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High School Classes

Whether you call them 9th through 12th grade, or whether you call them freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, our high school classes provide a great deal of student leadership and activity at Midland. 

Junior and Senior Benefit. Senior hot lunch and class trip. You name it! Led in part by Student Association, led in part by their class officers, our high school classes are a newsworthy group.

Class Officers 2023-2024

FRESHMEN (elected 2nd Semester)

President – Kaitlyn Skinner
Vice President – Camron Miranda
Pastor – Own Cowan
Secretary – Kiki Kilanko
Treasurer – Isaac Freire
Sponsor - Greg Hallock


President –  Melanie Wilde
Vice President – Addison Rincon
Pastor – Kelly Borne
Secretary – Maecy Keller
Treasurer – Maecy Keller
Sponsor - Jonathan Borne


President – 
Vice President – 
Pastor – 
Secretary – 
Treasurer – 
Sponsor - Ryan Dennis


President – 
Vice President - 
Secretary - 
Treasurer - 
Pastor – 
Sponsor - Kelsea Allen


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