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What's coming up

ALS Change Drive - Oct 31, Fri - Bring in your spare change for the ALS Foundation!
Hot Lunch - Quesadillas - Oct 31, Fri - Quesadillas (athletics) Meals are $3.75, or $37.50 for...
Field trip (K - 2nd) - Oct 31, Fri 9:20 AM - Alldredge Orchards in Platte City. Mrs. Prosser says:...
Senior Survival - Oct 31, Fri 11:15 AM
Deadline: Orders for Shop With Scrip - Nov 2, Sun - Thanks for supporting Midland!
Deadline: Citrus Fruit - Nov 2, Sun - final day to order Nov citrus
Daylight Savings Time ends - Nov 2, Sun 2:00 AM - Fall back - set your clocks BACK one hour (extra sleep!)
Hot Lunch - Pasta - Nov 3, Mon - Pasta with marinara sauce, garlic bread, green beans,...
Hot Lunch - Haystacks - Nov 4, Tue - Haystacks (gluten-free), pudding, lemonade Meals are...
Election Day - Nov 4, Tue - Time to Vote

8th Annual Thanksgiving Hot Lunch

The Senior class of 2015 will be serving a special Thanksgiving lunch on Monday, November 24. Parents, grandparents, and friends are invited to join the students for this special event prepared by Mrs. Fairchild. The plated dinner will include vegetarian turkey & dressing casserole, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, corn, dinner roll, pumpkin pie, and a drink.

More than 240 guests attended last year, the largest total so far. So how much food does it take to feed that many people? Well... glad you asked. How about 100 pounds of potatoes, 15 pounds of stuffing breadcrumbs, 155 pounds of corn and green beans, five dozen eggs, 40 stalks of celery, 12 pounds of vegetarian turkey, 36 dozen dinner rolls, and 21 pumpkin pies?

All reservations must be made by Friday, November 14. Remember: $6.00 per person (including students)—cash or check only.

HymnSing Canceled for 2014

Music director Steven Hutchison says, "It is with sadness that I share the news with you that the annual Hymn Sing program at New Haven SDA church has been cancelled for this year. They are looking forward to picking it back up next year, and I'm sure it will be all the more enjoyable after a year of absence.

We had been scheduled to perform at Hymn Sing, but we obviously will be cancelling that performance as well. Choir and Diversity will not be performing on November 7th. We also had to cancel our tentative December 6th performance date due to some schedule conflicts.

Please be sure to keep checking the calendar for updated information on performances and cancelations throughout the year. I will do my best to keep you informed.

Citrus Fruit Time has arrived!

Home and School wants you to know that the first shipment of citrus fruit will be available for delivery November 13-16 - make sure and get your order in before the November 2nd deadline.

The fruit available for November is as follows:
  • Red Grapefruit - $36 for a full box and $22 for a half box
  • Navel Oranges - $39 for a full box and $23 for a half box
  • Tangerines - $27 for a half box
  • Variety Pack - $29 for a half box with a variety of all three fruits

You can order in several ways: 1) by email at fruit@midlandacademy.org, 2) on our website, or 3) by calling Midland Adventist Academy at 913-268-7400. Thank you for supporting your school! (10/13)

SA Announces ALS Change Drive

Midland’s Student Association will be holding a school-wide change drive to raise funds for the ALS Foundation. The elementary students will be doing a regular change drive and whichever class raises the most money will receive treats at the end of the week. Grades 7-12 will also be participating, but will be doing "change wars" instead of a change drive.

This fund-raising event will start on Monday, October 27, and finish ten days later on Wednesday, November 5. The students feel as though this is a very worthy cause that deserves the donations, and would certainly appreciate your help!

Senior Grades Are Important!

by Susie Watts

May 1st is the universal date set for college applicants to commit to the school they plan to attend in the fall, but that doesn't mean you don't have to prepare now. Some high school seniors believe that once they have been accepted to a college and sent in their deposit, they can relax and not worry about their grades any  longer.They begin to daydream in their classes and spend more time texting their friends than they do listening to their teachers. This is known as senioritis. Senioritis can have some serious consequences and leave students without any college plans. Or some schools might decrease their financial aid awards or put students on academic probation their first semester of college.

Most colleges request both first and second semester grades. They also expect students to take all of the courses they have listed on their college applications and to not skip classes or miss tests. While the college admissions process is almost over for high school seniors by the end of April, colleges can still rescind an acceptance based on earlier results. Colleges are sending a message that they have no problem turning down an applicant in the summer who has slacked off in his first OR second semester. They always have a wait list with students who have worked hard until graduation. It is obvious that students need to continue studying and not allow senioritis to get in the way! (from MyCollegeCalendar blog)

Website Update

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As you can tell, our website has gone through an upgrade this weekend. We hope you like the new design, and that you can still find what you're looking for! As with any update, there are still several items not working correctly, but we'll get those fixed pronto.

One of the major issues is the loss of the dropdowns under the menu items. For example, you can no longer find Home & School under the community tab. Until we get this fixed, here are several links for commonly used items from the menu flyouts. If you have any suggestions for the website, please let us know. (10/6)

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Fundraisers. LOTS of Fundraisers!

storytime logoNever let it be said that Midland didn't provide enough fundraisers so that at least one of them should attract your interest! Plastic bags, car washes, Chieftan apples, boxtops for Education, you name it. To make it easier on your eyes, here's a link to our fundraiser page.

Take a look, and give to our heart's content. (10/1)

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