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Student Association

Midland's Student Association (or SA) is the major student organization on campus.

SA is responsible for planning various events throughout the school year. Some of these events include, but are not limited to, elections, spirit days, SA banquets, school picnics, talent programs, and Student Week of Prayer. 

SA Banquet

SA will be presenting their annual Winter Banquet on Sunday, January 12th.

They will be going to the New Dinner Theatre Restaurant for dinner and The Adventures of Robin Hood. Students are to meet at the school at 4:50pm. The bus will leave promptly at 5:15pm, and return to the school will take place immediately following the production., approx. 9:30pm..

SA Officers

There are a total of eight SA officers for the 2018/2019 school year, four regular members plus a class representative from each high school class. SA was lead by president Hannah Henry, class of 2019.

Our SA officers are chosen at the annual Broken Arrow Retreat in August of each year, with the Freshman rep being chosen at the beginning of second semester.


Activities Director
Religious Activities

Freshman rep
Sophomore rep
Junior rep
Senior rep


Hannah Henry
Priscilla Josiah
Andrew Helmer
Victoria Shelton

Reaia Turner-Leatherman
Gabby Correa
Cora Fletcher

SA Presidential History


2019 - Hannah Henry
2018 - Faith Josiah (2nd sem)
2018 - Emily Sanchez (1st sem)
2017 - Owen Uhrmacher
2016 - Owen Uhrmacher
2015 - Hannah O'Rear
2014 - Camille Darrel

2013 - Katie Tucker
2012 - Katie Tucker
2011 - Kirbi Yelorda
2010 - Chris Fairchild
2009 - Mikey Archibeque
2008 - Alex Adams
2007 - L. Christensen
2006 - J. Brassington

2005 - Loren Perry
2004 - Luke Mackey
2003 - Jarrod Purkeypile
2002 - Tiffany Small
2001 - Russell Keller
2000 - Mark Murrill
1999 - Tasha Reynolds
1998 - Mikey Larson


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