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Check this page for news and announcements about our school and its programs.

Caring Heart Recognition

May 2024 - Cody Skinner, a member of the #classof2025, has been named the recipient of this year's Caring Heart award. 

As described in a recent edition of the KS/NE Outlook, "Codie embodies the very essence of compassion, thoughtfulness, and selflessness.

Kindness is not merely a trait for Cody; it's a way of life. His genuine warmth and respect towards everyone he encounters create a ripple of positivity throughout the school community. Whether it's offering a helping hand, lending an empathetic ear, or simply sharing a smile, Cody's acts of kindness leave a lasting mark on those around him.

Beyond his innate kindness, Cody's dedication and hard work are evident in all aspects of his life. He doesn't just participate; he fully invests himself in his school and church activities, making meaningful contributions every step of the way."

Coach is the Champion

May 2024 - Since moving to Kansas City in 2019, Coach Liepke has played Goalie for a local team called the Zeppelins. They play in the Upper D league at the KCIC Ice Arena off of Johnson Drive, most often late games on Monday nights. 

Three seasons ago, fellow hockey player and Midland parent Bill Heinrich also joined the team. During that first season, the Zeppelins ended up winning the Championship and hoisting the league trophy.

The next season the Zeppelins were the #1 seed going into the playoffs, but with their semi-final game scheduled for Friday night, Coach Liepke and Bill honored the Sabbath hours, and did not play. As a result, their team lost to a much lower ranked team.

The Zepps ended the current season with a record of 16-8, with Bill earning honors as the league's top scorer. The team headed into the playoffs as the #2 seed and after winning two tough playoff games, advanced to the Championship game against the #1 seed. 

The Zeppelins scored two goals early, with Bill putting in both shots. At the end of two periods, the score had narrowed to 2-1, but the Zepps got the goal back in the third for a 3-1 lead. The opposition pulled their goalie near the end and managed a final goal, but still lost 3-2 to Coach Liepke, Bill Heinrich, and the Zeppelin squad.

Congrats, Coach and team!


Miranda Earns the Reward

January 2024 - Camron Miranda was recently awarded second place in the 2nd Annual High School Student Writers contest, sponsored by Outlook magazine. Contestants were asked to submit an essay on what Adventist Education has meant to them, and how it has affected their daily lives.

He was presented with an award certificate during chapel, as well as a scholarship and Amazon gift card. His award-winning article will be printed in the March edition of Outlook. We're proud of our students; they all benefit from Adventist Education!


NAD College Fair Tour

September 2023 - Ten colleges from across the United States took part in our NAD College Fair Tour activities last week. Our high school students were able to visit each booth, talk to the college reps about what their college has to offer, and collect pens, brochures, and stickers for their goodie bags. Thanks to all the reps for the many miles of travel they put in!


School Bus Fire

January 2023 - We are extremely thankful for God’s protection, a quick acting, professional bus driver, and immediately obedient students. We lost our bus to fire the afternoon of January 17, but everyone is safe! The God of angel armies is always by our side!

Drone footage can be found here: https://www.kmbc.com/article/drone-footage-flames-school-bus-fire/42559707



Mr. Murphy Receives Liberty Bell Award

January 2023 - Our principal, Mr. Greg Murphy, recently received the Liberty Bell award presented by the Johnson County Bar Association. He was nominated for his work with students in the extra-curricular We The People project. One of the Midland teams he coached last year won first place at the Kansas State Competition level in Topeka.

This is the only award the Association gives that can be received by a non-lawyer. Congrats to Mr. Murphy!

Weather or Not

The weather is changing and it’s a good time to remind everyone that students and teachers will continue to be outdoors as much as possible, through the winter months, for fresh air and exercise and promoting a healthy learning environment.

Please make sure that your student is appropriately clothed for the weather, including coat, hat, gloves, etc. For elementary students, it is a great plan to always have gloves, hat and scarf in the backpack throughout the winter.

There will be no outdoor recess when:

  • The temperature is 15 degrees or below. 
  • The wind chill index is 0 degrees or below. 

If a student is not dressed for the weather, at the discretion of the administration and the teacher, the student will remain in the office during recess.

National Honor Society

October 2022 - Lydia Josiah, Jordan Collins, and Kevin Choi are the newest members of the Midland chapter of the National Honor Society. An official induction ceremony on October 28 recognized their hard work, and guest speaker Dr. Sam Turner congratulated them during the event.

We're proud of our always-achieving students!



Highlighting Midland

April 2022 - The education department at the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists (NAD) searched for five schools across the United States and Canada to tell of the good things that are happening with Adventist education. Midland was chosen as one of the five schools because of our community service initiative, and for the STEM program we are growing and developing. 

A video crew visited Midland for three days near the end of April to record different aspects of Midland including service and STEM. The director of secondary education for the NAD, Stephen Bralley, came to be a part of this as well as Paola Oudri, the director of the Adventist Learning Community, an online platform for continuing education. It is a true honor to be chosen to be a part of this event!

A seven-minute video will be produced and will be available on the Adventist Learning Community website as well as shown at the meetings during the upcoming NAD Educator's Convention in Phoenix, AZ in 2023.



Thanksgiving for NC4Y

November 2020 - During the month of November, the Lady Mustangs spearheaded a drive to provide some support for the "NC4Y" refugee group in Kansas City.

Helped by many Midland families, our team collected four large containers of non-perishable foods and winter clothes. During the pre-Thanksgiving weekend, team members and coaches got together at Midland and sorted through all of the donated items.  

The result was eight "Thanksgiving" day baskets for the refugee families! After loading up a van, Coach Liepke and Pastor Silva headed to downtown Kansas City where they were joined by volunteers from the NC4Y group who had volunteered to lead the party and help with translations.

Coach Liepke says, "We set out on our mission and 2 and 1/2 hours later we had delivered all eight of the Thanksgiving day baskets, along with a personalized cards that were signed by the team."

As it says in the book of Matthew, "The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'"




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