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Financial Assistance

Please contact the Business Office for personalized financial planning and any available scholarships, grants, subsidies and work programs that may be available to you to make enrollment at Midland more affordable.

Here are some of the financial assistance programs that may be available to you: 

Early Registration

Students who pay their General Fee by July 1st will receive a $50 discount. This entrance fee is 50% refundable during the first two weeks of a student's enrollment.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available through the constituent churches. Please contact the church pastor for information. Aid requested directly through Midland will be processed using the FACTS Aid application.

FACTS Aid application

Kansas/Nebraska Conference Scholarship/Subsidy

Students living in the Kansas/Nebraska Conference may apply for aid from the conference using the Woody Scholarship.

Woody Scholarship

Student Discounts

Family Discount: A family tuition discount program is offered to parents who support three or more students enrolled at Midland. A 25% tuition discount will be given for the third child and each additional child in the same family. The oldest child is considered the first child for purposes of calculating family discounts and no discount is given to this first child.

New Convert Discount: A special new-convert discount is granted to students of new converts who joined the Adventist church through baptism or profession of faith within the 18-month period prior to school enrollment. This benefit is for students entering an Adventist school for the first time. Contact the Business Office or local church pastor for further details.


Students whose parent(s) work for a Seventh-day Adventist Conference or institution may be eligible for church-sponsored subsidies. Please contact the employer or Midland's Business office for more information. 

Summer Camp Scholarship

Midland participates in the scholarship plan for students who work at summer camp. For additional information, contact Pastor Tim Floyd at the KS/NE youth department.

Work Program

On-campus work opportunities are available for a limited number of students. In addition to providing means for students to help defray part of their school expenses, they have an opportunity to learn good work habits and to carry responsibility. The students’ monthly earnings will be credited to the students’ accounts. A student who quits or is terminated will not be placed in another work position. 

Student job applications are available in the Business Office. All necessary paperwork must be completed and returned to the Business Office before the student can begin work. 

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