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Alumni - Beckie Fairchild

- Camille Kaldahl, Alumni columnist


One might not think that living a “double-life” between a full-time hospital management position and a full-time photographer traveling between her home in Branson and Kansas City (as well as across the world) would be possible, but for Beckie Fairchild, that’s the world she flourishes in.

As a Clinical Coordinator for Cox Medical Center’s Surgical Department, she describes that in her role there she can “make a difference that spans multiple departments every day. I keep staff members, physicians, and ancillary departments all scheduled, coordinated, and working together to keep patient’s safety and overall experience positive.” 

Since receiving her BSN at Union College in 2008, she has delivered over 500 babies! 

Photography and TGC

Alongside her career in healthcare, Beckie could not ignore the signs that photography was an arena she needed to perform in professionally. Acting on her instincts, she decided to turn her hobby into a passion and quickly became one of the top photography businesses in the southwestern Missouri area. With no prior knowledge on how to start a photography business, becoming the owner and photographer of TGC Photography, LLC wasn’t easy, but her dedication and hard work paid off in the end. 

“I’ve had photography work featured in the State of Missouri Travel Guide, The Times, The Puerto Rico Travel Guide, The Kansas City Star, Country Weekly, and several covers of the Branson Travel Guide. I’ve also done photoshoots for Billy Dean, Barry Williams (Greg Brady of The Brady Bunch), Illusionist Brad Ross, and Ed Alonzo (Saved by the Bell).” 

During her spare time, she loves snuggling with her Chihuahua puppy Chico, flying in helicopters and airplanes (or hanging out of them) for photography adventures, and of course shopping on Amazon. 

Midland Days

Midland holds a special place in her heart, not only because of her many years attending but because everyday students are met with the warmth of her mother, Darlene, in the front office and her father, Dave, is the man behind the school website and the camera at various sporting and school events. 

During her time at MAA, she loved singing in Diversity, acting on the Drama team, and “being on the original volleyball team even if we didn’t win a single game the first season.” She explains that being at Midland taught her “that your goals and ambitions may not be everyone else’s, and that’s okay! Keep chasing your dreams even if it’s not popular or what everyone else is doing.

In the future, Beckie hopes to keep furthering her photography skills and business and of course taking on new adventures to travel for photography jobs. 

You can follow Beckie and TGC Photography on these social media platforms:

Facebook: TGCBranson
Instagram: tgcphoto 
Twitter: @TGCPhoto

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