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Elementary Music



General music classes are held for grades K-2 three days a week, and grades 3-4 five days a week for approximately 30 minutes. In the general music classes students learn about pitch matching, rhythm, steady beat, various instruments, hymnody, world music, and much much more.  Feel free to stop in and discover what the journey to music learning is like!

Another part of our elementary music classes is our beginning band class offered to fifth graders. In fifth grade band students begin exploration on their chosen instrument by learning among other things; tone production, instrument care, and musicality.  

Learning a new band instrument? CLICK HERE for some awesome resources.

Grades 6-8

Grades 6-8 change from classroom music to performance groups. Choir and Band are both offered and students work on developing their individual musicality as well as performance skills in a group dynamic. Musical concepts are taught through the repertoire selected to perform.

Grades 5-8

Grades 5-8 should all be practicing exercises and excerpts from their Standard of Excellence method books. For free MP3 accompaniment tracks that are fun to play along with, CLICK HERE.

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