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   Sept. 21 - Mahaffie Field Trip (3rd & 4th grade)
   September - Just Pictures, People!
   Sept. 14 - Field Trip to Darrell Farm (5th grade)
   August 28 - New Playground Equipment
   August 28 - Tour de Shawnee
   August 11 - Back to School Night
   June 9 - Thunder Baseball (summer fun)

What's coming up

Hot Lunch - Pasta (8th Grade) - Sep 26, Mon - Pasta, bread, green beans, dessert, drink (8th...
Iowa Assessment / CogAT Testing - Sep 26, Mon - Standardized testing for grades 3-11. The Iowa tests...
School board - Sep 26, Mon 6:00 PM - Making the wheels go 'round
Hot Lunch - Tortillas - Sep 27, Tue - Tortillas, spanish rice, refried beans, veggie toppings,...
Varsity vs Overland Christian - Sep 27, Tue 5:00 PM - Home game
Soccer vs Overland Christian - Sep 27, Tue 5:00 PM - Stump Park
Hot Lunch - Veggie Meatloaf - Sep 28, Wed - Veggie Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas, applesauce, cake,...
Hot Lunch - Pizza - Sep 29, Thu - Pizza, salad, watermelon, pudding, lemonade Meals are...
Cross Country - Sep 29, Thu 4:00 PM - Perry-Lecompton Invitational 4:00pm - MS Girls 4:00pm...
MSG @ Cornerstone Christian - Sep 29, Thu 4:30 PM - Away game


Jumpstart Storytime

No phonesMidland Adventist Academy would like to invite all children ages three and up to Jumpstart Storytime on the second Tuesday of each month at 2:30 pm. Our next Storytime will be October 11 in the Midland Library.

Mrs. Fairchild's friend, Sheri McCulley Seibold, Illustrator, will be presenting two books from her Cuties set for children. We'll have fun crafts, a special treat, and stories - be sure and bring a friend!(10/8)

Get Your Chieftains Here!

The Senior class of 2017 is selling apples this fall. These apples are orchard fresh and will be picked and delivered to us within days of picking. They are coming from an orchard in Iowa, and have a sweet flavor with a crisp crunch. The Chieftain variety is a cross between Red Delicious and Jonathan varieties.

Apples can be ordered by the bushel or half bushel, and in First or Second grade. (note that a bushel is 42-48 pounds). Order now to get your apples for applesauce, pie making and eating for this fall!

  • Chieftains store well without getting mushy quickly
  • Great for making applesauce because they are sweet
  • Great eating apples as well as for pie

For more information and pricing, check out our dedicated page (which also includes an order form - hint, hint!) Due to a late freeze there are fewer apples this year.  Order early while supplies last!

College Preview Days

Ten members of the Senior Class of 2017 headed off to Union College last week for College Preview Days. This gave our students the chance to experience being a Union student for a full weekend, and it was FREE besides! They had opportunities to meet other possible freshmen, sit in a college class or two, tour the bustling town of Lincoln, NE, and take part in typical weekend activities.

After an initial event on Thursday afternoon, the students received a college tour, a presentation on financial aid (always a good thing when figuring out how to pay for college), and then a check-in at the dorms with their college hosts.

Thanks to Union for giving our seniors a taste of what higher education is all about!

5th Grade Field Trip

While our sixth grade students enjoyed Environmental Camp, the "other half" of Mr. Perry's classroom took the opportunity to have a field trip to the Darrell's farm. The kids had a fantastic afternoon, eating lunch, playing games and enjoying fishing and row boating.

Mr. Darrell said afterward, "I think the kids had a great time. Thank you for sending them out. I forgot all about taking pictures until later so we only have a few. No one wanted to really leave the boats!"

Thanks to our parents for providing the opportunity for such a great afternoon enjoying nature, God's other book.

6th Grade Environmental Camp

Midland's sixth graders recently enjoyed several days at Broken Arrow Ranch for Environmental Camp. This annual event allows our students to spend time outdoors with other sixth grade students and teachers from across the Kansas/Nebraska Conference.

Their days were spent in classes with teachers from the various conference schools learning about the world outdoors, swimming, playing basketball, and much more. In past years, the students have also learned about orienteering, knot tying, and first aid.

Thank you to the Pastor Tim Floyd and the staff from Broken Arrow for making this event possible!

(Note: the picture is from when the current Class of 2018 attended Environmental Camp five years ago!)

Class of 2007-2008
Sponsor: Yara Young

Alexandria Adams (SA Pres 2008 ), Taylor Bartel (Secretary), Cynthia Bueno, Lauren Christensen (SA Pres 2007), Madison DeCamp (Treasurer), Mark Escobar (Pastor), Rindalyn Fairchild (VP), Daniel Galan (Sgt. at Arms), Kayla Giffin, Ashley MacEwen, Charles Maddux, Becca Perry, RaeLea Rebarchek, Zachary Simmerman (President), Jordan Snyder


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