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Midland Week 13

Music Concerts

Our music groups will be performing over the next couple of weeks and bringing some holiday cheer to those in attendance! Here is an overview:

Saturday, Dec 3: Middle School band at Chapel Oaks church

  • Middle school band will perform two songs for the church service.
  • Students should arrive at the church by 10:00am. We should be finished by 12:30pm.
  • Students should wear business casual attire (slacks, dresses, skirts, collared shirts, etc. No Jeans or T Shirts)
    • Pathfinder club members are allowed to wear their Pathfinder uniform since it's a Pathfinder Sabbath.

Sunday, Dec 4, 4:00 pm:  Diversity at New Haven church, ReNewed Hope event

  • Students should wear festive attire (Christmas sweaters encouraged)

Monday, Dec 5, 6:00 pm: HS Band, Choir & Diversity Winter Concert at Midland

  • Students should arrive at 5:15 pm and report to the Music Room
  • Students should wear music uniforms and black dress shoes

Monday, Dec 12, 6:00 pm: K-5 Winter Concert at Midland

  • K-4 students should arrive at 5:45 pm and report to their classrooms
  • 5th grade students should arrive at 5:30 pm and report to the Music Room
  • Students should wear semi-formal attire in Christmas colors (black, white, red, green, silver, gold, etc.)
  • Take advantage of Culver's fundraiser so you don't have to cook supper! Print Flyer

Tuesday, Dec 13, 6:00 pm: 6-8 Band & Choir Winter Concert at Midland

  • Students should arrive at 5:15 pm and report to the Music Room
  • Students should wear semi-formal attire with main colors being black, white, and red

We will be live streaming the Winter Concerts on our YouTube Channel.

Weather or Not

The weather is changing and it’s a good time to remind everyone that students and teachers will continue to be outdoors as much as possible, through the winter months, for fresh air and exercise and promoting a healthy learning environment.

Please make sure that your student is appropriately clothed for the weather, including coat, hat, gloves, etc. For elementary students, it is a great plan to always have gloves, hat and scarf in the backpack throughout the winter.

There will be no outdoor recess when:

  • The temperature is 15 degrees or below. 
  • The wind chill index is 0 degrees or below. 

If a student is not dressed for the weather, at the discretion of the administration and the teacher, the student will remain in the office during recess.

Upcoming Calendar Events

December 1, 2022

French toast with streusel, fruit

December 1, 2022 at 4:30 PM

Home game

December 1, 2022 at 6:00 PM

Home game

December 2, 2022

Pizza by the slice! Sponsored by the #classof2023

December 3, 2022

Middle School - arrive by 10:00 am

December 4, 2022 at 4:00 PM

Christmas sweaters encouraged!

December 5, 2022

Burritos (bean and cheese), rice, chips & salsa

December 5, 2022 at 6:00 PM

Band, choir, and Diversity. Kansas City, here I come!

Call time 5:15 pm


Fundraiser Events

There are several fundraiser events currently running at Midland. Here is a brief overview so you can get them on your calendar!

  • Oct-Nov - Trash Bag Sales (Home and School)
  • Nov-Dec - AmazonSmile (Home and School)
  • December 12 - Culver's Fundraiser

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I enjoy it when the Pastors and Elders come into our classrooms and pray with us. It shows they really care about us.

Elementary student