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   Sept 12 - Mustangs Soccer 7-2 win
   August 18 - HS Broken Arrow
   August 9 - First Day of School
   May 23 - 8th Grade Graduation
   May 4 - HS Spring Concert
   May 2 - Elementary Spring Concert
   April 29 - Gymnastics Homeshow

What's coming up

Hot Lunch - Cheesy Potato Casserole - Sep 21, Thu - Cheesy Potato casserole, dinner rolls, green beans, fresh...
Iowa Assessment / CogAT Testing - Sep 21, Thu - Standardized testing for grades 3-11. The Iowa tests...
GMS @ Cornerstone - Sep 21, Thu 5:00 PM - Away game
JV @ Cornerstone - Sep 21, Thu 6:00 PM - Away game
Varsity @ Cornerstone - Sep 21, Thu 7:00 PM - Away game
Deadline: ACT Registration - Sep 22, Fri - registration deadline for the October 29 ACT test
Hot Lunch - Nachos Bar (Seniors) - Sep 22, Fri - Nachos (Seniors) and also chocolate chip cookies!...
Soccer @ SMC - Sep 22, Fri 4:30 PM - TBD
Hot Lunch - Pasta (8th Grade) - Sep 25, Mon - Pasta, bread, green beans, dessert, drink (8th...
GMS @ KC East - Sep 25, Mon 4:00 PM - Away game

Meet Our Sophomores!

ACT testOur sophomore class at Midland this year has 10 members, led by class president Andrew Helmer. During a recent class meeting, sponsor and math teacher Kelsea Allen asked them to write a short bio about themselves. Want to find out which of them likes basketball? Who does parkour or wants to become a neuologist? How about which one likes popsicles and which one wears red Converse?

Guess you'll just have to read this article and find out!

Iowa Assessment / CogAT Testing

ACT testThis week at Midland (Sept. 18-22) we will be doing Iowa Assessments in grades 3 - 11. It will be VERY important for your student(s) to arrive at school on time, as testing will begin in the morning.

Studies have shown that testing results improve with a good night's rest and a well-balanced breakfast.

Thank you for your support! If you have questions, please call the office at (913) 268-7400.

Time to Register for the ACT

ACT testAs a senior, one of the most important things you can do to prepare for college is completing the ACT. But what if you already took it as a junior? You may indeed wonder, "Why on earth would I want to take it AGAIN?!" Well, it's simple.

Studies have shown that more than 55% of students taking a second ACT exam improve their composite score. With more and more colleges using ACT numbers to determine student scholarships (including Union), an investment of $30-40 now can reap big benefits in the future. If you're a Junior, you may want to test-drive the ACT this year to highlight areas for additional study between now and next year's testing.

Midland will offer the ACT three times this school year; the registration deadline for the first test is September 22. Consider a worthwhile investment in your college days to come, and "take two!"

Environmental Camp

Midland's sixth graders (and Mr. Perry) spent last week learning outdoors and about the outdoors. They joined other sixth graders from around the KS/NE Conference at Broken Arrow Ranch for Environmental Camp.  And yes, it's amazing how bright the stars are at camp!

Education Director Gary Kruger says, "This past week 63 students from ten of our Conference schools came together for the annual Sixth-Grade Environmental Camp at Broken Arrow Ranch. This is the largest attendance we've had in the past ten years with only a couple students who were not able to attend.

The curriculum included subjects such as trail cooking, pioneer survival, orienteering, ropes and knots, wild edible plants, and wildlife. There was also plenty of time for outdoor recreation and games."

Ellen White wrote in Christ's Object Lessons, "In these lessons direct from nature there is a simplicity and purity that makes them of the highest value. In itself the beauty of nature leads the soul away from sin and worldly attractions and toward purity, peace, and God. Let the students learn that creation and Christianity have one God. Let them be taught to see the harmony of the natural with the spiritual. Thus the mental powers will be strengthened, the character developed, the whole life ennobled."

Get Your Chieftains Here!

The Senior class of 2018 is selling apples this fall. These apples are orchard fresh and will be picked and delivered to us within days of picking. They are coming from an orchard in Iowa, and have a sweet flavor with a crisp crunch. The Chieftain variety is a cross between Red Delicious and Jonathan varieties.

Apples can be ordered by the bushel or half bushel, and in First or Second grade. (note that a bushel is 42-48 pounds). Order now to get your apples for applesauce, pie making and eating for this fall!

  • Chieftains store well without getting mushy quickly
  • Great for making applesauce because they are sweet
  • Great eating apples as well as for pie

For more information and pricing, watch this space for a link to a dedicate page for Chieftains (which will also includes an order form - hint, hint!) Watch for information coming on order and delivery dates. For more information, you can also email fruit@midlandacademy.org or call 913-268-7400.

Class of 2012-2013
Sponsor: Matt Teller

Landon Frishman, Alexis Griffith (Treasurer), Evan MacEwen, Eric Mayberry, Jonathan Nolasco (Sgt. at Arms), Jacob Prosser, Juan Rodriguez (Secretary), Elizabeth Schlinsog (Vice-president), Katie Tucker (SA President 2012 & 2013), Alicia Valenzuela (President), Matt Zacharias (Pastor)


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