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What's New on our website?

   What's New in our photo gallery?

   November 8 - Election Simulation
   November 4 - Music Department Events
   October 12 - Volleyball Senior Night
   September 27 - Mustangs Soccer 5-3 win
   September 21 - Mahaffie Field Trip (3rd & 4th grade)
   September - Just Pictures, People!
   September 14 - Field Trip to Darrell Farm (5th grade)

What's coming up

Church Ministry - Dec 3, Sat 10:45 AM - Diversity @ Beacon Light
Jose Pepper's fundraiser - Dec 5, Mon - Benefit for the Senior class of 2017   When:...
Hot Lunch - Pasta (8th Grade) - Dec 5, Mon - Pasta, bread, green beans, dessert, drink (8th...
GMS Basketball - Dec 5, Mon 3:30 PM - vs KCD
BMS Basketball - Dec 5, Mon 4:30 PM - vs KCD
GV Basketball - Dec 5, Mon 5:30 PM - vs Alta Vista
BV Basketball - Dec 5, Mon 7:00 PM - vs Alta Vista
Hot Lunch - Sloppy joes - Dec 6, Tue - Vegetarian sloppy joes salad, fruitsicles, pretzel...
Hot Lunch - Pancakes - Dec 7, Wed - Pancakes, Siberian egg casserole, tater totls, apple...
Hot Lunch - Baked Potato bar - Dec 8, Thu - Baked potato bar, broccoli cheese soup, oranges, cake,...

Science Lab Reborn

We would like send out a heartfelt thank-you to the generous donor who recently provided the funds to take care of a complete makeover of our high school science lab. This included a new floor, cabinets, countertops, ceiling tile, lights, paint and all the needed plumbing.

Needless to say, it's beautiful, because #science!

Citrus Order Time (by December 4)

Home and School wants you to know that the first shipment of citrus fruit will be available for delivery December 15-18. gotta hurry though, the order deadline is coming up on Sunday, December 4!

The fruit available for purchase is as follows:
  • Red Grapefruit - $38 for a full box and $22 for a half box
  • Navel Oranges - $41 for a full box and $23 for a half box
  • Variety Pack - $29 for a half box with a variety of grapfruit and navels
  • Mandarins - $9 for a bag

You can order by email at fruit@midlandacademy.org, on our website, or by calling Midland Adventist Academy at 913-268-7400. Thank you for supporting your school!

11th Annual Thanksgiving Hot Lunch

The Senior class of 2017 was excited to sponsor the 11th edition of Midland's Thanksgiving Hot Lunch this past Monday. More than 100 parents, grandparents, and friends joined students and staff for this traditional event prepared by Mrs. Fairchild and her family. The plated dinner included vegetarian "turkey & dressing" casserole, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, corn, dinner roll, pumpkin pie, and a drink.

Roughly 250 folks attended the festivities, and enjoyed both the food and the program presented by the elementary students. So how much food does it take to feed that many people? Well... glad you asked. How about 120 pounds of potatoes, 20-25 pounds of stuffing breadcrumbs, 160 pounds of corn and green beans, dozens and dozens of eggs, 40 stalks of celery (all hand-chopped!), 10-15 pounds of vegetarian turkey, 24 dozen dinner rolls, and 24 pumpkin pies!!!

Musings From Midland

Are you familiar with the Musings From Midland page on our website? It provides brief clips of news events related to Midland, carefully crafted for your reading pleasure by our own Mrs. Fairchild. For example, this story was posted last week:

Senior Estibalize Vazquez represented Midland when she was named by Kansas University Alumni association as a Kansas Honor Student. Former Midland students Maci Foerderer and Daniel Lee were also announced as Kansas Honor Students representing Mill Valley and DeSoto high schools. Congratulations to all three outstanding scholars! We are proud of your accomplishments!

If you know of a newsworthy event that Midland or Midland students are involved in, let us know. It just may end up as part of our Muse News for the week!

Host a Foreign Student!

A+ Education Leaving one's family to fly around the world and study in a foreign land and a second language is an intense and life-changing experience for a young person.  Families that open their homes and hearts to host one of these adventurers have a unique opportunity to make an impact on a young life.

  Midland looks forward to benefiting by its new relationship with an organization called A+ Global Education, Inc..Led by a team of dedicated, Christian leaders, A+ has agreed to recruit foreign students for Midland. Students will arrive the end of December 2016.

 Midland needs your help! In addition to arranging academic placement, A+ also recruits local families to host these students and provides full-time, local support to the host family and the foreign student along with a monthly stipend to cover expenses associated with hosting. Hosting can be an incredibly rewarding experience for a family.  If your family has an interest in hosting a foreign student on a full-time or part-time basis, please contact Mary Frishman, our A+ representative:

 ==> Mary Frishman @ 913-620-1946 or email her here

  Note:  Host families contract directly with A+ Global Education, Inc. and not with Midland Adventist Academy.

Are Writers Born or Made?

Writing papersMrs. Prosser's 2nd grade class has recently been working on a Writer's Workshop where they practice good handwriting and good thinking while coming ujp with ideas about our Heavenly Father. Mrs. Prosser asked them to write down a variety of ideas on how "God shows His love to me."

Here are some of the great ideas her students came up (you can see more of them in her class photo gallery):

  • Giving me a big sister
  • you made a world just for us
  • you made schools all over the world
  • by giving me dogs
  • you let me be in a Jesus School
  • making me a good speller
  • letting me have parents

And probably our favorite answers is this one: Giving me Mrs. Prosser!

Class of 2009-2010
Sponsor: Mary Murrill

Kyle Breyer (Sgt. Arms), Lisa Craig, Chris Fairchild (SA President / National Merit Commended Scholar), Zach Frishman (VP), Shawntee' Harris (Pastor), Lindsey Maddux, Heather Naumann, Dylan Rada, Shelby Seibold (President), Sarah Whitson (Treasurer), Robby Willer


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