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Welcome to Midland Academy's Music Department! We are prepared for a fun and exciting school year with plenty of opportunities for students to learn and perform.  

At Midland Adventist Academy we instruct and prepare students to be contributing musicians in society. This includes preparing them in singing and playing skills, learning how to critique performances, and making wise listening choices. Students who go through the MAA music curriculum receive an education that is comparable to any school in the nation in terms of National Standards. If you wish to view our standards, Click Here.

MAA's music director is Mr. Hutchison who received his BMU from Union College in Lincoln, NE and his MME from the University of Kansas. If you would like to learn more about him please visit Mr. Hutchison's page.


Creative Music Lab

I'm sure you've heard about, if not seen, our new creative lab in the music department. I'm excited to say that it is now up and running! Students have been creating music, and today we used the creative lab to record and produce Midland's debut single.

We're glad to be able to share with you some of the joy our students share with us everyday at Midland.



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