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Midland's Trophy Case

There are dozens of trophies in the Midland trophy case located in the main lobby, and many are of the first place variety.

In case you're wondering just what we've won and when, check the list of Trophies below. We've got all the sports, all the years, all the trophies. Go Mustangs!

Men's HS Basketball

2023 - GPAC Tournament 1st
- MAUC Tournament 1st
- KSAS Tournament 1st
- GPAC Tournament 1st
- MAUC Tournament 1st
- GPAC Tournament 1st
- GPAC Tournament 1st
- GPAC Tournament 3rd
2013 MAUC Tournament 1st
2009 MAUC Tournament 1st
Maplewood Invitational 1st
2007 UC College Days 3-on-3 1st
2002 MAUC Tournament 1st
2001 Enterprise Tournament 1st
2000 PVA Tournament 1st
1999 PVA Tournament 1st
1995 Midland vs Enterprise 1st
1994 Midland vs Enterprise 1st
???  Enterprise Tournament 1st

Women's HS Basketball

2022 - GPAC Tournament 1st
MAUC Tournament 1st
2009 MAUC Tournament 1st
2008 Maplewood Invitational 1st
2007 MAUC Tournament 1st
2006 Enterprise Invitational 1st
2004 Eagles Invitational 1st
2002 MAUC Tournament 1st
2000 MAUC Tournament 1st
1999 Sunnydale Tournament 1st
1999 MAUC Tournament Red Champ
1995 Midland vs Enterprise 1st


Men's Soccer

2021 - UC Spirit Award Thunderdome
2019 - Walla Walla Fall Classic Sportsman
2019 - Walla Walla Fall Classic 4th place
2009 - Midland Mustangs Soccer 1st

Women's HS Volleyball#

2021 - GPAC Tournament 2nd
2016 GPAC Tournament 1st
2007 MAU Tournament 1st


Other Trophies and Awards

Alumni Games MVP
John Philip Sousa Award (band)
Michael C. Paradise Award
National School Choral Award (choir)
Principal's Leadership Award

2018 - Hans Schweider Traveling Trophy


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