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Pastor Martin and family at the Tour de Shawnee

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Class officers for the new year

While at Broken Arrow Ranch, Midland's HS students voted in their class officers for the upcoming school year. Good luck to the following students as they lead their classmates from now until May (and we all know what happens then).

Some points of interest - the Sophomore class officers are all guys, the Svoboda and Hayward families will likely be busy with two officers on staff, and the Seniors are the only class with a sergeant-at-arms.

  Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors
President Drew HIckman Brycen Nelson Karina Bovee Sara Pope
Vice-president Abigail Svoboda Owen Uhrmacher Lydia Svoboda Dillon Hayward
Secretary Callie Johnson Emory Sadler Ian Johnson Mikaal Ellis
Colin Craig
Johnny Zacharias
Isaiah Courtad
Ian Johnson
Megan Schlinsog
Pastor Christopher Hayward Greg Hansen Logan Seibold Jeremy Janke
Sergeant-at-Arms n/a n/a n/a Michaela Raygor

Tour de Shawnee

The 25th Tour de Shawnee bike tour took place on Sunday, August 24 and for a third consecutive year, Midland hosted the first rest stop on the ride. Several Midland students and their parents (thanks Johnsons and Martins!) volunteered to help staff the rest stop; setting up snack tables, filling water cups, and cheering on the riders (and gaining community service hours in the bargain).

This year's ride was a benefit for the worthy Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and close to 250 riders stopped during the ride (which was almost half of the registered riders). A freelance photographer for the KC Star was on hand, and Midland can be seen in the background of a couple of his online photos. For additional pictures, check our Photos page.

10 Things Teachers Wish Parents Knew

USA TodayTo help bridge the gap between home and school, TODAY.com asked educators what they wished parents knew about the work they do. To add a dose of fresh perspective to the daily, all-consuming grind of school, here are 10 things teachers wish parents understood about teaching.

  1. Happy parents make happy teachers - Needing to please parents is constantly in the back of every teacher's mind.
  2. Give new teachers a chance - Trust teachers, give them the benefit of the doubt. As hard as it is, they're going to work twice as hard to earn your trust and respect.
  3. Embrace new ways of teaching - The way kids are taught today is different from how it was even several years ago, let alone how different it was when their parents went through school.
  4. It's okay for kids to fail (especially in middle school) - Parents don't want kids to fail, period. But teachers say there is time and place for that: middle school.
  5. Testing is not the end-all be-all - Sometimes, with the constant conversation of testing and scores and accountability, parents begin to think that we are just here to get their kid to pass a test.
  6. Be a good listener - Know that every child and adult, needs improvement and not to come in thinking it’s teacher against parents. It’s not a battle. It’s trying to work together to help the child succeed.
  7. Your child’s homework is not your responsibility – it’s theirs - Don't make excuses for child by saying things like homework didn't get done because of football practice.
  8. Stay involved, even when your kids are in high school.
  9. Teachers get sick, too - No parent is happy to hear that a child’s teacher was out — again. But teachers need to be operating at “110 percent,” and don’t take sick days lightly.
  10. Shhhh … don’t let kids hear negative talk - When you’re dishing about school, make sure your kids are out of earshot.

You can find the full article at TODAYParents.

Storytime Returns

storytime logoStorytime is just around the corner at Midland Adventist Academy. Our first storytime for this school year will be on Tuesday, September 9 at 2:30 pm. We’re going to read stories, sing songs, do a craft and have a snack and it’s all about “School”! Especially for pre-school kids ages 3 – 6. Spread the word!

Broken Arrow Retreat

storytime logoMidland's high school students and staff have returned from their annual fall retreat to Broken Arrow Ranch. During their stay at the camp, they participated in class activities, went swimming, got to know their fellow students and staff a bit better, and participated in various events.

For example, freshman Colin Craig won the guys mile run, junior Lydia Svoboda the girls 50-yard dash, and junior Nakhi Norwood the 50-yard dash for the guys. The students returned from camp on Friday afternoon ready to rest up over the weekend!

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