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High School Classes

Whether you call them 9th through 12th grade, or whether you call them freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, our high school classes provide a great deal of student leadership and activity at Midland. 

Junior and Senior Benefit. Senior hot lunch and class trip. A girls basketball team composed mainly of sophomores - you name it! Led in part by Student Association, led in part by their class officers, our high school classes are a newsworthy group.

Class Officers 2018-2019

FRESHMEN (elected 2nd Semester)

President – TBD
Vice President – TBD
Pastor – TBD
Secretary – TBD
Treasurer – TBD

President – Jordan Anderson
Vice President – Marissa Heil
Pastor – Reaia Turner-Leatherman
Secretary – Bria Bernard
Treasurer – Jonah Rexin


President  - Mason Piva
Vice President – BriAnna Nelson
Secretary – Priscilla Josiah
Treasurer – Victoria Shelton
Pastor – Michael Henry


President – JoAnna Rockufeler
Vice President - Bomi Kilanko
Secretary - Justin Anderson
Treasurer - Naden Norwood
Pastor – Courtney Borne

Senior Story - Bomi Kilanko

Congratulations to Bomi Kilanko who has been accepted into the University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Medicine's 6-year program! Bomi has attended Midland Adventist Academy for his entire 13-years of formal education (K-12).

He is both the second MAA student to apply to this prestigious program and the second to be accepted. Bomi follows Kirbi Yelorda, class of 2011, (also a 13-year MAA student) who is now in a residency program at Stanford. Yet another indicator that Cognitive Genesis is correct – the longer a student is in Adventist Education, the better the outcome.

Bomi has been a leader at Midland not only in his class, but in the band, playing saxophone and on the basketball court.  Bomi is a no-nonsense, down to business guy, who can quiet a classroom with a look and who is known for his kind, gentle ways, especially with his sister, Kiki.  Bomi will be missed at Midland next year.  We wish him the very best!

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