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The late Coach John Wooden once said "Sports do not build character, they reveal it." That's one of the reasons that Midland coaches do their best to teach players how to perform both on the field, and off the field. Midland fans and players are proud to be Mustangs, but are equally proud to be Midland.

Midland athletics provide the following opportunities for team sports:


Varsity basketball
Coach: Kurtis Cowan

Junior varsity basketball 

Varsity soccer
Coach: Jeremy Bayer


Varsity basketball 
Coach: Seth Gaskin

Varsity volleyball
Coach: Matt Liepke

JV volleyball
Coach: Robin Gibson

Middle school volleyball
Coach: Sheryl Fenton


Cross Country 
Coach: Jeff Reimche

Coach: Jonathan Borne

Co-Ed MS basketball
Coach: Jared Pavlik



UC Volleyball/Soccer Tournament 2021

October 2021 - Varsity Girls Volleyball Guys soccer spent three days at Union College during Fall break participating in the annual sports tournament. High School teams from around the country met on Union's campus for four days of competition.

During  the tournament, the Girls played seven games and finished 4th out of 13 teams. The guys played four games, finished fifth, and were awarded the Sportsmanship Trophy.

October 21

Volleyball - 2-0 win over North Dallas
Volleyball - 2-0 win over Georgia-Cumberland
Volleyball - 2-0 win over Maplewood
Volleyball - 2-0 win over Dakota

Soccer - 6-0 win over Mile High
Soccer - 1-2 loss to Collegedale

October 22

Volleyball - 0-2 loss to Forest Lake
Volleyball - 2-0 win over Sunnydale
Soccer - 2-3 loss to Andrews

October 23

Volleyball - 0-2 loss to College View
Soccer - 1-0 win over Maplewood

UC Virtual Volleyball Tournament 2020

November 2020 - Instead of their normal Volleyball and Soccer fall tournament, Union College presented a virtual tournament this year. 

Points could be earned by submitting videos, watching and commenting on specific Union team videos, and by placing 1st/2nd/3rd in any of the various competitions.

Our own Jenna Gibson won first place in the tournament, racking up a nice batch of prizes including a $500 Union scholarship, dinner for the entire Lady Mustangs team, and $500 for our athletics department!

Nice work, Jenna!



UC Basketball Tournament 2020

February 2020 - Varsity Girls and Guys basketball spent four days at Union College during Winter break participating in the annual sports tournament. High School teams from around the world (yes really - a team from Denmark took place!) met on Union's campus for four days of competition on the court.

Duringt he tournament, the Girls played seven games, and the guys eight. 

February 12

Maplewood 62, Midland 46 (m)
Midland 62, Andrews 45 (m)
Midland 34, Maplewood 33 (w)
North Dallas 68, Midland 24 (w)

February 13

Vejlefjordskolen 36, Midland 68 (m)
Midland 18, Andrews 51 (w)
North Dallas 72, Midland 50 (m)
Midland 25, Arkansas 38 (w)

February 14

Mile High 49, Midland 56 (m)
Campion 48, Midland 42 (w)
Midland 35, Forest Lake 64 (m)
Midland 48, Gem State 28 (w)

February 15

Midland 45, Campion 31 (m)
Midland 40, Maplewood 27 (w)
Midland 35, Mile High 55 (m)

Union College Tournament 2019

October 2019 - Varsity Girls volleyball and Guys soccer spent three days at Union College during Fall break participating in the annual sports tournament. High School teams from around the Mid-American Union (and several from outside as well) met on Union's campus for a packed three days of friendly competition on court and field.

During these three days, our volleyball and soccer teams each team played a total of six games, including three each on the first day of tournament! 

The following high schools participated in the tournament - Go Mustangs!

  • Campion Academy (Colorado)
  • College View Academy (Nebraska)
  • Collegedale Academy (Tennessee)
  • Dakota Adventist Academy (North Dakota)
  • Forest Lake Academy (Florida)
  • Georgia-Cumberland Academy (Georgia)
  • Madison Academy (Tennessee)
  • Maplewood Academy (Minnesota)
  • Midland Adventist Academy (Kansas)
  • Mile High Academy (Colorado)
  • North Dallas Adventist Academy (Texas)
  • North Tampa Adventist Academy (Florida)
  • Ozark Adventist Academy (Arkansas)
  • Sunnydale Adventist Academy (Missouri)

Volleyball schedule

October 24: 0-2 loss to Forest Lake 

October 24: 0-2 loss to College View 

October 24: 1-2 loss to North Tampa

October 25: 0-2 loss to Maplewood

October 25: 2-1 win over Campion

October 26: 1-2 loss to North Dallas

Soccer schedule

October 24: 3-1 win over Forest Lake 

October 24:  0-1 loss to Mile High 

October 24: 5-1 win over College View

October 25: 0-3 loss to Sunnydale

October 25: 3-1 win over North Dallas

October 26: 0-5 loss to Georgia Cumberland


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