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   September 2 - Varsity Volleyball (High School)
   August 30 - Tour de Shawnee
   August 23 - BAR Retreat (High School)
   August 23 - New front-entry doors
   August 14 - SA Vespers (High School)
   August 13 - First Week of School (1st & 2nd)
   August 10 - First Day of School!


Jumpstart Storytime

No phonesMidland Adventist Academy would like to invite all children ages three and up to Jumpstart Storytime on the second Tuesday of each month at 2:30 pm. Our next Storytime will be September 8 in  the Midland Library.

Don't miss all the fun, including a special story about bears, activities, and making some new friends. See you there, and don't forget to bring your teddy bear!

Running the Mile

Coach Michael Tomas got the elementary students off to an early start this year with the much-loved "mile run". Well ok, maybe we exaggerate slightly, but this particular PE event HAS been part of the Midland scene for many years.

Here are a couple of pic from the 7th & 8th graders on the move. Note that effort levels may vary from runner to runner - apparently our students are not all that different from the rest of us!


Get Your Chieftains Here!

Do you love fresh apples, apple cider, apple pie, apple dumplings, apple strudel, and all-things-apple? If so, the Senior class of 2016 is selling apples this fall. These apples are orchard fresh and will be picked and delivered to us within days of picking. They are coming from an orchard in Iowa, and have a sweet flavor with a crisp crunch. The Chieftain variety is a cross between Red Delicious and Jonathan varieties.

Apples can be ordered by the bushel or half bushel, and a Firsts or Seconds. (note that a bushel is 42-48 pounds). Order now to get your apples for applesauce, pie making and eating for this fall. So why Chieftans?

  • Chieftains store well without getting mushy quickly
  • Great for making applesauce because they are sweet
  • Great eating apples as well as for pie

For more information and pricing, check out our Apples page (which also includes an order form - hint, hint!)

Tour de Shawnee

The 26th Tour de Shawnee bike tour took place last Sunday (August 30) and for the fourth consecutive year, Midland hosted the first rest stop on the route. Thanks to the Martins, Johnsons, Fairchilds, and Mr. Bovee for serving as volunteers to help staff the rest stop; set up snack tables, fill water cups, and cheer on the riders (and gaining community service hours in the bargain).

This year's ride was a benefit for the JDRF (formerly the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), and 250-300 of the more than 500 riders stopped at Midland during their ride.

If you'd like to check out some pictures from the ride, here's a gallery for your review.

Diversity 2015/2016

No phonesMusic director Steven Hutchison is pleased to present this year's edition of Diversity, Midland's select choir. The team will consist of 10 high school students, who will have the priviledge of an extensive concert schedule during the year, not to mention meeting for rehearsal at 7:30am three mornings a week! (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday)

He says, "I am thrilled to have the group we do this year and I'm looking forward to lots of great music making and ministry. I believe their motivation for giving 100% will not be the grade they receive, but the hearts they will touch through music. "

SA and Class Elections

SA Elections for the 2015-2016 school year were held on May 8, and class elections (other than the Freshman class of 2019) were completed during the Broken Arrow retreat in August. Here is a list of the elected officers for the coming year; be sure and serve your classmates well!


 Office  Student Association  Class of 2016  Class of 2017  Class of 2018  Class of 2019
 President  Owen Uhrmacher  Rebecca Borne  Emory Sadler  Hakim Majeed  
 Vice President  Kyle Kropf (Social VP)  Karina Bovee  Chandis Raygor  Andrew Bovee  
 Secretary  Chandis Raygor  Lydia Svoboda  Vicente Maldonado  Callie Johnson  
 Treasurer   Chandis Raygor  Ian Johnson  Vicente Maldonado  Colin Craig  
 Pastor / Religious VP
 Greg Hansen
 Logan Seibold
 Esti Vazquez
 Drew Hickman
 Chris Hayward
 Sgt. at Arms    Erin Burke    Seth Martin  
 SA Senator    Logan Seibold  Brycen Nelson  Seth Martin  JoAnna Rockufeler
 Communications  Karina Bovee        
 Music Coordinator  Rebecca Borne        
 Faculty Sponsor  Randy Bovee  Jonathan Borne  Matt Teller  Tristan Karr  Dorothy Pearson


Let Us Instagram Your Facebook

No phonesBack in 2011, Midland joined the social media club with the @MAAMustangs account on Twitter. Roughly four years and 3000 tweets later, Midland is expanding our social presence with both a new Facebook account and a new Instagram account.

We'd love to have you give us likes, FAVs, retweets, comments, follows... whatever social term you choose to use. So check us out - as alumni Jacob Prosser tweeted in 2011, "My school is on Twitter? ha awesome @MAAMustangs #myschooliscoolerthanyours"

Operation Christmas Child - What, Already?

No phonesIt won’t be long and we’ll be packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child again! Just a reminder to stock up on all of the Back-to-School deals now for gifts for your shoeboxes later. Pencils, sharpeners, paper, crayons, markers, rulers, etc. are all great gifts to pack in your boxes.

Last year Midland provided dozens of boxes for this worthy project, and we'd love to raise the number each school year. See Robin Gibson if you have any questions, and happy deal shopping!

Kansas History

August 1937 - "Speaking of Kansas," a 48-page illustrated article by Frederick Simpich, was featured in National Geographic Magazine. Mr. Simpich touched upon interesting phases of Kansas' history from Coronado to the western Kansas rabbit drives of the 1930s.


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