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   November 14 - Gymnastics Team at Acrofest
   November 7 - Fall Festival
   October 23 - Pumpkins and Cupcakes (1st)
   October 21 - Field Trip to Aldredge Orchards (K-1)
   October 9 - Fire Prevention Week (K & 1st)
   September 29 - Reading and Jack-o-lanterns (K & 1st)
   September 21 - Elementary Chapel with Pastor Josiah


9th Annual Thanksgiving Hot Lunch

The Senior class of 2016 is excited about today's Midland Thanksgiving Hot Lunch! Parents, grandparents, and friends have been invited to join our students and staff for this traditional event prepared by Mrs. Fairchild. The plated dinner (cost of $6) will include vegetarian turkey & dressing casserole, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, corn, dinner roll, pumpkin pie, and a drink. Over 200 people attended last year, and close to 250 are expected today!

Citrus Order Time (by November 30)

Home and School wants you to know that the first shipment of citrus fruit will be available for delivery December 10-13 - gotta hurry though, the order deadline is November 30.

The fruit available for purchase is as follows:
  • Red Grapefruit - $36 for a full box and $22 for a half box
  • Navel Oranges - $39 for a full box and $23 for a half box
  • Tangerines - $27 for a half box
  • Variety Pack - $29 for a half box with a variety of all three fruits

You can order by email at fruit@midlandacademy.org, on our website, or by calling Midland Adventist Academy at 913-268-7400. Thank you for supporting your school!

Music Class & Peter Rabbit

We are learning a song about Peter Rabbit in 2nd-3rd grade. We decided to try the vegetables the song mentioned, so we ate carrots, mushrooms, cabbage, celery, radishes, lettuce, and broccoli. Students even braved some hummus dip! Our health message and music are working in harmony!

Acrofest at Union College

The MAA gymnastics team did lots of flips and cartwheels at Union College this past weekend, thanks to generous donations from this community. The team exceeded its fundraising goal by $63.00 on November 9, just two days before Acrofest began! Whether you rented gymnasts for projects, bought at our bake sales, played Angry birds at the Fall Fest, or gave donations, the team thanks you. Each member is amazed and grateful to God for blessing the team through your support.

Community Project - 2nd Grade

Last week we had Faye Martin come by and tell us about the New Haven ReNewed Hope Pantry. Did you know that almost 300 children benefit from the food pantry? The second grade class would like to help those kids have an even better Christmas this year and are encouraging families to donate NEW toys (about $5.00) so that the people coming through for food can also shop for Christmas toys for their kids during December. The second graders will be making flyers and presentingtheir outreach project to the other classes in the school. Donations are being collected in the big box outside the second grade classroom from now until December 14.

Dishes and Desserts

The weekend is a time of relaxation and enjoyment – but often the preparations of the home cause unwanted stress. The Seniors of 2016 seeks to alleviate some of that stress by preparing delicious meals and desserts for your weekend activities. Let us help you get ready for your weekend! We're excited to bring you delicious pastas, vegetarian meatballs, cupcakes, and much more.

If you choose to order, you can expect a well-made meal or dessert to be waiting for you when you pick up your kids on Friday. To find out more, click here.

School Security Update

TED Systems, a local security solutions company, has been installing surveillance cameras and entryway security during the month of October to go along with our new entryway. Expect to be buzzed into the school now when you visit. As you enter through the outer doors, you will see a doorbell on the wall to your left. After you push the button, Mrs. Fairchild will be able to release the lock for you. You may enter through either door. Pull firmly on the door handle when you hear the lock release.

Show Your Love for Midland

No phones Midland productsAre you proud that your children attend Midland? Want to show your pride and help advertise for our school at the same time? Then do we have a deal for you...

We now have Midland mouse pads and license plate holders in stock that retail for the low, low, price of only $5.00 each. See Mrs. Fairchild in the office before they're all snapped up!

Keep watching our website, we'll soon have a page of additional Midland-themed items that you'll be able to purchase if you just gotta have one. And you know you'll want to!

Kansas History

October 1859: People's election held in Kansas to adopts the Wyandotte Constitution, which outlaws slavery. The Kansas constitution is the only state constitution to recognize "civil privileges" through "Almighty God", distinct from rights of citizens of the United States.


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