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Winter Coats Barrel

storytime logoThanks to coat drives in schools last spring, thousands of children from low-income Johnson County families had coats to protect them in this year’s brutal winter. At the Johnson County Christmas Bureau (JCCB), "we’ve started preparing for our next winter when many in those families will need replacement coats and jackets. We need all sizes, infants through adults. Our goal is that anyone who needs a winter coat gets one."

Midland has a brightly decorated JCCB collection barrel at the school, and has already collected a variety of coats this month. Bring your extra coats, and help the JCCB get off to an early start.

Happy Graduation Day!

Congratulations to Midland's newest alumni - the class of 2014! Sixteen seniors walked on stage at 10:00am, and two hours later had their diplomas in hand.

During the ceremonies, the following students were named award winners: Valedictorian (Brandt Hill), Keith Vollmer award (Colin Craig / Kristi Tucker), Principal's Leadership (Camille Darrell), Michael Paradise (Brett Trana), Noah Rexin (Vicente Maldonado / Jeremy Janke), John Philip Sousa (Andrew Reed), National Choir (Alicia Whitson), Caring Heart (Andrew Reed)

The Class of 2014 roster:
  • Benjamin Jordan Archibeque, salutatorian, highest honors, vice-president
  • Camille Louise Darrell, high honors, 13 year senior, SA president
  • Michael Andre Davison, 4-year senior
  • Tanner Vaughn Finnegan, honors, 13 year senior, activities/benefit director
  • Alexander Ethan Helmer, honors, 4 year senior, treasurer
  • Brandt Larson Hill, valedictorian, highest honors, 4-year senior
  • Zoe Quinn Ingelse, honors
  • Jewel Hannah Janke, honors, 4 year senior
  • Addison Nicole Murray, highest honors, 13 year senior, class president
  • Brennan David Nelson, high honors, 13 year senior
  • Andrew Thomas Reed, honors, 4 year senior, pastor
  • Sarai Raquel Rodriguez, highest honors, 4 year senior
  • Brett Allen Trana, high honors, 4 year senior, secretary
  • Kristine Marie Tucker, high honors, 13 year senior
  • Alexis Marie Varndell
  • Alicia Lalie Whitson, highest honors, 13 year senior

Summer Math Program

Research shows that summer learning loss in Math is an issue that impacts all students, with students losing an average of 2-3 months of their math comprehension every summer. TenMarks, an Amazon company, is on a mission to reverse summer learning loss in math, and prove that a personalized online program helps improve math outcomes. For Summer 2014, TenMarks is offering its powerful 3-month summer program for $0 cost to Midland families (previously $39.95 per student).

Starting now, parents can register online for the summer program in minutes, with no support needed from Midland. It’s super easy! Phone and online support is available to families throughout the program.

Nursing Home Sunshine

“Judy Prosser and Midland's 1st & 2nd graders were a shining light for Jesus at Heartland Assisted Living Thursday morning,” shares Principal Randy Bovee. “They sang for about 20 minutes and then gave each grandma and grandpa a special handwritten memory verse sheet. It is never too early to teach minds, touch hearts, and train hands for Jesus,” says Randy. (more pictures here and thanks to the Cutting Edge for the story)

SA Elections 2014

storytime logo​SA Elections for the 2014-2015 school year were held on May 9. Of the 12 candidates, only four were members of the soon-to-be Senior class of 2015 (which is a bit unusual). Eligibile voters included members of this year's 8th grade class, plus the current Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman high school classes.

Here is a list of the new SA officers for 2014-2015. Serve your classmates well!

Office Candidate Grade
President Hannah O'Rear 12
Social Vice President
Emily Resz &
Jeremy Janke
12 & 12
Religious Vice President  Karina Bovee 11
Secretary/Treasurer Isaiah Courtad 10
Communication Coordinator Owen Uhrmacher 10
Senator Sara Pope
Logan Seibold
Brycen Nelson
Andrew Bovee

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