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Alumni - Mike Larson

- Camille Kaldahl, Alumni columnist


For Mike Larson, Midland was the place where he met his best friend, his wife, and his life calling. During his high school career, he was an ASB President, class treasurer and basketball star (who bested Richard Young on the court repeatedly, I might add). Mike was heavily involved in extra curriculars at Midland and teachers played a big role in his life. “There were so many good teachers at Midland but the first to come to mind is Mr. Kahler who was the first to welcome me to high school and Mrs. Murrill who was a teach, coach and life-long mentor.”

Youth Leadership

After graduation, Mike’s journey started at Union College where he was able to find his calling after spending time as a task force Youth Pastor at the North Cascade Seventh-day Adventist Church in Burlington, WA. “Some of my favorite memories were climbing to the summit of Mt. Adams, going snowboarding every week, and organizing a youth mission trip to Costa Rica. I was even able to use my knowledge from Midland to start a boys and girls basketball team for Skagit Adventist Academy!” 

This experience was a pivotal turning point for him in college and where he realized he would then devote his life to vocational ministry.

Post-Grad Education

After receiving his Masters at Andrew’s University, he went on to pursue a Doctor of Ministry in Leadership and Spiritual Formation at Portland Seminary which he will complete this May. And all this while raising his two boys, Matthew (age 10) and Zach (age 7), with his wife Daniela (class of ’98). 


Future Plans

When asked where he sees himself in five years, he answered that, “I’ve learned to stop predicting the future on these. But I hope to keep doing what I’m doing now: helping people find spiritual and life fulfillment through speaking, writing, and mentoring relationships. I also hope to be fully embracing the joy of life with two teenage sons.”

I don’t know about you, but I hope to see Mike and his family at Alumni Weekend on April 26-28th this year to see a one-on-one match between he and Principal Young on the basketball court. I’ll bring the popcorn!

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