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FAQ: ACT Testing Information

Here are some common questions on taking the ACT. You can scroll down to look at all questions and answers, or just look for those that specifically interest you.

  • Who should take the ACT?
  • Where can I take the ACT?
  • How do I register?
  • What is Midland's 6-digit high school code?
  • How much does it cost to take the ACT?
  • Why should I take the ACT?
  • When should I take the test?
  • How do I prepare for the test?
  • Does it really matter how well I do on the ACT?
  • What are the advantages of taking the ACT my Junior year?
  • What if I still have questions?

Who should take the ACT?
High School Juniors and Seniors.

Where can I take the ACT?
Midland Adventist Academy is one of three non-Saturday ACT Test Centers in the Kansas City area.
The MAA Test Center Code is 158441(This number is different than MAA’s High School Code.)

The ACT Test will be offered at MAA on the following three dates this school year.

     Sunday Test Dates                Registration Deadlines
     December 11, 2022                November 4, 2022       
     February 12, 2023                    January 6, 2023

How do I register?
1.   You may register online using the ACT student website.
2.   You are encouraged to register online. However, a limited number of paper registration packets are available in the MAA office.

What is Midland’s 6-digit high school code?
The MAA High School Code is 172-768. (This number is different than the MAA Test Center Code.)

How much does it cost to take the ACT?
Go to the ACT website for registration and service fee information.

Why should I take the ACT?
Because grades may not tell the whole story about your academic ability, nearly all colleges will also ask you to submit scores from a national standardized test. The ACT is one of two national exams used for this purpose. (The SAT is the other) The ACT Assessment is accepted or preferred by more colleges and universities than any other entrance exam.

When should I take the test?
Pick a test date that is at least two months ahead of the application deadlines of all the colleges and scholarship agencies you might want to apply to.

How do I prepare for the test?
1.   Free test preparation booklets titled “Preparing for the ACT” are available in the literature rack by Midland's main entrance. These booklets contain full-length practice tests, strategies to prepare for the tests, and what to expect on test day.
2.   The local library is a great source for free ACT preparation materials.
3.   Google “free act prep” for a variety of free online preparation tools.
4.   ACT preparation software programs and books can also be purchased online, or at a variety of local book stores.

Does it really matter how well I do on the ACT?
1.   College Entrance - Most colleges require that their applicants meet a minimum standard on a college entrance exam in order to be accepted. For example, Union College requires that applicants obtain a minimum ACT composite score of 18 with minimum English and math scores of 17.
2.   Scholarships – High test scores could translate into lots of money for college. Many scholarships have minimum test score requirements, so the higher your score, the better.. For example, Union College offers merit scholarships to freshmen based on their cumulative high school GPA and their ACT or SAT scores.

What are the advantages of taking the ACT my Junior year?
1.   You've probably completed the coursework corresponding to the test material. 
2.   You'll have your test scores and other information in time to help you plan for your senior year. (For example, you may decide to take an extra class in an area in which your test score was low.)
3.   You'll have the opportunity to retest if you feel your scores don't accurately reflect your ability. ACT research shows that of the students who took the ACT more than once:

  • 55% increased their Composite score
  • 22% had no change in their Composite score
  • 23% decreased their Composite score

What if I still have questions?
1.   Go to the ACT website
2.   Read the information in the hard-copy registration packet and the “Preparing for the ACT” test preparation booklet.

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