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Teacher Dedication

Each year our Midland staff are recognized by one of our constituent churches with prayers and good-will wishes. 

The following poem was part of the 2022 dedication service at Chapel Oaks.

Mrs. Murphy starts the show, her Kinders always springing.

Mrs. Prosser's 1st and 2nd read with lots of singing!

Third and Fourth are Mrs. Frishman, learning there is real,

Five and Six will learn brain tricks when taught by Mrs. Neill.

Middle School is Bayer World for eighth grade graduation,

That is all for the west hall of Midland education.


In the high school Mrs. Allen leads the math and STEMming,

Mr. Borne is science from the atom to the lemming.

English is the Hallock theme, so can you write an essay?

Mr. Dennis teaches Bible, Chaplain is his entree.


Mrs. Hutchison is here, for His-tor-y and Spanish,

Mr. Liepke does PE, our Midland teams will vanquish!

Music Mr. Hutchison will lead, in band or in the choir.

You will find Mrs. Fair-chi-uld, is there most every hour!


Mrs. Poe will cook the food, our belts will now be tighter,

After school, who cares for you? The famous Mrs. Kreiter.

Keeping things in tiptop shape, I give you The Brazeal,

Mr. Murphy's at the helm, to keep an even keel!

Mrs. Holland orders books, we run the monies by her,

Education is our goal, to lift our students higher.


Teachers spend each day in prayer, to guide and educate;

So today we'll pray for them, their gifts we dedicate.


Thank you to all of our great teachers - let's do this thing!

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