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"Teaching minds, touching hearts, training hands for Jesus.
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   August 28 - New Playground Equipment
   August 28 - Tour de Shawnee
   August 11 - Back to School Night
   June 9 - Thunder Baseball (summer fun)
   May 5 - Community Service (5-6)
   May 5 - High School Music Concert (9-12)
   May 3 - Elementary Music Concert (K-8)

What's coming up

Cross Country - Sep 1, Thu 4:00 PM - Jefferson West Invitational 4:00pm - MS Girls 4:00pm...
MSG vs Christ Prep - Sep 1, Thu 4:30 PM - Home game
Soccer @ Heartland Christian - Sep 1, Thu 5:00 PM - Belton, MO
Varsity vs Christ Prep - Sep 1, Thu 5:30 PM - Home game
No school K-12 - Sep 5, Mon - Labor Day
Picture day - Sep 6, Tue - Look your best!
MSG @ Veritas - Sep 6, Tue 4:30 PM - Away game
Soccer vs Applewood Christian - Sep 6, Tue 5:00 PM - Stump Park
Life With God - Sep 6, Tue 5:30 PM - Dinner and Testimony    DINNER-5:30...
Varsity @ Veritas - Sep 6, Tue 5:30 PM - Away game


Playground Equipment - We Need Your Help!

If you haven't seen it, you'll want to --- our new red, black and white playground set is beautiful! Thanks to the MAA Foundation and Midland Home & School for making this project a reality.

Now it's your turn to help. The concrete is set and it's time to push the gravel back underneath the playset and around the poles. We all know many hands make light work, so let's pitch in and get this project completed. Bring your garden rake, shovel, and gloves and meet on the playground Monday evening (August 29) at 6:00pm and let's get this completed so the kids can enjoy the new equipment!

Tour de Shawnee

Bright and early Sunday morning, Midland connected with our local community of Shawnee by serving as the first rest stop on the annual Tour de Shawnee bicycle ride. Students, staff, and parents handed out water, grapes, and granola bars to the 200+ riders who stopped and cheered on the rest of the riders passing by on Maurer Road.

Our volunteer list included, Brycen Nelson, BriAnna Nelson, Victoria Shelton, Maurissa Pena, Drew Hickman, Emily Sanchez, Blake Renfro, Heidi Renfro, Brooke Nelson, Kristie Nelson, Heidi Renfro, Janie Pauls, Suhare Shelton, Mr. Kittle, and Mr. and Mrs. Fairchild. In the process, our high school students all received volunteer hours for helping out.

This was the sixth year that Midland has participated as a rest stop, and there are now a variety of riders that we look for and talk to each year when they make their stop. The city of Shawnee also told us, "thanks again for sponsoring such a great rest stop! We truly appreciate all you do for the Tour de Shawnee!"  We are indeed Teaching Minds, Touching Hearts, Training Hands for Jesus.

Aww, Shucks...

It puts a smile on every teacher's face to read something like this recent post from one of our Midland parents. Your students are very precious to all of us, and we thank you for trusting them to our care during each day of the school year.

I am always sad to see summer go, and the schedule and pace of school begin. But every time a new year begins, and I see all these amazing faculty / staff who are devoting their time and attention to the education of our children, not just in the books, but in their spiritual walk as well, I am overwhelmed. Tuition is a burden, not going to lie. There are times I can't help but think how much easier it would be if I didn't have the expense. But when they walk back in those doors, and the presence of God is seen and felt, it is worth every penny. Thanks to our teachers, staff and parents at Midland Adventist Academy. And at all our schools! I am praying for you all, and for all our students to have an excellent year! Let's do this!

SA and Class Elections

SA Elections for the 2016-2017 school year were held on May 9, and class elections (other than the Freshman class of 2010) are being completed during the Broken Arrow retreat. Here is a list of the elected officers for the coming year so far; be sure and serve your classmates well!

 Office  Student Association  Class of 2017  Class of 2018  Class of 2019  Class of 2020
 President  Owen Uhrmacher  Greg Hansen  Drew Hickman  JoAnna Rockufeler  
 Vice President  Colin Craig (Social VP)  Carrie Helmer  Abby Svoboda  Paige Kreiter  
 Secretary  Chandis Raygor  Krista Frishman  Toni Randall  Justin Anderson  
 Treasurer   Chandis Raygor  Krista Frishman  Johnny Zacharias  Justin Anderson  
 Pastor / Religious VP  Estibaliz Vazquez  Kyle Kropf  Faith Josiah  Lily Burke  
 SA Senator    Brycen Nelson  Derek Kropf  Mark Bacon  Andrew Helmer
 Communications  Kyle Kropf        
 Music Coordinator  Carrie Helmer        
 Faculty Sponsor  TBD  Matt Teller  Tristan Karr  Jonathan Borne  Dorothy Pearson

Welcome, Welcome!

Each day during the school year, Mrs. Fairchild recognizes one of our students with a hand-written "Hi-sign" displayed in the window of the front office.

We believe that everyone deserves their turn in the spotlight, and this is Mrs. Fairchild's way of making each one of them an Important Person for the day.

So check the window every morning - you never know when it might be YOUR turn to be in the daily spotlight!

Welcome Back Students and Staff!

We've hosted a Meet & Greet with principal Dan Kittle, we've got tons of new calendar entries on the website, the new lights in the gym and cafeteria have been installed. Progress has been rushing on towards a new school year, and now... that new school year has arrived!

Our first day of school was August 11, and to help everyone get eased into the idea, we did an early dismissal! Later on Thursday evening many staff, students, and parents met back at Midland for Back to School Night. Home and School provided supper, the teachers were introduced, and classrooms were opened up for parent visitation.

Remember to watch our website for more news and calendar updates. Check often, as we always have lots of new stuff to start up a new year. For example, here's a link to the pages for school supplies (Elementary and High School) just to make sure you got everything for your desk. 

And as a final note, we'd like to welcome the following new staff members to Midland - a healthy midwest welcome to all of you!

  • Kelsea Allen - Math
  • Matt Evens - Physical Education
  • Dan Kittle - Principal
  • Kristie Nelson - Life Skills
  • Kyle Smith - Religion
  • Anthony Whitlow - Chaplain

Let Us Instagram Your Facebook

No phonesBack in 2011, Midland joined the social media club with the @MAAMustangs account on Twitter. Roughly five years and 3600 tweets later, our Twitter account is still going strong, and last school year we expanded our social presence with both a new Facebook account and a new Instagram account.

We'd love to have you give us likes, FAVs, retweets, comments, follows... whatever social term you choose to use. So check us out - as alumni Jacob Prosser tweeted in 2011, "My school is on Twitter? ha awesome @MAAMustangs #myschooliscoolerthanyours"

Welcome to our New Principal!

The Midland Adventist Academy Board is pleased to announce that Dan Kittle has accepted our invitation to be Midland's new principal. Mr. Kittle took up his new duties at Midland in July.

Mr. Kittle has served as principal at Fresno Adventist Academy and Mt. Vernon Academy, and as Youth Director for the Central California Conference. He attended Southern Adventist University, and earned his M.Div. degree at Andrews University. A big welcome from Midland, and we are preparing for a fantastic 2016-2017 school year!

Class of 2006-2007
Sponsor: Denison Sager

Crystal Bueno, Suzzanne Cheney, Tracy Christian (VP), David Clark, Stephanie Dean, Brett Fenton, Daniel Frishman (Pastor), Kayla Frishman, Owen Hansen, Lauren Keller (Fundraising), Alejandra Rodriguez (Sgt. at Arms), Sarah Todd (President), Thomas Whitson (Sec/Treasurer), Rachel Wiles


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