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High School

Our high school wing has been in operation since 1980, with Midland being a full 12-grade school since our first graduating class in 1998. Use this page to keep track of some of our more interesting high school stories.

iFLY Field Trip

March 2018 - The Physics and Physical Sciences classes at Midland Adventist Academy went on an adventure to iFLY," says teacher Jonathan Borne. "This was a unique opportunity to participate in a lab exercise outside of the classroom and school. Students learned about the wind tunnel, air resistance, and how to calculate their own terminal velocity. Many of the students experienced their first time flying. It was a great trip for both teachers and students."

Mass Surge Exercise


October 2017 - Our high school students and staff spent a Wednesday morning taking part in a Shawnee Mission Health disaster practice drill. This allowed the hospital to test its ability to handle a large surge of patients, such as might occur after a tornado or other natural disaster.

After receiving initial training on Tuesday, Midland students crowded the hospital facilities as medical staff worked to treat the pretend victims quickly and efficiently. Specified "injuries" included gunshot wounds, paralyization, and neck wounds. After the event, our students returned to the classroom with a personal knowledge of how our local health care facilities will always be there when needed.

Disclaimer: No Midland students were harmed during this practice drilll!

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