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High School Music



At MAA we are devoted to producing quality music programming and curriculum for our students.  We adhere to SDA and National Standards for our music curriculum, and strive for excellence in musicianship. We provide students with the opportunities to develop their skills in a fun, exciting, and productive environment.  We encourage student leadership and promote learning activities that will encourage students to become life-long musicians.  

As we are a Seventh-day Adventist academy, we have also developed our program to highlight biblical principles at its core. Our goal is not only to teach students musical skills, but how to use these skills to glorify God. One of these principles is service. We reach out to our school community, our church community, our civic community, our state community, our union, and finally our national community through service and song. As we build and promote music culture at our school we invite you to journey with us.  

Favorite Links

Here are a few helpful links for high school students enrolled in Midland's music program:

Alumni survey: 



Click on your instrument below for more information on improving your playing:


If you are a student or parent and have not been receiving performance reminders and event updates from Mr. Hutchison, please make sure Midland's front office has your correct email address.

Don't forget to check the website often to stay up to date on the latest music department developments!  

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