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Boys Varsity Basketball 2016-2017

The Mustangs will start their 2016 season with several warm-up games in November and December, with the season cranking up for good after winter break. The team has 18 games on schedule plus several tournaments, including the annual end-of-season MAUC Tournament at Union College.

Let's hear it for the Mustangs!

Season stats (updated after each game):

Season record: 13-11
Biggest victory margin: 56
Best defensive effort: 12
Most points scored:  89
Fewest points scored: 20
Closest game: 2

Coach Biographies 

Kurtis Cowan, Head Coach: Coach K returns for year number six as Men’s Varsity Basketball Coach. His goal is to stress the importance of kindness, respect, diligence, and perseverance. As these traits are portrayed on the basketball court, he hopes that the students do not just become good athletes, but that they become men. If these traits can be characterized in the midst of a competitive atmosphere, they will carry over into real life. Coach K is excited about the new season and looks forward to working with each player. Off the court, Dr. Cowan practices as a Physical Therapist in the Kansas City area.

Tanner Finnegan, Assistant Coach: Coach Finnegan returns as assistant coach for his second seasion, as well as coaching the MS Boys team. He is a Midland graduate (class of 2014), a thirteen-year senior, and played Mustang basketball since sixth grade. (think he doesn't bleed Midland red?) Tanner is a junior Avila University School of Business. His goal is to help our varsity guys be as successful as they can be while learning as much as he can from one of his role models, Coach K. 

Team Roster

# Name Position Class
51 Justin Anderson    
2 Mark Bacon   Sophomore
40 Greg Hansen   Senior
33 Bomi Kilanko   Sophomore
4 Brycen Nelson    
32 Naden Norwood   Sophomore
24 Naszik Norwood    
11 Sam Resz   Senior
35 Owen Uhrmacher   Senior
22 Johnny Zacharias   Junior
  Kurtis Cowan Head Coach  
  Tanner Finnegan Asst. Coach MAA alum 2014
  Matt Atkinson Asst. Coach MAA alum 2014


Union College Basketball Tournament 2016-2017

The Mustangs finished up another season at the UC Tournament. This annual event is part of Midland tradition, as our teams have been participating each year since the last millenium!

Eleven teams particpated this year, seven from the MAUC (including Midland) and four visiting teams:

  • Battle Creek Academy
  • Campion Academy
  • College View Academy
  • Dakota Adventist Academy
  • Maplewood Academy
  • Mile High Academy
  • Ozark Adventist Academy
  • Pohnpei Adventist School
  • Spencerville Adventist Academy
  • Sunnydale Adventist Academy


The Mustangs played three games in the first round, and two in the second. 

Feb 15, 9:00 pm - Midland 61, Battle Creek 32
Feb 16, 2:30 pm - Mile High 65, Midland 34
Feb 16, 8:30 pm - Pohnpei 64, Midland 46
Feb 18, 8:30 pm - Midland 53, Battle Creek 35
Feb 19, 9:00 am - Spencerville 60, Midland 36


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