibles. My favorite part of this experience was seeing a lot of the kids reactions when they received their Bible. I saw a lot of faces light up and even heard some say, "Wow, I've been wanting one of these!" It was definitely a very humbling experience considering I've always grown up with a Bible. It was also great because you got to directly see your help in the community.”

Midland students - serving their neighbors once again... (thanks to The Cutting Edge for the story and pic)

Ultimate Working Mission trip

Domincan RepublicDuring summer vacation, junior Ian Johnson took part in a mission trip to the Dominican Republic - here is his overview of the trip.

This summer, I was a part of Marantha’s mission trip for high schoolers, called Ultimate Workout. The trip was to the Dominican Republic from July 3 to July 13. Each participant flew into the country’s capitol Santo Domingo and was then taken by private bus to Barahona, the city where we would be working. With over 300 people staying at a school in the city, this was one of the largest groups that Maranatha had ever had on an Ultimate Workout.

From this compound, groups would leave during the day for whatever project they were on. We had two groups building churches, one building a new school, another repainting the school, a group building grow boxes to help locals produce their own food, a medical team divided into two groups, and a VBS and a visitation group.

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In Praise of Adventist Education

Domincan RepublicThe following article entitled 5 QUESTIONS FOR LARRY BLACKMER was originally printed in the Columbia Union Visitor. Larry Blackmer is the current vice president of education for the North American Division.

It was Larry Blackmer, who pitched the idea for The Blueprint: The Story of Adventist Education, Martin Doblmeier’s third documentary about Adventist education. In an online interview, Celeste Ryan Blyden asked him why he did so, why he still believes our schools are worth attending, who his favorite teacher was and what he’s praying about right now.

Celeste Ryan Blyden: Why are you excited about Martin Doblmeier’s latest film about Adventist Education? Why did you want that story told?

Blackmer: We spend a great deal of time talking to ourselves, sharing the good things about Adventist Education and doing an autopsy on things we don’t like. But seldom do we get the opportunity to share our story with the general public in the kind of format The Blueprint offers. Martin Doblemeier is a master storyteller, and I knew that if he spent time in our schools, with our teachers and students that he would share a compelling story, which he has!

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Fundraisers. LOTS of Fundraisers!

storytime logoNever let it be said that Midland didn't provide enough fundraisers so that at least one of them should attract your interest! Plastic bags, car washes, Chieftan apples, boxtops for Education, you name it. To make it easier on your eyes, here's a link to our fundraiser page. Take a look, and give to our heart's content.

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