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Thanksgiving for NC4Y

November 2020 - During the month of November, the Lady Mustangs spearheaded a drive to provide some support for the "NC4Y" refugee group in Kansas City.

Helped by many Midland families, our team collected four large containers of non-perishable foods and winter clothes. During the pre-Thanksgiving weekend, team members and coaches got together at Midland and sorted through all of the donated items.  

The result was eight "Thanksgiving" day baskets for the refugee families! After loading up a van, Coach Liepke and Pastor Silva headed to downtown Kansas City where they were joined by volunteers from the NC4Y group who had volunteered to lead the party and help with translations.

Coach Liepke says, "We set out on our mission and 2 and 1/2 hours later we had delivered all eight of the Thanksgiving day baskets, along with a personalized cards that were signed by the team."

As it says in the book of Matthew, "The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'"



$2500 Grant Awarded For Endurance Sports

September 2018 - On Monday, September 24, Tom Quintrell, Grant Fenton and Laurie Menden from the Laurie Menden State Farm Insurance Agency came to Midland to award Mr. Karr with a Thank A Teacher $2,500 grant check for the Endurance Sports program.  News crews from Fox4 and KCTV5 were also on campus to cover the special presentation.  

Click on the links below to watch clips from the evening newscasts, or check out this news story from the Shawnee Dispatch.

. Midland teachers go the extra mile for their students! Congratulations, Mr. Karr!

KCTV-5 News Clip

FOX-4 News clip

Heidi Burke Makes the News

August 2018 - 8th grader Heidi Burke of Shawnee wanted to improve her piano playing. But without the lower part of her leg, she couldn’t use the pedals. Students from KU’s engineering department created the perfect device. Continue reading at the Kansas City Star...


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