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Girls Varsity Basketball

The Midland Lady Mustangs star their season vs Midland's alumni during Alumni Weekend in October. The season then takes a short break until the regular season starts in November. The team will have roughly 21 games on schedule plus the annual end-of-season tournaments.

Go Lady Mustangs!

Season stats (updated after each game):

Season record: 1-0
Biggest victory margin: 4
Best defensive effort: 41
Most points scored: 45
Fewest points scored: 45
Closest game: 4

Coach Biographies 

Seth Gaskin: Coach Gaskin is really excited for the opportunity to coach the girls’ basketball for a second year. He is currently the youth pastor at New Haven SDA Church as well as the chaplain for Midland Academy. At Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska he was able to captain the men’s basketball team while getting my degree in Religion with an emphasis in Business. Pastor Seth says, "After two years pastoring in SE Kansas, I was called to receive more education and just recently graduated December 2019 from Andrews University with my M.Div degree. I feel so blessed to not only get an opportunity to share my passion of basketball with these students, but to also share the love of Jesus with them." 

 Assistant Coaches: Mark Tamalea, Mary Jo Murphy, Samantha Forrest

Team Roster 

# Name Position Class
2 Lydia Josiah PG  
    Team manager  
    Team manager / stats  
  Seth Gaskin Coach Staff
  Mark Tamalea Asst. Coach Staff
  Mary Jo Murphy Asst. Coach Staff
  Samantha Forrest Asst. Coach Staff





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